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  1. KSband


    You are very good with this style of music, sounds slick.
  2. Interesting groove, very creative. Has an 80's retro sound to it.
  3. KSband

    La Siguiente Cosa

    Thanks for the kind words @Lynn Wilson and @Bajan Blue appreciated.
  4. KSband


    Really good stuff, I've listened to this a couple times. The snare sound is a little distracting to me , is that a side stick? It has a tick sound, usually more of a knock.
  5. Sounds really good, great recording and mix.
  6. Nice one Paul! The mix sounds good. I like the Beatle type backing vocals. Good guitar sounds.
  7. That's a good heavy rock song with all the right elements but... It sounds like there is clipping. Are you keeping it out of the red? Digital clipping is not the good kind, if you want distortion on everything you need a real tube processer, analog distortion is much easier on the ear.
  8. KSband

    La Siguiente Cosa

    Thanks for the comments @freddy j, @Larry T. and @PavlovsCat appreciate it!
  9. KSband

    Coming Arrival

    I would bring up the vocals, bass and drums.
  10. KSband

    La Siguiente Cosa

    Thanks for checking it out @hsmusic!
  11. KSband

    La Siguiente Cosa

    Latest original Latin jazz instrumental. Playing my Yamaha nylon string and Tenor/Soprano saxes on this.
  12. KSband


    Great guitar work on this one, very cool.
  13. KSband


    Love your mixes, you are really good at making every instrument stand in it's own space, like a Steely Dan mix.
  14. Interesting piece, lot's of changes going on.
  15. Very nice, liked the song. I wonder if more reverb/delay would smooth out the guitar lead, it doesn't quite sound like it's in the same space. Are you using a plugin for the guitar FX and amp? A little chorus can broaden the sound too.
  16. KSband

    Away (colab IV)

    Very smooth mix, slick production.
  17. KSband

    Perfect World

    Excellent stuff as always. On my speakers the main vocal sounds a bit flat, like it needs a little EQ air to bring it out.
  18. Definitely better, some small timing issues with the piano. Nice mellow groove.
  19. Hate to be the one to say it but there are still timing issues. I think it's a good song, it just needs the bass, drums and guitar to be locked.
  20. KSband


    Great track, beautiful.
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