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  1. Lyrics are so visual...(esp with that big blue eye that says devine lie) I love all your songs: just on the edge of familiarity enough to give one chills. Keep it up nigel. :D:D
  2. John, I was familiar with Adrian but not the specifics. I'll definitely look up *desire caught by the tail.* Thank you for taking the time to listen.
  3. Thanks for listening bjorn. I like writing things that are on the edge of familiarity. It's all jazz in the end, no? Thank you for taking the time to listen Doug. I know we all have lots of things going on in our lives, so taking that time to give me your ear for a short time is honorable. I appreciate you :D:D
  4. liked the mini guitar solo. I'm sympathetic with the topic. Very entertaining.
  5. I was expecting an adagio...:D:D This was loads of fun. Did I hear an octatonic scale?! I think gershwin would dabble in synths etc like this if they had been available. good one!
  6. I pictured james brown dancin to this in clogs? all i no is you have loads of fun writing music, and that's a good eventuality.
  7. John, you do perfect covers, but you put your own stamp on it as well. I was big fan of meatloaf growing up. And, he was in rocky horror so got the creds. Thanks for doing this.
  8. Enjoyed this, the third movement. I felt this was a clever composition as well. Loved the tone of the clarinet.
  9. Douglas, so entertaining. There was a time when I could have identified the kind of guitar you're playing. The violin sounds like jesse screed popped his head in the recording room. Nice one.
  10. Wookie this is so great. I love the sound of the lead on this. And, your phrasing is spot on. :D:D
  11. David Sprouse


    This is a good take on time, a complicated matter. From my experience, time is very real. And you're right, it's ez to lose. :D:D Loved night storm on sea as well. Great stuff.
  12. The Screaming Abdabs The *intersectionality* of panic and sumblimity. :D:D
  13. David Sprouse

    Happy Place

    Whatever it is, it's not worth selling your soul! :D:D I was expecting a happy song; But you do write about that desperate feeling very well, musically and lyrically.
  14. Sounds like an ol' irish tune. You have all the elements for a fantasy type soundtrack. I think the melody is a little too far forward in the mix but otherwise an up lifting dancing tune.
  15. This sounds so sweet. This reminds me of Boz Scaggs. Bass sounds good, at first I thought you needed more sub but it's balanced very nicely. Great songwriting here.
  16. What a great voice! I'll bet you have a good range. Thank god for angels, no? The acoustic guitar needs to be better articulated. Sounds like it might be an ovation? With a few improvements this'd be stellar like lynn said.
  17. I vote for the alt version as well. Great summer feeling on this. Makes me want a beer.
  18. Your pieces are sui generis, with generous bits of invention. :D:D I love your style. Was that a guitar through a leslie?!
  19. This is brilliant. Must have taken awhile to nail down.
  20. David Sprouse

    What Storm

    this is an interesting piece, that way it evolves rather than going in a single direction. I think you've discovered a new form. I'll bet you have an analytical mind.
  21. Sorry to hear you're sad Bjorn. Here's hoping for more positivity in your life.
  22. Your guitar playing is tasteful. Do you improvise while tracking the vocals? The flute part is right out of the 60's, nice. Your output is amazing, working on volume 3? :D:D
  23. Had a hint of danny elfman. oingo boingo? good one wookie. Had a nice brisk-walk-pace
  24. Loved the shimmering wah. Don't let Adele hear this! This is just so scrumptious, nicely done.
  25. so epic. Loved the wide sound stage. Do you play all the instruments Nigel?
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