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  1. FYI, I suggested this because I've seen a report of a similar cycle (spin up and spin down) on an ASRock Fatal1ty due to one CPU socket pin being bent. I hope this will be a hint for guessing the cause.
  2. Check for abnormalities in CPU socket pins (some pins might be deformed)
  3. Some software instruments count up the number of changes just by playing the project, which easily triggers Auto-save.
  4. To everyone in this forum, the OP is Japanese guy, so I will write in easy-to-understand Japanese that he can understand easily, I guess. 日本の方とお見受けしましたので日本語でコメントします。 まず、画面中央に瞬間的なメッセージが連続して表示される件について 音声再生にはオーディオインターフェースを使用していますか? それとも PC 内蔵の Realtek HD 等ですか? 何度も表示されるポップアップメッセージは Cubase 等の Steinberg 製品をインストールする際、抱き合わせでインストールされる「Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver」に起因しているようですので、システムから「Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver」を排除する事をお勧めします。 下記スレッドで似た症状について scook が回答しています。 具体的には、レジストリ【HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ASIO】配下にある「Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver」のエントリを削除する事で、システムから隠蔽する事ができます。(それで Cakewalk が正常な動作に戻るはずです) レジストリ編集時はバックアップをとってから慎重に行って下さい。 最後に、Cakewalk がプラグインを認識していない件については、環境設定 → ファイル - VST プラグイン の設定内容(スクリーンショット)を共有してみて下さい。
  5. Happy birthday, Larry! Wish you have a happy day and a nice year!
  6. Response from Celemony support: File > Preferences > Recording > Audio cache size (10 GB as the Default)
  7. Neutron 4 Release Notes Version 4.3.0 released November 21, 2022 Updates & Improvements Enhanced accessibility, especially within the Assistant view XY Pad in Exciter is accessible Threshold slider in Compressor and Gate Modules is accessible Bug Fixes Fixed an issue that occasionally prevented the Assistant's "waiting for audio" prompt from displaying
  8. Audiolens Release Notes Version 1.0.1 released November 17, 2022 M1 Support Updated Audiolens app to support Apple Silicon natively
  9. RX 10 Advanced Release Notes Version 10.2.0 released November 7, 2022 Improvements & Updates Added localized tooltips in French, Italian, German, and Spanish Updated Japanese help documentation. Bug Fixes Fixed issue where transcription would restart on changing tabs, or clicking 'show channels separately' Fixed issue where transcription would not trigger a dirty state for the RX session Fixed a crash in Spectral Editor ARA if the 'undo' button was pressed before audio was learned Fixed a crash if transcription was enabled on an empty file Fixed issue where markers would shift to the start of the file if you pasted at the beginning of a file Known Issues Any files or RX docs opened or saved in RX 10.2.0 will not load in versions of RX prior to 10.2.0
  10. Is your BFD version ? Just in case, you might want to update to the current latest version and try to expot again.
  11. Ozone 10 Advanced Release Notes Version 10.1.1 released October 14, 2022 Updates & Improvements Master Assistant now creates custom Stabilizer tonal balance targets from reference files. Note: only newly created targets will have custom Stabilizer targets Master Assistant will not attempt to widen the low frequency band if the source is very narrow. Global Amount controls in the Equalizer and Imager modules now support host automation. TBC meter band labels no longer change color. Improved tooltips for the two Gain Match modes depending on which is active. Reduced the hover area to highlight a band's gain trace in the Impact module. Removed unnecessary Plug-in Host options in the General options. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where Imager's Recover Sides "Gain Offset" control was not properly adjustable in Pro Tools. Fixed an issue where "Delta" or "Band Solo" caused unexpected gain changes when Modern Gain Match was active. Fixed an issue where the Master Assistant “Target Library” would not scroll to the position of selected target. Fixed the General option to "Dim controls when bypassed", which would not turn off. Fixed an issue where changes made to Vintage module knob controls would not post to Ozone's Undo History. Fixed an issue where a module's "New Preset" button could fail to function properly in certain circumstances. Fixed a crash that could occur if Master Assistant was run without proper access to necessary resource files. Fixed a crash that could occur when uploading a silent audio file as a custom Assistant target. Fixed a crash that could occur when selecting the detail view tab during Assistant’s “building chain” phase. Fixed a crash that could occur when using the tab key to cycle focus through controls in the Equalizer module HUD.
  12. Have you tried Unreal Instruments - Standard Guitar and METAL-GTX? (It's free) I think it's works sufficient as a backing guitar.
  13. iZotope support said: There was an issue with 10.1 recently that made us pull that from the website. We are working on re launching that as soon as we resolve the issue. In the mean time we recommend staying with 10.0.
  14. Update may have been withdrawn because the Ozone 10 Advanced Release Notes page can be browsed only on the webcache now.
  15. If your project drive has slow transfer speeds, Cakewalk will start delayed playback accordingly. Is the projects saved on HDD? or SSD?
  16. HIBI

    Windows 22h2

    Note: Various settings such as the registry, services, and task scheduler may be initialized to Windows default settings. So you might want to make a note of those settings you changed before this updating.
  17. HIBI

    Ozone 10 Has Arrived

    Just now, Ozone 10 Advanced appeared when reloaded in the iZotope Portal. So, I guess they are adding it for applicable users now... @simon
  18. HIBI

    Ozone 10 Has Arrived

    Waiting for appearing Ozone 10 in my account... 🙄 (Support does not respond to me yet)
  19. It is not used for rendering/exporting, only used for playback (and input for recording if you use it). Having said that, high-quality audio interface and speakers will result in good playback and recording quality.
  20. HIBI

    Melda MTurboAmp

    Thanks for your responses, @ALC and @Brian Walton I have some IR Loaders but I prefer amp simulators with built-in cabinets (IR Loader) so this fact discouraged me from purchasing it...
  21. HIBI

    Melda MTurboAmp

    MTurboAmp does not have any cabinets? MCabinet absolutely requred? or needs something like that?
  22. I too want to know this. At least, some bad sample data that sounds slightly delayed remains uncorrected...
  23. @msmcleod @Noel Borthwick @Morten Saether The EA installer download link is still build 013, even though the OP title has been edited to build 022.
  24. Probably some MIDI pattern is playing so try clicking the STOP button (square one) in session drummer 2.
  25. Neutron 3 Advanced Release Notes Version 3.9.0 released April 25, 2022 Updates & Improvements Added native support for Apple silicon-based Macs. Note: Neutron 3 VST2 plug-ins are only available in DAWs or NLEs opened using Rosetta. Added support for macOS Monterey (12.3.x). Added support for Windows 11. Bug Fixes Fixed crash that could occur when instantiating some Neutron 3 plug-ins on 7.0 or 7.1 tracks in Pro Tools on Windows. Fixed hang that could occur when loading a saved session containing multiple instances of Neutron. Fixed hang that could occur when rendering/exporting a Premiere Pro project containing multiple instances of Neutron. Fixed error message or blank plug-in UI that could appear in Logic on Apple silicon-based Macs upon closing and reopening the plug-in window after certain interactions. Fixed inability to run Track Assistant in Neutron 3 after trialing Neutron Pro.
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