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  1. On this page "https://bandlab.github.io/cakewalk/docs/FAQ/", You can find most answers for those who have questions like you.
  2. It also expresses the accent that English speakers tend to commit when they sing Japanese.
  3. Yes, it makes the folder open & close icon easier to see, thanks! I hope that baker updates the factory theme Mercury...
  4. I think your opinion is true for just users' custom themes. In my opinion, Factory themes should be guaranteed to work well. BTW, have you tried with Mercury theme? Please try it, if not yet...
  5. Seems it's okay if with the factory theme "Tungsten", however, I like the factory theme "Mercury"...
  6. Why do I need to change the theme? I am using the factory theme. (Mercury)
  7. Changing folder color (especially some colors like yellow) makes [+] and [-] icon illegible. I'm not sure if this update is the cause or not... but If it's a long-standing problem, it's just terrible.
  8. I believe that requires your account (registered email address) has previous "Pro Studio" registration information.
  9. FYI: Users of the previous versions can receive an email with a link including the coupon code by submitting your registered email address on the page below. https://acoustica.com/mixcraft/upgrades
  10. @cclarry Please remove the coupon code from my comment you quoted. Thanks!
  11. Maybe we should remove the Coupon Code from the post for an honest transaction... because legitimate users can get an email with a link containing a coupon code. (I just tried it and received an email with a link containing the coupon code and remind email of Melodyne serial)
  12. Just wondering because it seems discount code works in the cart without login.
  13. Is this an upgrade price? or new purchase price? (Seems new purchase) I suspect that the upgrade version will not come with Melodyne. Am I wrong?
  14. MAS (Motu Audio System) https://www.sweetwater.com/insync/mas-motu-audio-system/
  15. Cosmetic issue in the marker view: In the marker view, click ”Start Export" marker I set and then click [Shift] + "End Export" marker to select an export range. (The "End Export" marker is at the end point of the song data) And then open the Audio Export dialog box and click "Add Task to Queue", the "End Export" marker selection in the marker view is deselected. However, the range selection in the track view is unchanged and remains selected to the end point of the song. So this is just a cosmetic problem in the marker view and seems does not affect the actual export range but It's confusing users, I guess. (At least I was confused.) P.S. I prefer using markers to arrangers, sorry. 😆
  16. HIBI

    Windows 11

    https://github.com/rcmaehl/WhyNotWin11/releases This check app might be helpful than Windows PC Health Check...
  17. As a test, I did set Opt-in to ON but nothing happen for now... Has version 8.0.0 been withdrawn? @cclarry As scook said, latest version is v7.2.1 so you might want to edit the thread title to v7.2.1
  18. Seems the issue I had with v7.1.2 was resolved with v7.2.1
  19. Support says: We're investigating the issue. And now... Seems the problem was resolved with v7.2.1
  20. After updating BandLab Assistant to v7.1.2 from v7.1.1, I get an error popup window it says "TypeError [ERR_UNESCAPED_CHARACTERS]: Request path contains unescaped characters" when clicking the gear icon. (I get this my both PCs) Anyone else? Maybe on Japanese Windows only?
  21. Yes, that's right... Sorry about that @Grem @Monomox BFD Crush BFD Oblivion BFD Horsepower BFD Jazz Noir BFD Metal Snares
  22. This didn't work for me. I tried though!!! I was hoping it would. : ) Can not put 5 Expansion Packs in your cart? Or does the code not apply if there are 5 Expansion Packs in the cart?
  23. The email I received from FXpansion says "Expansion Pack 1 model as a gift", but I actually got five Expansion Packs. Probably a flaw in the checkout system? FYI: You can select only one Expansion Pack from [Redeem Now] link in your account page, however, can select 5 Expansion Packs on the store page and checkout with the code...
  24. This might help. https://help.cakewalk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360022063794-I-see-a-white-screen-when-launching-BandLab-Assistant If not, contact support. https://help.cakewalk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  25. Currently you will get the 7.0.0 installer from the site. So try manually downloading again.
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