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  1. Hi Kaustub m. joshi, Really enjoyed your monumental work. Lots of emotions with this one. How did you create your cymbal rolls, they sound great!
  2. Hi Tom, This is a classical guitar piece by Francis Poulenc. It's nowhere near the greatness of de Falla's venture into guitar writing, but I like it . I took a lot of liberty with timing. Thanks for listening and thank you hidden for the advice.
  3. Good to see you wookie! How are your furry paws?
  4. Hidden can you give me a couple things in this piece as recorded that would be impossible for a real brass player to replicate? I'm not an expert at all on orchestral instruments and sometimes write impossible things. Thank you so much for listening. Douglas, long time no see! Thanks for taking the time to listen to this.
  5. I've always been influenced by the sky. Portland is beautiful when it's sunny. I'm used to grey skies. zero sum for those who hate, really good lyrics douglas.
  6. Really enjoyed this, thanks for posting. I used to be really into lee ritenour, larry carlton type music. I even had an autographed picture of them on my wall. Makes me want to pickup the gtr again.
  7. when asked *to what do you attribute your great musical sense.* Horowitz said: *the pauses*. He was definitely right, you use the pauses the right way. Silence is such an important part of it.
  8. David Sprouse

    Swedish Song

    Bjorn Sweden is definitely IN these days. I think I know the connection. Really fantastic sense of harmony and pleasant to listen to.
  9. David Sprouse

    Hey There

    another great one Freddy. What did you use for the reverb? It sounds like a really short slapback, but is it an adjustment to the predelay of a reverb?
  10. This reminds me of pre-christian bob dylan. :D:D another great one jesse,
  11. Thank you for listening amiller!
  12. Hi Bjorn, it does sound a little sad. Maybe I should have said improvised more than rubato. Thanks for listening!
  13. Hi Tom, I tightened up the entries and exits on this, it sounds alot better. It's a string trio. Thanks for taking the time to listen!
  14. It is kind of sad, or bittersweet. A lot of these old irish tunes are kind of wistful, or even remorseful. Must be all the guilt!
  15. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to listen to my music!
  16. David Sprouse


    This is a sarabande written for solo guitar that I arr. for five brass instruments. I like it because it shows how inventive poulenc is with such a limited harmonic palette. It's only 5 or six notes total, but shows remarkable invention. https://davidsprouse.bandcamp.com/track/sarabande-poulenc
  17. David Sprouse

    Eileen Aroon

    Is this satisfying as is or should I extend it with the first half of the A section tagged on to the end? Do I go too long before other instruments come in? Is it too rubato? Yes, I'm orange irish. https://davidsprouse.bandcamp.com/track/eileen-aroon
  18. Thank you Kenny, good to see you.
  19. Great Improv on this! I've always wondered how jazz musicians choose what will go on an album when everything's improvised. Each take will be different. Do they just stick with one that's better than the others?
  20. I looked it up and that's definitely NOT what I meant to say. I thought it meant something along the lines of quirky or unexpected and optimistic. My memory is getting worse. Sorry for the mistaken shade.
  21. How is that dear old man James Griffiths? Just watched a documentary on the rise and fall of the clash. Rock the Hasbeen. Liked the song. The reverb is kind of weird on headphones, Is it a small room? Your style is quixotic.
  22. David Sprouse


    Enjoyed this IMMENSELY! Very clever stuff!
  23. https://davidsprouse.bandcamp.com/track/european-cafe BTW this is the new charity I've been giving to feel free to give yourself: https://www.reddit.com/r/NoFap/
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