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  1. It's subject is: An updated version of Dominator is available for download And it is from Audio Assault @ Sendowl You can open this link and enter your email to claim the classic edition! https://audioassault.mx/getclassic
  2. https://modsound.co/tubular Next-gen amp simulator // public beta Tubular is a step forward in guitar amp simulation technology. Wave digital filters enable us to simulate complete amplifier schematics explicitly. Physics-based tube equations are solved every sample. The Tubular beta includes 15 amps, 5 cabinets, 5 speakers, 8 pedals, and stereo modulation, delay, and reverb rack effects. More of everything is coming in Version 1.0. Tubular is available at a 25% discount while it is in public beta. Updates will always be free, including more content, features, and bugfixes. My favorite one right now. The clarity is amazing. Warning: pretty high CPU
  3. Also, Ultra Analog VA-3 Session Upgrade for Ultra Analog Session users $49
  4. So for those who bought it, do you think it is a good purchase? I have Majestica and I like it, but it is so washed out due to the natural reverb and mic positions. I'd like to know if the additional mic positions, especially the spot one(s?) might be more dry? Also, any other opinions. Doing Google searches led me to believe that people had differing opinions and some had buyer's remorse at $1500, but no real discussion about the mic piece or additional articulations.
  5. This is still for sale with the same code and it KICKS *****! Super heavy, articulate, and dynamic. I don't know how I missed this post in December🤔? A new product is expected to be released soon with discounts for folks who buy this too. I think it will be some cabinets.
  6. 10 GUITAR CABS FOR €10 The XMAS Cab Pack is a collection of Mikko's top 10 IRs captured from 10 different guitar cabs for just €10. LIMITED EDITION This XMAS Cab Pack is only available during December 2021 so don't miss out! https://ml-sound-lab.com/pages/xmas?mc_cid=735366d5aa&mc_eid=701f7fffe8
  7. Now through December 13th on the OwnHammer website and December 7th in the Line 6 Marketplace, get an additional 30% off of any purchase by entering the following coupon code during checkout for the respective online stores: Use Code at checkout at Ownhammer website: CM2021 Line6: CYBER30
  8. http://www.gain-stage.com All Virtual Amps for 19 EUR !!! AND buy ONE and get ONE Virtual Amp of your choice for FREE! Valid until 28th of November 2021! Make sure you demo them first because they are pretty CPU heavy, but they do sound and feel great to me.
  9. Let's keep the thread going here! Info and join here - up to 24 products FREE! https://www.ikmultimedia.com/25gb/ Started on August 5 by cclarry on the previous thread here:
  10. https://www.kirkhunterstudios.com/products/concert-brass-2/ It is a little older, but I like that the reverb can be turned off to better sit in a mix. Still installing right now, which is also a dated process of unzipping 30 or so files, but the demo videos for my attention. Going from solo instruments to different divisi options upon the use of number of polyphonic notes is cool too.
  11. Wow, just picked this up too. Really playable and fun. Surprised at the size given how dynamic it is.
  12. https://puremagnetik.com/products/back-to-school-blast However you get back to school this year, Puremagnetik has got your sound library covered. We've bundled together an essential collection of sounds designed to kickstart your music productivity this school year. Through September 10th, get 9 Packs - over 2GB of sounds and over $130 in value - for only $10. From drum kits to drum machines, bass guitars to vintage synths, pianos to glitch devices, Back to School Blast covers your instrument needs for all types of music making this season. It includes DeeEx, Big Bertha, Analog Drums, TrapKit, Digital Beatboxes, Kardoni, PM-70, alphaSynth and Comput0 : Synths in Live, Kontakt and Logic formats.
  13. Hello all, Gain-stage has some great sims, especially the Bogner, called Bodo. They are ridiculously CPU intensive though, so test before purchasing. I also don't really care for their licensing per machine, but the sound is amazing! The prices are from €19-25 https://www.gain-stage.com/shop
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