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  1. KSband


    Cool track John.
  2. KSband


    Nice song Barry, like the horn arrangement.
  3. Very creative interesting track, Must have been challenging to program the drums.
  4. That's a tough one to cover, nice job. The vocals are very good.
  5. It sounds really good except I don't care for the distorted guitar on the chorus, I think it would sound better with a tighter distortion.
  6. KSband

    Love me Too

    Definitely not my style of music but you do a very slick production for sure.
  7. Nice moody tune. I was waiting for the big hand to come down and pop the cowboy's head off.
  8. KSband

    Tom's Diner

    This is a pretty sparse mix of guitars for you, Different take on the song for sure. I thought the bass was a little hot and muddy. I like Susanne Vega too.
  9. KSband

    We're Going There

    Appreciate the listen and comments @jwnicholson78, @FreeEarCandy and @freddy j !
  10. That's really nice, great guitar and the vocals sound great. I wanted to hear a fiddle come in to fill it out.
  11. KSband

    Baby Blue

    Good playing on here. Pretty dark tune. Lot's of different elements going on. The only thing I would change is the drums, they sound over compressed and mechanical.
  12. Cool Larry, I like it. Interesting groove, very different.
  13. KSband

    We're Going There

    Thanks much @Makke and @bjornpdx for listening, I'm a guitar player trying to be a bass player but it's fun trying.
  14. KSband

    We're Going There

    Thanks for the listen @mark skinner, @Keith Wilby and @Larry T. !
  15. Nice song, like the strings and guitar. The old days are definitely gone unfortunately . The reverb is a bit much for me and 5 minutes tests my short attention, but who cares it's your song.
  16. KSband


    Nice little ditty, enjoyed.
  17. KSband

    We're Going There

    Thanks for the comments @Johnbee58 and @Lynn Wilson appreciate it! We miss our little Kona dog, she made to almost 18 so not bad for a dog.
  18. KSband

    Stay With Me

    Nice work! Like the guitars and piano, really good playing. I might cut out a verse because it's a bit long for my attention span. Maybe a harmony on some of the chorus, not sure if it would work there or not, just my thoughts on it.
  19. KSband

    We're Going There

    Ok I upped the volume on the drums, it does sound better, thanks guys.
  20. KSband

    We're Going There

    @Bajan Blue and @noynekker thanks for listening and the comments. I had a hard time mixing this one, did many mixes. I agree after listening again that the drums do need to come up some, thanks.
  21. KSband

    We're Going There

    Just finished this one, another jazzy instrumental original. Using my tenor sax, Fishman tripleplay midi guitar for piano, Ezdrummer 3, PJ bass with Amplitube4 SVX Classic plugin.
  22. I use the SI strings in Cakewalk all the time, nice sounding strings and it has everything from an orchestra to a small quartet.
  23. Wow that flute sounds surprisingly real, very cool. Nice mellow tune.
  24. KSband

    3 more

    Agree about the vocal in the beginning. Also the bass is way low.
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