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  1. Ran it. Updated bite and something else.
  2. i was wondering when they gonna release a EZB midi pack for this.
  3. link is dead, but you are able to add item to cart.
  4. Cool thread. I never heard of Site guitars before. Will need to check them out. I love those old Larry Carlton records.
  5. its like Top Gun for beta males and people with small dinkies. 🙂
  6. oh wow. i never even saw the VIP section until today. need to see whats there.
  7. I checked out the new grunge presets. Its kind a cool.
  8. Thats pretty crazy when you think about it. $20 to transfer a license. It's almost as if IKM don't want you to resell their license for less than they can sell it to someone. 😂
  9. yeah. i got an email as well. i thought it was a new update released today.
  10. yup.its a great way to re-purpose software that is > 10 yrs old and sell it again in a new package.
  11. Yes. I saw that. I thought as others have posted, we were trying to give away the spare lic of Lo Fi Glow for freebies of IKM.
  12. i think this is a cool idea. go daw less !!
  13. Same here. I will gladly trade my LF Glow serial for a IKM Tracks freebie if you aren't using it. PM me.
  14. yup.last few freebies have been pretty "meh"
  15. no extra discount for ppl that own one of the bundle.
  16. this is one of those times where one had to decide. do you part with around $100 and bite on an offer on something that you may or maynot use. Or you just bite the bullet and bite on $250 on a bunch of things you kind of know are good and you will probably use a lot. 😉
  17. I have Massive X and a bunch of expansions I bought on sale last year. I have yet to really use it. Massive X was one of those things that enticed me to get Komplete a few years ago. I just have not been able to get into it at all. Who knows, maybe in 5 years time, Massive X will become as big as Massive and have a huge following. But so far, I get the feeling its a hard steep acceptance curve for a lot of people. I think the issue NI have with Massive X is, there is just a lot more very strong competition in that category than there was when they originally released the old Massive. and once again, my theory that the magic number is about $100 and every company wants around $100 from you and are re-arranging offers and presenting them in such a way to get $100. 😉
  18. is this a decent price for those $29 plugins?
  19. thanks. i just picked it up. havent really tried it. i guess its just samples in a kontakt interface.
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