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  1. That does not sound like a trumpet. Maybe pick a lead instrument that is more easily copied by a synth. How about a violin or cello? There's someone on here that has a flute vst that sounds amazing but it wasn't cheap, usually the case with the good stuff.
  2. Whatever you're doing it sure sounds good. All the instruments come through nice an clear.
  3. KSband

    Bad Dog

    Hey @mark skinner thanks for the nice comments! The keyboard you hear is the midi guitar, it will play any midi plugin - synths, pianos what ever.... I don't play keys at all so I really love the midi guitar.
  4. KSband

    Bad Dog

    Thanks for the listen and comments @cakeboy, @jack c., @Richard Palsmeier and @freddy j!
  5. KSband

    Bad Dog

    Using my soprano, alto and tenor saxes, fretless jazz bass, midi guitar, Ezdrummer3.
  6. How about the cello for melody? I think it's melancholy sound would work well. Otherwise I would pick guitar.
  7. That's pretty cool, sounds nice.
  8. Very nice groove going on. I think a melody line playing over it would be really nice.
  9. Nice work, enjoy your arrangements.
  10. This one has a catchy melody, good song. Tasty acoustic guitar lead.
  11. Nice song and playing.
  12. Thanks so much @Makke and @daryl1968!
  13. That's a great track, a real toe tapper, very well done!
  14. KSband

    Fire In The Hole

    Cool song, has a retro sound, kind of eighties.
  15. Interesting song, nice playing.
  16. KSband

    Morning fog

    Nice mellow tune, good playing.
  17. Fun tune I like it, great playing!
  18. Wow, this is so good. Great lyrics, fun groove with lots of things going on, great work!
  19. KSband

    Bump it up

    @hsmusic and @Wookiee thank you very much!
  20. KSband

    Sentimental Mind

    Nice smooth song, mix sounds good.
  21. KSband

    Bump it up

    Thanks very much @Makke and @Bajan Blue!
  22. KSband

    Bump it up

    Thanks @jack c. and @Old Joad appreciate the listen and comments!
  23. KSband

    Shiny Thangs

    Crazy song man, interesting sounds going on, cool.
  24. Nice job, great tone on your strat. I love my whammy too!
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