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  1. KSband

    Sunday Afternoon

    Thanks for the comments Bert, Dream Art, Bajan appreciate it.
  2. KSband

    Gone Hollywood

    Sounds really good, everything is nice and clear. Good changes going on too.
  3. Interesting groove going on, cool animation. It's pretty long without any real changes so my attention span has trouble.
  4. KSband

    Sunday Afternoon

    https://www.bandlab.com/studedude/sunday-afternoon-266124b7?revId=fe30fb15-274c-ed11-819a-000d3a3eefd0 Easy going original jazz instrumental featuring my tenor sax, Gibson guitar and Fishman tripleplay midi guitar for piano sounds, also Ezdrummer3 and my Glarry jazz fretless bass.
  5. Nice piano playing. Good guitar too of course.
  6. The vocals sound very clear and clean.
  7. KSband

    Nothing to Me

    Nice pop song with a good production, very professional.
  8. Nice moody track. I do agree with the muffled sound, I think it's mostly the guitar, although I can hear the fingers on the strings so the very high end must be boosted. Maybe that what you want if you are going for a certain sound in your head.
  9. Wow, really good sounding track! Drums are great but I really dig the guitars, super tight. Hooky song too.
  10. Nice one Wookie. Dogs will tear your heart out for sure. Ours is 17 now, it's hard to watch her daily struggle.
  11. Another good one John. Nicely written song, good melody and of course really good playing.
  12. Nice chill groove, good work there. Like your guitar tones. I was waiting for you to bust out into a solo though.
  13. I like the guitar tones you are getting, very heavy but not hard on the ears, good job.
  14. Ok thanks, I see it there. I always save the projects the first time as "save as" with a name. I see some things under utilities " consolidate project audio" and "clean audio folder" I don't know what that does but should research it.
  15. I am looking for the "copy audio with project" and not seeing that as an option in cakewalk.
  16. Thanks for the reply. I have no idea, it's weird. I found the missing ones inside of the folder of another project. It's not real clear how to sperate them back out, so for now I left them in there. I'm going to buy an external drive to back them up on. Have to decide between Hdd or Sdd.
  17. I just went to open an old project and it was not on the list. Went to the cakewalk project folder and some are missing, others are in subfolders and so not detected I guess. Could my computer have moved them around with a defragment/optimize? I'm not super computer smart, just good enough to get by. What is the best way to backup and protect my projects?
  18. KSband

    Home & Love

    Wow, that is beautiful. She has a great voice.
  19. KSband


    Another good one! Like the different guitar tones. Very good vocals too.
  20. Really cool song, I like it a lot.
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