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  1. More than just DAW application, Cakewalk is an ecosystem. You got married to the ecosystem it created. It will teach you its way of doing this and that, change your perspective, dictate your workflow, set your mindset, trap you with its features, and yet you feel happy you did follow it.
  2. If your main concern is the audio dropout problem, then you should let us know what sound card you use? what driver mode? How do you set audio buffer size of your soundcard? Do you use secondary drive for your project (audio) folder? Do you use HDD or SSD? Even in ASIO or Wasapi mode driver, it is highly recommended to use SSD drive as your OS drive, and secondary (phisycal) drive as your project (audio) drive to minimize audio dropout.
  3. I have one for Yamaha S950 attached. I don't know if its compatible with S975. But trying wont hurt, beside, at least you can use it as starting point to edit when necessary. PSR-S950.ins
  4. 3. As pro-channel CA2A has various presets included. PC2A has not. 😄
  5. Way to go!!! Appreciate the update! I'm so glad to see the environment variable problem on exporting file solved in the very last day. This official release solves the problem. Thanks @Noel Borthwick , @msmcleod, @Jesse Jost , and all dev team for the best effort. As always, love you all guys! Thank you so much for everything. Keep up the good work, stay health, and be happy! Love! Jaymz
  6. I'm not really sure sir . Right now I'm posting from my secondary DAW (Win7 x64). But I'm sure I had same problem in my primary DAW (Win10) and my Dell laptop (Win7 x64) right after I install early access. CbB setting & preferences are pretty identical on them.
  7. Ok, I try to re post it. The windows explorer and the export dialog. If I leave it that way "%PROJECTFOLDER%\Audio Export", then it gives me error.
  8. Those projects are saved projects that I re-open. Each have their own project folders. And I'm running CbB as admin
  9. Thanks for your reply sir, Ok, actually the "%PROJECTFOLDER%\Audio Export" is there by default right after I install the early access few days ago. I didn't set it, it's there by default (either in Export dialog, or in Edit > Preferences > File - Folder Locations under Export Audio Files). I assume if I export audio, Cakewalk will create the Audio Export folder inside our project folder by default as export location. I didn't make any change to either File name and Location in Export dialog, nor in Edit > Preferences > File - Folder Locations under Export Audio Files. I was expecting Cakewalk to export the result file as it is in that Audio Export folder. Well, it doesn't... instead, it gave me the error message I posted above. After trying here and there, I found that I need to click the "%PROJECTFOLDER%\Audio Export" in the export page, to open the browser and re-close it... The "%PROJECTFOLDER%\Audio Export" automatically change into the correct path of the project folder (For example : "E:\UNAI\Joyful3\Audio export" ). Then I can export... My question is can we have the correct path project folder by default instead of "%PROJECTFOLDER%\Audio Export" in the export dialog?
  10. Looks like we have to click the file name and the project folder (open the browse dialog and close it again without making any change) for the export to successful. I got the error message if I didn't click (browse) the project folder location. I mean, the default %PROJECTFOLDER%\Audio Export doesn't let me export. Need to click it to open browse, and close it, then the folder name changes to correct project folder path ( not %PROJECTFOLDER% ).
  11. Whenever I export a file, I got message : Cannot save file. A file name cannot contain any of the following characters: \ / : * ? " < > | None of those characters in the file name. Happened to almost every project (I tried about 7-8 projects, they all gave me same message) on 2 different PCs. AFAIK, all the settings are correct. Is there anything I missed? * Edited : Looks like we have to click the file name and the project folder (open the browse dialog and close it again without make any change) for the export to successful. *
  12. This is getting better.... I think this is one of the longest Early Access before release, means Dev team really carefully work in detail. Couldn't wait for the final release. So exciting. Keep up the good hard work. I thank you all for everything. Thumbs up!
  13. AFAIK, the "green" sound port in onboard soundcard (or many general old soundcard) is Line Out port, not Line input port. You may want to direct your 1/4 to 1/8 inch to the blue port of the soundcard (Line in). I don't have Juno GI, but I do have Juno DI and Roland XPS-10 which both do have internal (USB) MIDI interface, but not Audio interface. Your Juno GI probably has USB MIDI interface, but not Audio interface. So I assume "you don't need audio interface" means you don't need additional MIDI interface to record MIDI data to your computer. But you DO need separate audio interface in case you want to record the sound output of your Juno GI to your computer.
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