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  1. This is little dippy tune. It's short! https://davidsprouse.bandcamp.com/track/crows-are-flying-east
  2. I turned off my subwoofer and it wasn't as bad. Whatever was doing it was in that nether region of the bass. What I meant is slap a HPF on both the acoustic guitar and the bass, I like acoustic guitars (and bass) to sound present , like you're hearing them live. My mixes sound atrocious so take this with a grain of salt.
  3. I listened through a pair of infinity speakers. The bass sounded a little *hollow*.. Maybe a high pass on both acoustic and bass. Elton's voice was too buried to make out the words. remember, just another amateur's opinion. :D:D
  4. David Sprouse

    Old Friends

    gave me goosebumps. I really like your voice. There's a sweet innocence in your voice. Reminds me of the teen idols from the 70s like david cassidy etc. Good job on the song.
  5. Nice lil quickie. Jyemz is always so tasteful. Love you guys, as always. :D:D
  6. I re-worked it. Thanks for listening Bapu. :D:D
  7. Rob you're always so kind. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to listen to my music!
  8. Is there a genre called paraphrenia? I think you've done it. Love the purring so many, many dogs everywhere.
  9. duets can be hard to get right. Sounds like you did it. who's rachel?
  10. Like your voice as usual. You definitely have a style that's enjoyable.
  11. This feels cinematic. I never know with these kinds of recordings, whats improvised and what's planned. The horn parts would have to be planned, but the solos, I never know. Do you just push record and get the best take? Or is it all planned. It's a mystery.
  12. The millenials all want to look old, with their beards and dyed gray hair. They're so derided (like the hippies) that they want to appear sagacious and authoritative. You have a great voice, not sure why you're so concerned.
  13. I don't think the solo's Larry Carlton? Lee Ritenour? Who are you! Love your songs. Sounded like a 335, no? I didn't think the solo was too loud.
  14. so much...angst. :D:D I'd get rid of the little intro, but that's just a matter of taste. The song is great.
  15. I loveboth the singer and your aesthetic with the videos. sublime.
  16. The new show is pretty entertaining. BTW Kaustub nice job. Hope you win! (can you imagine judging these....there's probably thousands to *sift* through) :D:D
  17. Hey rex, Nice to hear good vibes. You speak my language. Cheers!
  18. Tom, thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy day to listen to my music!
  19. Great song douglas. I liked the hard panning of the two guitars. And then the third solo down the middle, it was satisfying. Do you have a band? It'd be fun to see you live.
  20. What a great song! I like your voice alot, it is sincere. We have an awful lot conceptual left brain stuff in this forum. It's nice to hear it come from the heart.
  21. Hilarious. You have a gift for words.
  22. Hey Larry, do you have any versions over 11 for sound forge pro that you can sell?
  23. Paul and Noynekker thank you for listening. It means alot to have one's songs heard. Noynekker it's interesting that you think it's mahler-ish the 5th and adagio from 10th are two of my faves. Paul I try to create a piece that takes the listener from here to there. Doesn't always work, but glad it worked for you.
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