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  1. If a few of you who have purchased but see greyed out modules on either Mac or Windows wouldn't mind sending me your IK usernames I can have someone see if there's a common factor among those having the issue. I would truly appreciate it.
  2. If you aren't seeing the modules after purchase, please try forcing a refresh in IK Product Manager with CTRL/COMMAND-R or restarting it completely. I've reported the issue with the 9.99 update being unavailable to those who chose T-RackS Sunset Sound Studio Reverb in a group buy or similar. Thank you.
  3. My colleague has their Marcus Miller model bass and says it is great especially for the price. I'll check out the Sire 335 clone, so far seems like an excellent choice. A bit thin at the nut but that's a 335 thing to be expected. Ebony fretboard and bone nut in that price range is hard to beat.
  4. Not a bad deal, I would have considered it but thankfully I missed it I have a set of Seymour Duncan Antiquity pickups that I'd like to put into a semi-hollow but I'm leaning more toward the Epiphone Sheraton II Pro (likely a used model) since I like those a bit more than the Epi 335. I've had a Gibson 335 Dot (1980something date range) and it was amazing but the Epi versions are quite good and hopefully people don't turn away from these Epi versions as they'll miss out on some quite nice guitars if they do. And the pickup swap would be much harder than most other guitars as @mettelus notes so I think I'm too old for that ____ at this point and would just get it done by someone with more patience that wants to make a few bucks. I'll stick with work on solidbody electrics that are easier to deal with!
  5. No, you should download the update and the sounds from the IK Product Manager, there's a single download button there for the sounds (and yes the presets are in there) and IK Product Manager is the main supported method for installation and authorization. You just need to go to the sounds tab under SampleTron 2. The User Area is a fallback and not the main method for updating current products, that would be the IK Product Manager. And yes, the issue of the swapped files in the IK User Area has been reported.
  6. Just for this one, the jam was freed with the other recents We do have millions of users, after all.
  7. There was a backup with the system that sends update emails. All should be good now. If you aren't getting emails (all who have a valid email address and have whatever software has been update should be sent the update notification emails) please let the support team know.
  8. The new Grunge Teams content is free for SampleTron 2 owners, if that's not clear. It's a bit different than a typical expected Mellotron type of sound (the soundtrack is all from the new set except the drums) but cool nonetheless.
  9. Ouch. I guess over a quarter century of success seems like ineptitude to some? Thanks for the feedback.
  10. The T-RackS Group Buy is currently 11 for the price of 1
  11. Not really, already answered on KVR, please check out the detailed reply to the core issues you mention.
  12. It is a completely different studio, so the rooms are from FAME (and directly, not from photos or any guesswork, we spend major time in the studios we recreate directly in order to measure everything properly and get the best results).
  13. Any reported issues with Multis should have been fixed as I've been told. If you still have issues please reply to your support ticket and let the team know so they can investigate further to see what's causing your issue.
  14. AmpliTube has the button above the gear selection on the right side for this. Unless you are talking about ToneNET? What is your ticket number for this issue? Edit - also mentioned this to our Testing Manager and he seemed aware and that our devs are also aware and working on it. I agree it is very cool and honestly I get distracted too much by playing around with far too many presets every time I open it up inside AmpliTube 5. What is your profile there? I'll check out your presets some time too.
  15. We have released a maintenance update to Syntronik 2. What’s New in Syntronik 2.0.3 - Fixed a bug where Multis using a Syntronik 1 preset were not loaded correctly - Improved GUI clarity on Windows systems using lower resolution displays - Fixed a bug where the pitch bend range was displayed incorrectly on the Edit panel - Fixed a bug on the SH-V panel where the Osc 2 controls were reversed - Fixed a bug on the VCF3 panel where the BPM Sync and Osc 2 controls were reversed - Fixed a bug in the 99 Synth where Syntronik 1 presets were missing the 12dB filter slope - Fixed a bug on the Modulum panel where controllers were recalled incorrectly - Fixed a bug where time DAW signature changes could cause an audio glitch - Fixed a bug where Syntronik 1 preset Porta and Glide knobs were recalled incorrectly - Fixed a bug in where Syntronik 1 presets incorrectly displayed the filter slopes for the C and R Type filters - General reliability improvements
  16. Yes, the MEMS microphone came out for 2.5 and it is the same mic. Also, for all - we're at 8 for the price of 1 now.
  17. The Favorites is a good one if you've experienced that, this should fix it. And no, there is no new gear in this one
  18. 149.99 is your crossgrade price. Crossgrade for ARC 3 software only is 99.99.
  19. It is at 7 for the price of 1 already, and we're not even near the top number of what Joe Chiccarelli Vocal Strip's potential. I think calling it on day one is kind of humorous.
  20. Note that anybody who already bought Joe Chiccarelli Vocal Strip since release is entered automatically. And if you need that and some others, you can get them all for $/€159.99 (and up to 30% off additionally with JamPoints) for a heck of a mini-bundle deal too.
  21. Please PM your IK account username to me and I'll see what's going on. Thanks!
  22. It should. From what promotion did you get SampleTank 4 MAX free? Even if free like a group buy choice (though ST4 MAX has not been in a group buy) it should qualify you. If you mean you paid a lower price for it, then it would of course still qualify.
  23. Best is to report things directly but I'll relay the thread too.
  24. There is no new rule. The steps etc all describe getting the synths as each tier is crossed and all 33 at the end. The text on the page has been clarified apparently to make sure it was 100% clear and better matched the FAQ etc and all other information on the page.
  25. If the FAQ didn't resolve your issue there should be a link there to contact support directly and I'm sure they'll sort everything out for you.
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