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  1. David Sprouse

    Cherry blooms

    I like how you orchestrated the piece as well as the smoothe guitar picking. You 've nailed the genre.
  2. David Sprouse


    I certainly hope that your m-f job involves music. Thank you for taking the time to listen. Ma(r)kke, thank you! Thank you for taking the time to listen, HS.
  3. David Sprouse

    Warp 6

    I felt I was listening to the sound of friction. This warp series is seriously amazing.
  4. would sell well in today. Personally, I think the aliens are more altruistic.
  5. David Sprouse


    Great Lute player: Robert Barto
  6. David Sprouse


    Whilst not much of a cinephile, I enjoy listening to the music. Rachel Portman did the music for LIFE IS SWEET. Very curious to hear that. Thanks so much Paul for the great words.
  7. David Sprouse


    My goodness, thank you for the kind words. I'll check up on ken loach.thanks for listening.
  8. David Sprouse

    so here i was

    loved the bass, made my house shake. Enjoyable and inimitable style you have.
  9. David Sprouse


    Douglas, thank you for the feedback. Debussy.. and che guevara? Thanks for the kind compliment!
  10. Oh no the devil dog! :D:D As usual I enjoyed the song and video.
  11. I really like what your doing, John. Keep it up!
  12. This is fantastic. I really enjoyed listening to it.
  13. David Sprouse


    I have a feeling you know the feeling, jesse. :D:D I rejiggered it, give it a shot now. I didn't spend a lot of time on this one. :D:D
  14. David Sprouse


  15. David Sprouse


    So true, so true. Loved the instrumental interlude.
  16. scary. good observations above.
  17. always so tasteful jesse. Is this german expressionism but with music?
  18. I listend to crazy for dreaming ? I think I recognize the vox. I appreciate how the lyrics are phrased like one might do a solo ...jumping across the bar line. Sounds great!
  19. Nice one Fred, creative use of rhythm.
  20. Tom, Spring is here for sure. Thank you for responding with feeling to the video. That's always my goal.
  21. David Sprouse

    Reach Up

    loved the jaco bass. Really great build up from the intro to the first verse. refrain has much energy and your voice is spectacular.
  22. Thx for the great feedback douglas.
  23. Gen z is ok, it's the millenials . * I really wanted to be an anarchist, but I didn't know where to register*.
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