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  1. Most of the suggestions here about speed, tempo covers only ONE part (which your personal use is), but it is not able to work for all kinds of Tempo Changes 🀨 There are only 3 DAWs (Cubase, Logic Pro X, Digital Performer) that works for scoring to picture with Beat mapping, Hit- or Waypoint Markers with Time and Signature Changes. All other DAWs ignore this - Studio One also - all Tempo Changes are not working correct with locked SMPTE-Timecode. This is not marginal - if the tempo event this not considered it is a showstopper for this DAW, because there is no usable workaround.
  2. The most exiting Tempo tool has Digital Performer: Find Tempo DP Find Tempo from 2013 🀨
  3. +1 Is this a design image it looks cool, if the "Track Manager" has a Search / Filter Function ....
  4. +1 Yes please. If you have big large Templates there is no way to find Tracks by Name .... See Video above.
  5. +1 and locked SMPTE-Timecode Film Markers, which worked with Tempo changes, too. See Tempo Topic here below....
  6. There are other big issues too 😏 The Tempo Map currently don't work with locked SMPTE-Timecode for Film Markers (Hit - and Waypoints)....
  7. Curves Drag and Drop, Bars, Beats, Measure πŸ€—
  8. Yeah, lets steal it from Studio One ☺️
  9. I don't know any DAW that has clip tempo changes, because everything runs out of sync and what happens with the signature changes in a project.?! Yes, this works perhaps for your workflow, but that is unfortunately not looked over the horizon for other users 😏If you are film scoring for example, you have global Clip Markers, that are nailed / locked to SMPTE-Timecode in the Movie. These manual tempo changes kills (currently) the Markers Positions! There is a different between musical time base and linear time base material. Some other DAWs have an intelligent Tempo Changes, where you can lock these parameters, and the new tempo will calculate automatically..! Tempo Curves or Time Warp Tool
  10. For the Option: Set Measure Beat/Meter at Now dialog box (Shift-M) please add: Tempo Curve Dialog - Create a Time Ramp or Tempo Curve in-between to Measure Beats or Markers! - Drawing tempo changes manually - deletes the Marker Point that are locked to SMPTE. - Fit to time works for events to modify the speed of some MIDI, but not ramp a Tempo to the Markers. Feature Request: Tempo Curve from ... to - which don't delete set Markers with locked to SMPTE
  11. Sorry again - installed 2020.11 Update 1 (build - I have same issue as posted before. Are there are any changes by default settings or other additional options now, I can't find them in the release notes. Multi Selection of Device Inputs are lost now, or are not possible anymore. Drag and Drop Instruments to a Track is set to NONE by default now and Displays Omni?
  12. Sorry, again - can anyone try more than one Input in 2020.11 - see Screenshot? I can't select more than ONE Input after update to 2020.11. This screenshot is after an old open project , when i change one input I can select only one, and NOT all anymore ?? Also Drag&Drop an Instrument it is set to NONE by default?
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