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  1. Just wanted to point out that it's still an issue even with an additional ruler because the S can get in the way of timeline zooming.
  2. This isn't exactly related, but I thought I'd add that Reason can run as a VST now. No need for Rewire in the original scenario mentioned by @Craig Anderton.
  3. @Dare RihterThis is why I said you were being kind of a jerk. My words to you were far milder than the insults you flung at the Bakers.
  4. I tried the alt-scroll. It's OK. Most of the time. If it worked exactly like the timeline zoom it'd be a lot better. I definitely still want the ability to turn off the S.
  5. You can also group the mute button and solo button (with one turned off) and use that to toggle between your song and the reference song.
  6. I've found, though, that the S even shows up in some situations where nothing is selected, like when you want to click in the timeline near the beginning of a song. I have to settle for clicking near the near the beginning of a song. It just messes with me on multiple levels. I thought it sounded like a really cool feature when I heard about it, but it's really cramping my style the longer I encounter it.
  7. I was not aware of the alt-scroll. I will give that a shot!
  8. I just wanted to add that this issue is making it harder and harder to love my time spent in Cakewalk. PLEASE give us the option to turn it off!!! I beg of you bakers! The worst part of this feature is that it makes it way harder to use the timeline zooming (is that what it's called?) where you click in the timeline and drag up and down to zoom in and out at a certain point.
  9. I'm another user who has not experienced a showstopping bug, ever, with Cakewalk/Sonar. Annoying quirks? Yes. Showstoppers. No. I'm not really sure what a Cakewalk person would do with this post, exactly. Especially since you're kind of being a jerk.
  10. AMEN! I have faith that it will happen someday.
  11. Yeah, I definitely don't think this is anything other than a popularity contest, but I figured Cakewalk's popularity could be underestimated if the user base didn't know about this poll. So, yeah, I agree with you.
  12. Feel free to vote for Cakewalk here!
  13. I thought I was the only one that was annoyed by the inability to disable this. I hope the bakers include this option soon.
  14. Thank you! I'll try this as soon as I can. I hope it's a good workaround for me.
  15. I actually 100 percent agree with this. It's getting kinda frustrating in the timeline, to be honest. I was excited about the timeline selection when I heard about it, but, in practice, it's something I would rather just have the ability to turn off. Not a dealbreaker, obviously, but it would be nice.
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