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  1. Suitable is relative... What suitable for me may / may not suitable for you. Any nowdays PC running x64 Windows should be fine in general.
  2. If I'm not mistaken, if you have 2 physical drive, then it's advisable to set "Global audio folder" and "Picture folder" on the second drive, assuming you install OS and Cakewalk in your first drive.
  3. First of all, thank you Bakers for the update 👍 Appreciate all the consistent best effort you all give to our beloved DAW. Since one of the thing this update fix is related to Control surface, I would remind you that we still have problem installing Cakewalk Control Surface Plugins, without any previous Sonar installed. Please refer to this thread in the old forum: http://forum.cakewalk.com/How-to-install-native-Cakewalk-Control-Surface-in-CbB-m3783954.aspx I guess its time for the developers to give it some touch. Apologize if this feedback is not realy "release specific" . Thanks ! 🙂 Edited : I found this release fixed problem of super slow on running (opening) Cakewalk. Before updating, with the previous release I had to wait for like 1-2 minutes before Cakewalk opened properly. Now it's almost instantly opened! Thanks!
  4. Thanks! I did reply his message in my inbox.
  5. I replied your message with explanation, Mr Williams
  6. My main reason to go control surface was the jog / shuttle . Back in '90s, Cakewalk was only used as MIDI sequencer. I used stacked Alesis ADAT to do multi track audio recording. controlled by Alesis BRC controller. I got used to the jog wheel so much to jump among locations in a song. When I switch to "all in the box" early 2000 (Sonar 2XL era), I found mouse and keyboard didn't catch my efficiency as when I work with BRC. Thank God, Cakewalk (in partnership with Peavey) offered their first dedicated control surface with not only the jog wheel, shuttle and transport buttons, but also the glorious of 9 motorized faders! And they all are assignable. It doesn't take long for me to order the Peavey StudioMix and it sat perfectly on my mixing desk. I even buy another one for my secondary DAW, and both of them are still in used until today. In addition to the Peavey StudioMix, I also utilize Frontier Tranzport (wireless). As a bonus, they also give some good impression on clients. 😀
  7. Have you tried using another MIDI interface? I found several MIDI interfaces (specialy cheap USB ones) tend to "filter" MIDI data being sent to external MIDI devices due to buffer limitation. They seem OK for song playback, but can not be used to transfer larger size data (eg. bulk dump, sending sys ex data, etc).
  8. What Windows (7,8,10) ? Have you tried running Cakewalk as administrator? Most case violation & restriction problem can be solved by running as administrator.
  9. Everything you need will come to you at perfect time. You don't wait for the update, the update is waiting for you to be ready.
  10. I still don't get the idea of word "moving" from one DAW to another. Like you are leaving your girl to live with another one. Come on, DAW is just a tool, you can have many if you like and afford. I don't love Cakey for sentimental reason only. I love it for its functional reason. Many aspect (including this wonderful community) could lead me to love certain tool so much, but sometime I need another tool to make my work done in different situation. I don't need to feel sorry to install Cubase, Protools and Studio One in my PC, though I only use them probably once in a year. The point is to make good recorded music (audio) in the best practical way possible in different situation & circumtances. Indeed, I feel lucky Cakewalk has one of the best community in the world.
  11. Running Cakewalk with GTX 1050 is more than enough, even with 2 screens on 4K resolution. My third PC -which is my video editing PC- is running GTX1050 without any problem doing home video editing. My main DAW is running GT 730 with 2 screens for like 3 years now. All is cool. GTX 1080Ti is famous to play graphic heavy games or serious video editing programs.
  12. This is one of the best update ever... I finished 3 songs from scratch to master in 2 consecutive days since installing this EA... I guess the update brings some positive hocus pocus good energy to my mental state to work faster and better... Yay! WTG team!
  13. Ozone has been great mastering tools for years! I have no doubt about its quality. But I'll wait until few more months (could be a year) before I upgrade to see more review on their new release. I'm still using Ozone 6 and I'm happy with it.
  14. 1. Even when you collapse the Multi Dock, the tabs for those "views" should remain visible on the bottom. 2. Edit --> Preferences --> File --> VST Settings and un-check "Recycle Plug-In Windows" . If it's checked, CbB will only allow 1 VST instance to be visible at a time. 3. It is very common by design that many other Windows application (like CbB or firefox) to not remembering the Fullscreen status when you close the application. Means if you close the application in full screen, the next time you re-launch the application it will open in last opened size without full screen status.
  15. The real challenge (at least for me) in track view is to find the spot where you can actually select and drag the track to new position. You need to aim your mouse to perfect location in the track for the cursor to be able to select and drag. I find the easiest spot to find is somewhere around the volume slider.
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