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  1. When you see the device switch to HDMI that is most likely an effect of a new video card driver or update. Look to disable the HDMI audio in whatever video driver control panel you have. If that is not possible, look to re-install the video driver making sure to uncheck any option for HDMI audio.
  2. Just an idea. Why not buy printable clear acetate sheets and cut holes for the keys? The sheets have a rough side that is printable opposite the smooth side. After the ink dries it should not smear, but if you still worry about wear you could print a reverse image and flip the sheet to put the inked side down.
  3. This is why I favored an external audio mixer for capturing a live (and multi-synth layered) performance. If you're into the "live" part you won't mind recording the layered performance as audio.
  4. Pitch bend may be more useful for what you are trying. To have Note A slide to Note B: Create Note A with duration = Note A duration + Note B duration. Then draw in pitch bend at whatever slope you want so reach Note B pitch at Note B start time. Then reset the bend at the end of Note B time. Portamento rate (the speed of the slide) is a lot more tedious to adjust for a realistic sound.
  5. To the OP, Your problem may be similar to mine (which I just solved). Use Windows Control Panel/Sound and find the Manage Sound Device link. If you have a device listed and enabled that was part of a graphics driver package (e.g., NVIDIA High Definition Audio Device) choose to Disable it and see if that fixes your problem.
  6. rjn

    Cakewalk stuck loading a project

    I finally found a fix for this problem. I used Windows Control Panel to DISABLE all sound devices except for the one I was using. I was using the Quad Capture 1&2 device and I disabled a Realtek device and an NVIDIA High Def Audio device. I harken back to having a problem like this before and (although I'm not going to confirm this) I think the key was disabling the NVIDIA device that gets installed with the NVIDIA graphics drivers. I'm sure I updated my graphics drivers in the interim and that was when I upset my system.
  7. For me (using the latest version) Cakewalk appears to be stuck loading any project (New or otherwise). The program starts a bit sluggishly, scans for VST's (all OK, no new) and let's me choose open new or existing then … it's stuck "opening project" no errors and no loading. All was fine on the previous version of Cakewalk by Bandlab on this same computer about 1 month ago. (Intel i7 7800x CPU @3.5 GHz, 16GB RAM, 64-bit Windows 10 Home) What have I tried? Killing background processes first, opening project with SHIFT, opening existing project, starting new project, running as Administrator. No help or change. Bandlab Assistant says I'm fully updated. 06022019_120325.dmp
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