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  1. This scrolling issue is something why I asked for this: 😏
  2. A small request as Option for clarity in the Clip pane in lager Session and big Templates. Request: [x] Display Folder Names on Clip's pane every 10 Bars
  3. Early Access for 2021.12! Support for nested track folders To improve track organization, Cakewalk now supports nested track folders. A nested folder is a subfolder that is contained within another parent folder. Nested subfolders allow you to organize tracks more logically. For example, you can have a "Guitar" parent folder that contains "Electric" and "Acoustic" subfolders. 2. Chord Track +1 πŸ‘
  4. What he asks for is: Stereo Pan without PlugIns...
  5. Hmm, it is there in the current Version: Tempo Track + Tap Tempo
  6. Yes +1 As I don't have this now, I use a workaround in my case: save this Track i.e. with Mixcraft's default MIDI input device as Track Template and insert the new instrument from Track Template. Works πŸ˜€
  7. AutoColour Option would be even more superb ☺️ Based on a List of Rules for Trackname, Bus- Foldername and/or Child objects this Colour is set for every new Track..... Like seen in Reaper, StudioOne or Cubase.
  8. ProTools and Motu Digital Performer has it too 😏 +1 Retrospective Recording for CbB πŸ‘
  9. Thanks for the New Version. There is an ISSUE with the New "East West Hollywood Opus Edition". CW is official not supported, see manual page 8: Sequencer Compatibility It plays the wrong MIDI Track, that makes the selected track get the midi of other tracks - sorry need to figure out more in details ...
  10. There is the Channel Tools plug-in since CbB 2020.08 ❓
  11. I use nanoKontrol 2 in CC mode. I have bookmarked these topics: set up as ACT controller. http://forum.cakewalk.com/Has-anyone-got-their-Korg-Nanokontrol-2-to-work-in-cc-mode-m3651707.aspx
  12. Is there a way / shortcut to move the Navigation Now Time 1 frame at a time forward or backward? The shortcut CTRL PAGE DOWN + PAGE UP are one Bar only. I have 5-Minute video Cue to Setup Markers for exact Hitpoints, and it is difficult to move one frame forward with the mouse click. My Behringer X-Touch has a jog Wheel, but there is no way to setup one frame forward/backword for Now Time?
  13. My Suggestion ..... Zoom Horizontally Zoom In or Out Click and drag vertically in the Arrange or Edit view timeline. Zoom In or Out Position cursor in Arrange or Edit timeline and move mouse scroll wheel. Zoom Vertically Zoom In (vertically) Zoom Out (vertically) Zoom In or Out Other Zoom Commands Zoom to Loop Press Zoom to Selection Toggle (horizontally and vertically) Press Zoom to Selection Toggle (horizontally) Zoom by Selecting Hold Zoom Full Press Everything with Mouse or Hotkeys.
  14. Most of the suggestions here about speed, tempo covers only ONE part (which your personal use is), but it is not able to work for all kinds of Tempo Changes 🀨 There are only 3 DAWs (Cubase, Logic Pro X, Digital Performer) that works for scoring to picture with Beat mapping, Hit- or Waypoint Markers with Time and Signature Changes. All other DAWs ignore this - Studio One also - all Tempo Changes are not working correct with locked SMPTE-Timecode. This is not marginal - if the tempo event this not considered it is a showstopper for this DAW, because there is no usable workaround.
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