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  1. Just to be super clear, I am not really interested beyond just maybe having a play with it (I downloaded it), because it just seems like an impossible thing to do ie break apart a guitar chord to individual notes, allowing changing a strummed major chord to minor. Thats beyond what I thought would be possible, and would like to see how well it would work on a distorted guitar; thats gotta fail. (EDIT: As I spelled corrected this, I just thought that i may wish to use it to get someone else's distorted guitar RIFF with a great sound, and apply it to my RIFF...hmmm... the sound of Hendrix ... but without the talent...) One thing you mentioned about sending data to their server brings up the question of is just how much data would be available to the VST to collect and then send to their server. Is it just the wave file you placed into the VST OR does a VST have access to your whole system? A lot of VST's have sample data, that means they can access data on your drive, so it would appear the VST wrapper itself would provided minimum protection. Just a theoretical pondering. I have yet to hear of a malicious virus embedded in a VST, but it sounds totally feasible. I have always scanned any VST I downloaded from the net, and always go for the ZIP version instead of the installer versions.
  2. I am not recommending this VST, I just stumbled across it as a free Melodyne alternative, but for me, the things it does not duplicate of Melodyne are the reasons I even looked for a free alternative. But still, it looks like it may be of interest. AS I said, I haven't tried it, but would be interested to find out if it works well in Cakewalk. The YouTube clip that I saw was: Didn't like the clip title, as it sounds very much like click-bait. And the website is: https://samplab.com/plugin It appears to be in early development. I was surprised how it could break apart the individual notes in a chord, into a playable instrument; didnt know that Melodyne could even do that.
  3. I've held back on uninstalling bandlab assistant, as I *think* the install of the latest might have taken me through re-logon. I have had a break for a few months, and I now have the latest version installed. Interesting to see that something I posted as a bug in one of the previous releases has been fixed. Haven't tested it, and it was so obvious to me, I am sure it would of already have been quietly on the books to be corrected already.😉 Thanks for your help. oops... might have spoke too soon. Just ran the "Check for updates" from the help menu, and got this NB: I have the latest version installed I also looked for the "Library View" under the file menu, and I didn't see it. The following is what shows up under my files menu.
  4. So, let me get this right; ignoring what has happened in my recent past to not waste either of our time, and just move forward. I need to use the installer application this one time, and once I have upgraded, I can then go back to updating from within cakewalk, and can also then uninstall the Bandlab Assistant?
  5. And that's what I would like to diagnose before I install another program on my system. I am not someone who will just install apps willy-nilly. I use my computer for more than just Cakewalk; including work. I want to know the "for some reason". Why would it fail? Remember, last night I became un-activated, and this morning it somehow became activated.
  6. I had a read of that thread, and it says if you already have cakewalk installed, you do not need the installer.
  7. I expected that question... and hence I included the image in the original post with the version
  8. I just tried to update from within Cakewalk, and it failed. Is there an IP I can ping or traceroute to help identify where it is failing>? Or is this a temporary server issue, like I was having last night?
  9. I just checked this morning, and it did not complain about not being activated; ie it appears to work now. But this experience has put fear in my mind of what happens if bandlab dissolves.
  10. I thought maybe it was possibly a version issue, so I re-downloaded the latest assistant, and tried using the "Update" from the assistant. It seems to be stuck. Its been stuck on Downloading 0/0 for a number of minutes. I have a very good internet connection, which is obviously working, as I can post here. I have also switched off my firewall for good measure.
  11. I have been using Cakewalk for a while, but haven't used it recently for a number of months. When I start it up, it now asks me to activate. So I go into the bandlab activation form, and when I press OK, it says Network error. Is there an issue right now? or do I have other issues. The following appears at the bottom right of my screen. When I go to Help>Refresh Activation it takes me to: After filling in my details and clicking "Log In" I get: And to add to the confusion (ie I think its another unrelated issues), when I went away to my browser to type this up, back to Cakewalk, I got the following. ooooh... almost forgot, this is my version
  12. JohnK

    Migrating Program Files

    I have an ooOld tiiiiiny 120GB SSD RAID 1 as my C drive. It ran low on space many years before I installed cakewalk, or the GB's of sample data;which all appear to be running on my C drive as far as windows is concerned. What I have done is create junction points onto a larger drive (also RAID 1, but mechanical and huge). an example to create the link. From memory, you first create the destination folder; i.e."H:\JunctionSources\C_Music" The above is where all my samples & patches go.I also have cakewalk installed/running on another JunctionPoint
  13. Actually, scratch that for now. The more I think of it, the more I think that its a bug in the windows media player. I export at the highest bitrate at the best quality. Maybe a little too much for the media player.
  14. Not a biggy by any means, but I noticed it as happening all the time, but more often than not on shorter MP3 exports, that the expected length displayed is shorter than the actual playable length. This can be seen in the attached screenshot of the media player, when it shows the length as being 1 minute 17 seconds, but the track plays for over 2 minutes.
  15. Yep that worked, thanks👍 However, I do also think its a weakness in Cakewalk to not be able to edit the points explicitly in the event view grid itself.
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