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  1. If Windows Ransomware Protection is turned on, turn it off temporarily during the Cakewalk installation. (Windows Ransomware Protection blocks installation under Documents folder by default.)
  2. That's strange... The file you renamed does not exist on my system. The locked problem file should be in the 'IRLibraries' folder. (FACTORY.rir) Anyway it's okay if you resolved it without issue.
  3. @EnglandBross The Ransomware Protection blocks accessing under the Documents folder as default. So temporarily off it and then run an installer.
  4. @Noel Borthwick If i remember correctly, this often happened if project contained D-Pro LE for me. (Audio device: UA-101) I'm not using D-Pro LE now so I don't know if it will cause the same problem now.
  5. Clean Install Cakewalk by BandLab https://help.cakewalk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360034066393-Clean-Install-Cakewalk-by-BandLab
  6. Seems they were having website issues. I got a reply about purchase issue and they said "It should be in your account now". Now, it appears in my account.
  7. Complete the purchase but it does not appear in my orders and it's still in my cart... 🙄
  8. I have some Sonivox instruments what I bought on Plugin Boutique. How does this upgrade work? How do they check if I have their product?
  9. Feedback in Update 1. "Extract Keyswitch Articulations" is not displayed if language setting is set to Japanese. It's empty. No characters. (Probably all language settings other than English)
  10. @Jesse Jost Yes, it works, however, would be nice if static.cakewalk.com also provide secure images (https).
  11. I want this! But I don't have Kontakt!! Gah!!!
  12. HIBI

    BLA Updated to 6.2

    @frank0d Clicking 'X' in the upper right corner is not quit BandLab Assistant, just enter the notification area. So you have to double click the BandLab Assistant icon in the notification area to re-open it. FYI: You can also quit it from right click menu at BA icon in the notification area.
  13. Sorry, I could not find appropriate forum to post this... This only happens in Chrome browser. Only me? (I did clear the cache, cookie and histories.) I can see directly opened images on "static.cakewalk.com" with using "Open image in new tab" but it's not loaded into the Documentation pages of Cakewalk and Sonar (and probably all the other pages) on "cakewalk.com". EDIT: Seems it because loading images which on insecure site (http://static.cakewalk.com) from secure site (https://cakewalk.com). Latest Chrome will block Mixed content downloads. Is there any workaround? "Allow" Insecure content in the Site settings on Chrome?
  14. HIBI

    Adding Icons

    Console view > Modules menu > "Icon" is checked?
  15. HIBI

    BLA Updated to 6.2

    Self-update was successful. (Everything was done automatically.) "Update" button color only becomes lighter and looks it's stuck and there is nothing like an indicator, however, it's downloading installer quietly. You can check that downloading process at "C:\Users\[user_name]\AppData\Local\bandlab-assistant-updater\pending" folder with pressing F5. (Increased file size) Seems "C:\Users\[user_name]\AppData\Local\bandlab-assistant-updater\installer.exe" will be replaced with that downloaded file after complete downloading but I don't know why. FYI: Windows Ransomware protection will block some access to Document folder while installing. So it is recommended to turn it off temporarily during the update.
  16. It must be a joke... It's not a solution. or... Is my English so bad?
  17. This forum brings "Display Name" from "Name" of BandLab web site profile when do "Connect with BandLab" to re-login this forum. This is annoying for users who want to use different name for this forum and BandLab site. Have to change "Display Name" every re-login this forum. Is there a way around this? @Jesse Jost
  18. Unreal Instruments has released new instrument "Two Whistles". https://unreal-instruments.wixsite.com/unreal-instruments/two-whistles Also don't forget the other instruments... https://unreal-instruments.wixsite.com/unreal-instruments
  19. That's great! If there is a list of VSTi's that require a delay before they'll respond to the changes, it's probably nice.
  20. Articulation Map will be triggered normally even if it will be placed at the same timing as the note? Should it be placed slightly in front of the MIDI note to expect reliable key-switching? (Yes, I haven't tried it yet...)
  21. This made Cakewalk crash completely. (Just tried VST3) and... UI size is too large! 😆
  22. After clicking Update, it seemed stacking but it was downloading the updater in the background. I think it took tens of seconds. After that, install window appeared then automatically launched BandLab Assistant v6.1.0. and I had to log in again. Successful automatic update for the first time... wow, I'm surprised.
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