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  1. That seems to indicate, there's something wrong with your drivers (outside of the music world). You have a GTX 1650, which not only runs OpenGL just fine, it also takes away the load from CPU threads busy with GUI stuff. Make sure you have the latest drivers, installed manually, not via Windows! That goes especially for your graphic card. FYI, OpenGL is an API, just like DirectX or Vulcan. The app just instructs the graphic card using this API, and all the graphic work is taken away from the CPU and brought to the graphics card. That you have a better performance with plugins' OpenGL disabled points to a software renderer used (which is done, when no graphic card is found). But a software renderer for OpenGL is actually more demanding than just using GDI+ (the normal software rendering, Windows uses).
  2. I might misunderstand the question, in which case I apologize. But, are you aware that there are several things that stop scrolling? Clicking in the view, for example, zooming in on the time ruler, and more. For the latter, right clicking the time ruler continues scrolling.
  3. This should not happen. It should continue to play at its internal tempo, getting cut when a new clip comes, etc. But not just glitch unpredictably. It sounds like your PC can't handle the load, which can have many reasons. If you've set online rendering to the quality of offline rendering, for example, or (I think we can rule that out) a too weak processor, or too many background tasks, or a defective driver of your audio interface. By default, audio clips always use their internal tempo and don't follow tempo changes. You have to activate this behavior first. Many use AudioSnap for this. If you want to use that, you should however always check the popup menu that says "average tempo: " Sometimes it couldn't successfully detect the actual tempo it was recorded in. If you then set it to follow tempo changes by activating "Clip follows Project", the results will of course be weird. So make sure, AudioSnap uses the correct original tempo of the audio clip. If you can't, you can follow John Vere's video, which will make sure that the clips definitely have the correct tempo. But remember, allowing audio clips to follow tempo changes introduces realtime rendering: all audio has to be stretched with heavy calculations involved to preserve formants (otherwise you would end with the Micky Mouse effect). On my CPU, a Ryzen 5 5600G, I can set the realtime quality equal to the offline quality without issues, but I also never used it on more than two tracks at once. It might be neccessary to lower the quality for realtime rendering, to avoid problems.
  4. Thanks for the quick answer. However, I said in my post "when one of the two instruments involved have a midi out option (for example SynthMaster 2), although its use not activated" It just reacts as if. And it only happens (so far), with VST3 instruments. I want to emphasize this, as your screenshot shows a VST2 plugin. I also heard from two other users with the same issue, over at the Cakewalk user group on Facebook. - VSTi only - VST 3 format only - MIDI out option exists, but is NOT activated - MIDI echo is only active on the track that's armed for recording (and it's the only track armed), yet the recording goes to the other track.
  5. Yes, as the title says. It is a wierd issue, that I only have since the last update (which to my knowledge did no changes to midi input). Sometimes, when trying to record, the recording is done to the wrong track, and 2 plugins react simultanously (example, you record arm track 2, midi echo is auto on, track 2 is selected, but recording is done to track 1 and its audio played in addition to track 2 audio). I'm still trying to isolate the issue. It may be a coincidence, but so far I noticed this, when one of the two instruments involved have a midi out option (for example SynthMaster 2), although its use not activated. And I use VST3 synths only. As a workaround I can set the falsely reacting one from "all inputs" to "external input" (choosing my controller).
  6. While most VST3 plugins work, there are some, especially those using the newest SDK, which fail to load. Ronan Fed's plugins, for example, or ADSR Drum Machine, and some others. It seems that mostly synths are affected, I couldn't pinpoint a VST3 effect refusing to work with Cakewalk right now.
  7. There is no input to the effect. When freezing a track, it does not run the whole project in some magical way. It runs only the track enabled for freezing. No midi arrives at the effect, thus will not be trigggered.
  8. Thank you! The setting I didn't find! The image makes absolutely clear where to find it. Thanks again!
  9. Hi, there's this one problem, that I can't seem to solve. I'm pretty sure it's just a setting, I can't find. If you can help me and would provide images, that would help so much! Imagine the following scenario: You record a few notes that you play with your controller. The individual notes have different lengths. You have snapping enabled and it's set to 1/16th. If I now drag a note's right border to extend the length, I would expect it to snap to the next 1/16th. But that's not happening. Instead it adds exactly 1/16th to the length, resulting in me having to manually cut the note to end exactly at a 1/16th. In numbers this is easier to describe. A 16th length is 240 ticks. My note is 24 ticks long. When changing the length, I want it to snap so, that the note length is 240. Instead I end up with a length of 264. If there is a setting, or a modifier key, that helps me reaching this goal, please help me Thansk in advance!
  10. Thank you! What frightens me is that I have 16 GB of RAM and worked with just a couple of plugins that never had an issue before. I will investigate further. If there's a memory leak going on in some plugin, that would be a nightmare! But I'm glad to hear that it is not CW causing it!
