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  1. Will do so, this might help! Regarding the audio interface: I've set all USB devices to NOT go to sleep, following a tutorial. But can that still be an issue? Because on the older 2 PCs I didn't do that.
  2. Trust me, I wouldn't waste your time with lying.
  3. Not sure what exactly you mean. Gigabit LAN, if that's what you meant. No WLAN. Or did you mean speeds?
  4. My machine is listed here with all parts, except 2 additional drives via SATA. One SSD and a HDD. Note, this is my current machine. The older one had an Intel i5, 8 BG RAM, a Radeon 7870, and just one SATA HDD. The one before was an i3 with 4 GB and a HDD. On my current machine I'm running Windows 10 Pro, v 21H2, build 19044.2006 (one update pending), The machine before used the same OS but of course older build, and the third used Windows 7 Latest non-beta, non-early-access version of Cakewalk. Happened with all versions so far. It's not one specific project that's hanging. It happens, as I described, everytime I start a new project and play around for more than an hour. Plugins used vary a lot, VST2 64 bit and VST3 64-bit, at least two dozen different plugins have been active over the time, while experiencing a hang (not all at once of course). Some examples are Synthmaster2, Ascension, Vacuum Pro, Vital, BreakTweaker, ModoDrum, SampleTank4, Orb Synth, Drum8, Sektor, Hybrid, FM8 My audio interface is now Behringer U-Phoria UMC204HD in ASIO mode at 128 sample buffer, but it happened as well in earlier days without audio interface and ASIO4ALL, which I switched to WASAPI when the Cakewalk developers declared it incompatible. Waveform 11, FL Studio Demo, Audacity, Wavosaur, DaVinci Resolve. No. On my current machine I only used WASAPI and now the specific driver for my audio interface (FL Studio installed FL Studio ASIO, which I don't use). On the previous machines, ASIO4ALL was installed.
  5. I didn't, as you can see in my post. I just don't think a program should crash just because it is running for an hour or two. Other than that, I get your point.
  6. This problem follows me since the very first Cakewalk by Bandlab version. I can't say anything about Sonar, as I never used it. However, since I started using Cakewalk I went through 3 different PCs and 2 different OS, and the latest addition of an audio interface a few months ago didn't change it either. This is what happens: I start Cakewalk. I start a new project. I add a plugin, start to play around. When I feel something's good, I start recording. I work on the midi, may have a 4 or 8 bar loop, that I set up. I now run this loop indefinitely. Add another plugin, work a bit. Add another, say, a drum plugin. Working within the plugin, loading a few dozen wav files, shape the drum sounds to my liking. Then all of a sudden, Cakewalk just hangs. I can still hear the loop playing just fine, so no plugin crashed, but the window is non-responsive anymore, and no matter how long I wait, at one point I have to kill Cakewalk through the Task Manager. I also have the impression that this hanging is related to not saving. Because if I manually save the project, the hanging is at least happening way later, if at all. I have autosave active, which I rely on for my projects, and I do save often. But not, when starting a new project. It can take up to 2 or 3 hours, before I think that it is worth saving. My suspicion is that there is some kind of overflow, maybe a limit that overshoots. See the introduction sentence before concluding my system. Also, I never experience this with Waveform or FL Studio, under the same conditions. I tend to see this as a bug, because it is present for years under totally different circumstances. Also, no program should silently crash, and Cakewalk normally does a good job at catching errors, writing a dump file and properly closing itself.
  7. Unfortunately there is no quick way. I'm missing that as well. But I use to switch to the event list view, because each note (stacked ones as well) has its own list entry. Selecting the doubled notes is much easier there.
  8. Wow, that's really interesting. Instead of answering a simple question, you decide to judge the op and talk the question down. And that in the Q&A section. Are you just ignorant and arrogant, or is there also idiocy in there? Thanks for nothing, and good job!
  9. You really shouldn't answer, if my question is already overcharging you.
  10. I would, but I can't hear the track then playing while I edit. I just want the notes in the PRV to be silent when editing them. (so when shifted, dragged, moved, etc.) That is standard in other DAWs I use, but I can't find the option in Cakewalk.
  11. I hope this is simple to answer and I'm just too stupid to find the option. But I'm really annoyed by those crescendos of half-steps over two octaves! I know which note I place where and why. I don't need to hear it. On top, this behaviour is so counter-productive when playing while editing. And finally, many plugins react with stuck notes doing it. So, where is this simple little switch to turn note audition off? I don't care if I have to edit an ini file or go deep into Cakewalk's kernel, as long as the notes remain silent when moving afterwards! Thank you so much in advance!
  12. This did it for me! It's not perfect (loop control doesn't work, and all knobs do nothing), but it is a good start! Thanks so much!
  13. Got a Oxygen Pro 49 yesterday and have the same questions and problems. Join me in this thread, because I think it is the one, most people with Oxygens posted in:
  14. Any more tips from successful attempts? I got my Oxygen Pro 49 yesterday, and since then try to get it to work. I followed @Mike Z's list, but it already broke for me when I was advised to use "MIDIIN3". That doesn't show up. On my settings, I see "USB MIDI", "DIN MIDI", "Mackie" and "Editor". I chose Mackie, assuming it is channel 3. But the automatic ACT entry also didn't show. I added a Mackie entry, which helped nothing. If I add an additional ACT, I can learn the transport controls, and the faders are working as well. But none of the knobs, nor the buttons below the faders (wanted to use them for solo state), the keys aren't working and the pads also refuse to work. If I select USB MIDI, delete all control surface entries and restart Cakewalk, I can use the keys and pads, but none of the other controls. I'm not a technician, I simply don't know about all of that "behind the scenes" stuff (ACT, Mackie, HUI, etc). Isn't there one consistent way to get it to work? It seems so strange, that for some it works by selecting Cubase and Mackie, for others it works like Mike Z described, and yet again others need to select another DAW than Cubase or MPC. My firmware is 2.1.1, btw.
  15. Just a reminder, in case I explained it too complicated, and a picture says more than thousand words: If you have 64-bit engine ticked in the preferences, like in the first picture, there's no need to tick it in the third picture (it is already active). The second picture shows the export formats, that are detached from the 64-bit-engine. If you select 64-bit there, you don't change how Cakewalk works with audio, but export a 64-bit audio file (which will hardly be accepted by any application other than a DAW)
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