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  1. It depends on how "smart" you do the trick For example, if your target final tempo is 94BPM, instead of record it initially in 50BPM, you will get better result recording it in 47BPM (94BPM/2). Therefore you only need to "double" the speed to achieve 94BPM. Once you record your material in 47BPM, trim the beginning and the end of the clip to nearest measure. Note on how many measure the clip length occupy. For example, if the clip length occupy 50 measures, then ctrl+shift + drag the end of the clip 25 measures to the left (to stretch it half the length just like Mark showed on his video above). Check if it works as desired. You may need to practice this method for sometime, when you get the idea, you can expect better result. Cheers.
  2. Haaa... Where did you hear rumor says Cakey about to drop CAL support anyway?
  3. Yes, I can sign in and everything goes as expected once you log in. The problem is the initial window size before you sign in is too large, you have no option to close or minimize it. You are forced to either log in or -if you want to close it- use Alt + F4 to close it. I run 3 different computers and 1 laptop with various specs, Win 7 and Win 10 they all show same result.
  4. Dear Cake bakers, I have little problem with the new BandLab integration. Whenever I go File --> Browse BandLab Projects... the sign in window open way too large blocking the top and bottom area of my screen, I can not resize nor close it unless I hit Alt + F4. No way I can access the regular minimize, resize or close button on the top right corner of the opening windows. I'm using my native LED resolution 1366x768, but even when I set it larger the sign in window is still too large. Tried in 2 different computer, same result. Not a big deal for now, just to let you know about it and hope you can look into it and fix it. Thank you! Regards, Jaymz
  5. Thanks A LOT for all Bakers & BandLab team. I really appreciate all the idea, effort, time and everything you've spent on Cakewalk. The things about Automation Envelope alone worth the bit of this fantastic update. Converting MIDI CC to automation envelopes back and forth works pretty well so far. Let alone the deeper integration with BandLab phone application which is quite promising & interesting. Thank you all !!! One of the best Cakey update ever!
  6. Back in 2005, I invested on 4 pieces of Hoontech DSP2000 C-Port interfaces.. Very solid piece of gear that ran only in WinXP. In 2008 they discontinued the product & never release x64 driver. Now they sit doing nothing in my rack for almost 13 years... So sad to see many good gears wasted due to incompatibility with newer system.
  7. In order to use Yamaha PSR S950 as MIDI controller, you can connect USB cable from your keyboard straight to your computer, and install the Yamaha MIDI driver : https://usa.yamaha.com/products/musical_instruments/keyboards/arranger_workstations/psr-s950/downloads.html Many info there as well.
  8. Do you have the driver installed? Here you can find many software for DM2000 : https://usa.yamaha.com/products/proaudio/mixers/dm2000vcm/downloads.html Hope you get an idea & info on that site.
  9. Can you tell us the type / series of your Yamaha keyboard ? And what Windows do you use (Win 7, 8, 10)? Many devices require you to install driver for them to work. You probably need to install one for your Yamaha keyboard.
  10. If your Yamaha keyboard has MIDI in / out port, all you need is MIDI interface so you can record your playing to Cakewalk as MIDI data. There you can also capture the dynamic & touch of your playing. Then you can edit the notes / MIDI track in piano roll when necessary. The problem with virtual MIDI keyboard is it likely will input MIDI notes on same default velocity, resulting in the sound being "unreal" & lack of dynamic. You can start by looking for MIDI interface to connect your Yamaha keyboard to your PC.
  11. AFAIK, some bundled ProChannel modules made by Cakewalk have special things in them, for example you can not insert *both* PC4K S-Type Bus Compressor and PC76 U-type Compressor in the same channel strip. You have to chose either one, or not at all. Thus, if you already have PC76 U-type Compressor, the PC4K S-Type Bus Compressor will disappear from the insert module menu. IF the channel strip doesn't have either of them (or remove it from the strip), both compressor will then be available in the menu for you to insert either one. Another example is the Glossy EQ which by default is integrated and irremovable from the Channel strip. Other Cakey made ProChannel module (like Cakewalk CA-2A) works like other regular PC module.
  12. Aah I see.. BTW, do you run the DXi version or the VSTi version of Edirol Orchestra? I had the same problem with the DXi version on x64 platform, while the VSTi runs fine on Win7 x64. You probably want to try the VSTi version if you haven't done so.
  13. That's strange.. I'm still using Edirol Orchestral in CbB until this very day without any problem, versatile kind of orchestra that sits nicely on mix like other Roland's synths. I'm on Win7 x64.
  14. 1. Make sure you include the SONAR 8.5 's VST folder in CbB VST folder Preferences. Then do full re scan. 2. You probably want to pick another plugin layout, in case you use customized layout that hide plugins to appear when you right click FX bin.
  15. The flexibility and convenience of Copy pasting things in Cakewalk have been one of the big reason I love Cakewalk. Try to play around with "Paste special" and ctrl + D, you will get an idea how they really help your copy pasting work flow.
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