  11. Ok, a weird issue. I was working on a song and at one point I replaced a synth with SynthMaster 2.9 (newest version). I opened its browser and selected specific patches, one after the other, while listening to a looped section of the song. At one point, I couldn't see any changes in the GUI of Synthmaster anymore (although the changes were made, i.e new patches selected), and part of its GUI was displayed on top of the Cakewalk GUI, far outside of the SM window. Not good. I closed the window, and with a bit of mouse movement and collapsing/expanding tracks, I was able to get rid of the SM garbage on the Cakewalk GUI. Opened SM again, and after a while, the same issue repeated. This time, after cleaning up, the window opened was just white (note, over the whole time, SM audio output was working just fine, reacting to the midi notes). I replaced SM with another synth, but the window again was white, and this time Cakewalk hung for 30 seconds and then crashed silently to desktop. I was able to retrieve a dump file from %appdata%\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core\MiniDumps. Dropbox link to dump file
  12. WTAF? I was the typical "yeah, sure, why should that help"? I started iZotope Product Portal, left it open. Started Cakewalk. Added BreakTeaker to the project. Opened lightning fast! Whatever witchcraft this is, it helps, so I won't investigate the dark powers that enable it
  13. @Noel Borthwick I will tag a developer to make sure, this post is seen. To start with, this is not about a mean person complaining or something along those lines. I love Cakewalk, and I love working with it. I love that it is a gift to musicians, free of charge. Please keep that in mind, for the following parts. I often experience Cakewalk either hanging (""not responing" forever) or crashing silently to desktop. It is not regular, not happening several times a day, but it is enough to be annoying, having jammed for an hour and losing all your progress that you can't really repeat. Now, a program ideally would never crash, but that's not reality. I know that. But these occurencies are so random in a specific circumstance. For example, from some plugins I just know, that a hang/crash will happen at some point. But it doesn't matter what I do when it happens, because the next time it will happen while I do something completely different. I know that it is Cakewalk specific, because I work with 3 DAWs pretty much equally, Cakewalk, Waveform Free and Reason. All the issues I have only happen in Cakewalk. I never experienced any of it in the other DAWs, using the same plugins, doing the same things, for the same amount of time. Also, I have a recent PC with good properties. Reporting such issues is difficult. 1) As a hobby developer I know the other side and realize it isn't helpful at all. You can't fix, what you can't reproduce. 2) Often times, when such things are reported, the reaction is always "that's not Cakewalk, but ... (enter plugin, driver, user, etc)" 3) Another standard argument is "you can't compare apples to pears". My reaction to this (over time) has become to not report them at all. A silent crash to desktop doesn't create a dump file, and Cakewalk hanging doesn't provide any background information as well. It is of course easy to say, that's user specific. Nobody else might have reported it, and nobody else might be able to replicate it, because of its randomness. But I also feel unsure, because -as I said in the beginning- I love Cakewalk, and I want it to be so reliable, that it can be used under production conditions. Others will use other plugins, that might work better with cakewalk, and therefore don't experience issues, and already see it as production-ready. For me it isn't. So I want it to be improved. But I just don't know how to deal with the described issues. Some guidance would be of help. Should we report such random quirks, should we not? Mentioning what exactly I did before a crash won't help, because I can name at least half a dozen of things I've done, before the crash happened. For example, a drum synth can be set to follow key for pitch, to make it playable chromatically. I activated key follow and Cakewalk immediately crashed to desktop silently. Doing the same thing in the other DAWs of course does not provoke a crash. And when I run Cakewalk again and do the same it doesn't crash. However, half an hour later, while changing the drum synth's oscillator shape... boom, silent crash to desktop. This all doesn't make sense, neither for me or for you. I just know something's wrong, without any evidence or proof to give you. How to deal with it. Should I continue ignoring it? Should I report them despite being of no help? And how to deal with the reaction, if reported. It is, frankly, disillusioning to report such strange things just to hear, "oh that's not Cakewalk". I just want to help, and I want to make it right. But the guidelines I'm aware of, don't cover such random issues. And if you're not staff, but will answer: Please make sure to understand my point here. There's no need to defend anything or nayone. I know the developers are working hard, I know the program was so much improved over the years, I know we get this program for free. That all is exactly the reason I'm using Cakewalk, and want it to be as flawless as possible.
  14. Indeed, that helped. It was autosave. I'd set it to "15 minutes or 10 changes", but I'm not sure, how to set so that it only saves every 15 minutes. With some plugins it saved every 5 or so seconds! However, I used a setting now that got rid of this behaviour (360 minutes and 20,000 changes) There are still some plugins left that use a very long time, wether on project load, after dragging into the project, or when opening their GUI. In particular I can name iZotope BreakTweaker, which takes about 10 seconds. I know that it loads/opens quicker in other DAWs (Waveform, Reason), but I won't complain too much. The positive progress is definitely there and appreciated! Thank you!
  15. This version changed something regarding my personal issues. The first start, until the project selection window opens, is not faster. But the plugins do load faster at project load. They also open fast now (at least all of which I tested) in the DAW. But the "busy" moment after stopping the playback has not gone completely. It does happen when I run a loop and work a bit, especially MIDI. The display that normally shows the current time in the transport bar, and is used also to show progress when rendering or opening, shows a progress bar after 1 second, for maybe another second. I can only read about "saving", the rest goes away too quickly.
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