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  1. Started with Sonar 2, and continued through each version of Sonar until "the end". Then began trying different DAW's out will Cakewalk went into limbo. Came back to Cakewalk, but don't use it as much nowadays. Use ProTools for a while, but it requires more RAM and CPU than anything else so gave up with it. Ableton Live was very good and stable, but just wasn't for me. I still use Adobe Audition for pure audio and some mastering. Reaper is my main DAW at the moment.
  2. If you mean what should be written, start with something like this... © [Date], [Name]. All songs are copyright control. The copyright in these sound recordings is owned by [Name]. They may not be copied or modified and used for trade or personal purposes. All Rights Reserved.
  3. Depends if you use the versions that came with Sonar, or bought the individual licences (that came with stand-alone versions) If the later, there should no problems.
  4. I used to use DimPro, Rapture, & Z3TA a lot. Pentagon worked as a decent vocoder too. I've still got the original discs and downloaded copies of the installers of the final versions when CW went bust. Not got any of them loaded onto my current PC though. Nowadays I just use the Arturia V Collection
  5. I did last year when they had similar offers. No issues.
  6. Get as much RAM as you can. i7 processor too. Personally I use the MS Surface Book or sometimes my wife's MS Surface Pro. Not had any issues. I didn't consider HDD size to be too important as files are saved on the NAS or in "the cloud".
  7. For the older CW versions Sonar I used Roland/Edirol interfaces and they were solid performers. Nowadays I use M-Audio. For recording I use the M-Track 2x2M. For pure mixing & monitoring, when no recording is required, I use the M-Audio SuperDAC II. I also have the M-Audio MicroDAC 24/192 as it's nice & portable. All have dedicated ASIO drivers and are rock solid with CW, and various other DAWs such as Ableton or ProTools.
  8. Check all your Audio Outputs are ticked in the Preferences.
  9. I thimk it only matters when you've not got a lot of RAM installed. Having said that... in every version of CW/Sonar I've had, I've never changed it from whatever the default is .
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