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  1. I think since I have a workaround for now, I'm just going to let it go to remain another mystery of life. Thanks for your help.
  2. I did the test you suggested, and the reverb was still turned on. I don't see how there can be anything on the track if I don't see it in envelopes or the event list. I know that's the logical conclusion, but I cannot find anything.
  3. Good idea, but I don't see that any other channel is sending MIDI.
  4. You would think, but I see nothing but expression control. Here's the beginning.
  5. Thanks. I inserted another instance of this instrument and flung down a few notes and played it. The reverb did not turn on as it does in the main track. I then copied the clips from the track in question to this new instance of the instrument and once again, the reverb cuts on as soon as the first note plays. I did as you suggested and inserted a reverb CC with the level set to 0, so even though it still cuts on, it has no effect. But this does appear to indicate that there is something on that track (and I am way to far into it to redo the track).
  6. Using an East West Play instrument, when I play the track, the internal reverb cuts on. I've triple checked the track for envelopes that would be doing this, but I do not see one. In this screenshot, you see that the only envelope is for portamento. There must be something obvious and basic I am missing (I hope). Any ideas? Perhaps this is a Play issue but thought I would start here.
  7. Thanks. Took me a while to figure out as I apparently have more than one folder with templates. But hopefully this fixes it.
  8. It turns out that this is caused by something that has caused lots of other issues for me. I need to turn off "zero controllers when play stops" and "Midi event chase on play" for my East/West Play instruments to perform correctly. I keep forgetting to do that with new projects. Is there not a way to set them off as a default?
  9. Thanks. I'll check them out when I have time. But I have been using CW for many years without this problem. I'll report what I discover (if I discover anything that is).
  10. A midi instrument track will not playback in my project unless I have it selected--just like you would need to in order to play the instrument from your keyboard. If unselected, it does not play when playing the project. Select that track, and it plays. What am I missing?
  11. It appears to be random. I am able to fix it (so far) by moving the scroll wheel around on my keyboard a few times. But it is only happening with the bass despite working on many other tracks of different instruments in the same time period. Most of those are strings, so perhaps there is something unique about bass? Time will tell I guess.
  12. Thanks. I'll play it back a bunch of times without my keyboard connected and see what happens.
  13. A midi bass line playing an EastWest bass will suddenly jump out of tune a few steps at random places. The only way to remedy the problem I have found is to restart Cakewalk. There are no plugins on the channel, but there are two automations for volume and panning. Otherwise, there is nothing I see in the midi to cause this. Perhaps this is an EW problem but thought I would start here for suggestions.
  14. David Pollock

    Keying latentcy

    Thanks again. Nonlinear precision fixes the EQ for now. I'll just leave the transient shaper off until mastering.
  15. David Pollock

    Keying latentcy

    Another little detail in case this means something. Enabling the PDC button solves the latency problem when the transient shaper is enabled, but not the LP-EQ. I have to disable the EQ to stop the problem. All other effects are fine.
  16. David Pollock

    Keying latentcy

    Thanks scook. Disabling FX made the latency disappear. But using the PDC button does not fix it, and since I am still creating, I don't want to bounce and archive unless I misunderstand what you mean. As best I can tell, there are two plugins contributing to this: LP-EQ and TS-64 transient shaper. So even though I have a pretty able system, I cannot run these live? Windows 10 Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-10900K CPU @ 3.70GHz 3.70 GHz 128 GB RAM
  17. David Pollock

    Keying latentcy

    I have the same problem all of a sudden. MOTU M2 interface, Play VSTs as well as Dimension (same issue with both), Impact GX61 keyboard connected via USB. Everything was fine, but a number of things have crept in like this delay in responding to keyboard triggers. I've adjusted buffers, switched to WDM and then back to ASIO so it would re-profile. What else should I try?
  18. Thanks John and Glen. Sample rate has not changed, and no tempo changes in the second song. The first one has one, but it is changing as it is supposed to. The overall piece is just playing back slower than it is set.
  19. It took me a minute to realize a song was playing back faster than I created it. I opened another song, and the same thing happened. The actual set tempo (bpm) didn't change; just the actual playback speed. I rebooted. At first, the song played back fine. I added an instrument, and suddenly it is playing back now slower than the set tempo. I've never seen this before and cannot find any references to it in the forum. What should I check?
  20. Aha! Thanks. I knew that. Fifteen years ago.
  21. Thanks! I do know how to do that for tracks, but my buses do not show up in my tracks--just in the console.
  22. I must be overlooking something obvious. I have used the Write tool to automate volume for a bus but have decided that is a bad idea. Other than rewriting with it set to normal, how can I simply delete/remove the automation?
  23. I've had a lot of issues with MIDI play in the last year (also after many years of using this DAW). I'm not sure if the updates are the problem or my soft synths or what exactly.
  24. I did that but it didn't' work unless I also had this set in the preferences.
  25. I figured it out. "Always echo current midi track" was unselected for some reason.
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