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  1. I have the same behavior from time to time, but have not been able to find out what's the reason and couldn't reproduce it.
  2. I like this song with varied and dynamic parts
  3. All the best, wookie! With the hope that we'll see you here still for a long, long time. I wish you a fast and complete recovery.
  4. Congratulations! The mix sounds awesome. Great vocals and back vox. Hats off!
  5. Hi Bob, As far as the mix, I think you could make the bass a bit more brilliant, more audible what is played. Maybe the guitars are a bit too fat, too. The vocals are great :) On my headphones hd600 the whole thing sounds a bit dull, on my HD430 seems to be ok. Have a nice week end and a Merry Christmas
  6. I behaved the same, but it was the same in the version before i think.
  7. Not only does it take a long time to load, the match EQ doesn't work properly in the standalone version either. with more than 10% adjustment the song loses its brilliance and highs during export. Izotope was able to reproduce this and confirmed the issue.
  8. Cakewalk falls also in demo mode if computer date is wrong. If date < as last use the demo mode appears. Cheers
  9. I wonder why many manufacturers of music software completely ignore cakewalk, such as izotope. In the list of compatible DAW's only the following products are listed for Ozone 9: Supported Hosts: Logic Pro X, Ableton Live 9–10, Pro Tools 12.8-2019, FL Studio 20, Cubase 9–10, Nuendo 10, Wavelab 9, Sound Forge Pro 13, Sound Forge Mac 3, Studio One 4, REAPER 5, Reason 10, Audition CC 2019, Premiere Pro CC 2019, MASCHINE 2, Komplete Kontrol, Bitwig Studio 3, Final Cut Pro X. In my opinion, cakewalk is one of the best DAWs in the world!!!
  10. Hello, Offline Help seems not work in my german version: "Note: If you prefer to always use offline Help, go to Edit > Preferences > File > Advanced in your Cakewalk software and select Always Use Offline Help." There's no "Always Use Offline Help" point to choose.
  11. Youlean Loudness Meter helps you find the true perceived loudness of your audio and prepares it for TV or streaming services release. Join the thousands of recording studios that already use it. 43% off September 1-15 https://youlean.co/youlean-loudness-meter/
  12. I think the cymbals are too loud and guitars need a little tweak, bass area must be edited. Good luck.
  13. I don't think vox are too loud, maybe snare could have a touch reverb.
  14. Sounds great on my sennheiser headphone like a chart production. Good work man!
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