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  1. Write it under Feature Request 😀 Yes, it's cool for beginners, a nice to have, but there are many others must have features which have no workaround and these are more important....
  2. Thanks, this CALs was for repeat notes to end, and better some transpose functions from the download page. You can't select with this all lowest or highest notes from a Track in the PianoRoll (this is needed to select from Chord Notes for creating a baseline, etc.)
  3. How to save a Track Template with Automation Parameter enabled? Kontakt 6 Libary Instrument with X-Y Pad Parameter as Automation are not saved in the Track Template. I always have to add it manually again..... Also VST (Zebra 2) with 3 Modulation Pad Parameter as Automation are not saved in the Track Template Is there a way to save this as Template or something else with Automation?
  4. Sorry for my confusion, the first post is this Feature Request: Expression Map or Articulation List for PianoRoll to assign/Display in PianoRoll keypad as shown in the first post. Reaper has a way to setup a cool Radial Menu on right click: https://www.admiralbumblebee.com/assets/Reaper/RadialMenu.png But the PianoRoll Edit is okay, i have mapped the most function to keyboard Shortcuts, so it works. Transpose Function are on NUM-PAD, with CTRL, SHIFT, etc. The Note Selection is something bad, no lowest, highest Note, no Length, etc. But again Expression Map or Articulation List is important for big Orchestral Instrumentation. And DrumMpas, Intruments List, or Step Sequencer don't work. Expression Map or Articulation List must be editable with an external Editor, not this awful "every Note edit click". IMHO nothing that helps here for Expression Map or Articulation List ....
  5. Feature Request: Expression Map or Articulation List for PianoRoll to assign/Display in PianoRoll keypad as shown in the first post. After working a while DrumMap and also Instrument List doesn't work for this. Expression Map or Articulation List Edit / Change should possible with external Editor to use Copy & Paste Lists. Every top 5 DAW's have something like this. Examples: <tab> as separator, CSV Conform #Map 20 3 Cinematic Strings mid 10 legato on 11 legato off 12 live mode on 13 live mode off 14 arco 15 tremolo 16 trill m2 17 trill M2 18 runs 19 staccatissimo 20 staccato 21 marcato+spic 22 marcato+stac 23 pizz #Map 21 4 Albion 3 - Brass Lo 88 short 89 long 92 long nasty 95 legato 101 fall 100 rip 90 fx1 91 fx2 92 fx3 93 fx4
  6. Thanks, but this all doesn't work on videos events with Hitpoints to Markers and locked to SMPTE. This ramp time between two points must calculated automatic. - Drawing in tempo changes to manually - deletes the Marker Point locked to SMPTE. - Fit to time works for events to modify the speed of some MIDI, but not ramp a Tempo to the Markers. Here is a Logic X example.
  7. I have found a Guide that is very good - thanks for this: https://www.mslinn.com/sites/mike/studio/instruments/Korg/nano/nanoKontrol/instructions.html Now i have only Problems in "KONTAKT" - on an Instrument Library perhaps there are default mappings to CC 21, CC 22 and CC 23, it doesn't work with my CC 21 etc. In the Spitfire Engine for example every default CC mapping works promptly with Nano Kontrol 2. Do you have to "Learn" every "KONTAKT"-Library or is there a general Setting for this?
  8. Hi there, i have also Nano Kontrol 2 in CC-Mode. Is there any step-by-step guide or video tutorial. I can't follow where is to setup what. I have "MMcLMackieControlSetup.zip" installed. On VST Plugins MIDI-Learn CC with faders, etc, works with NK2, but how to assign transport Button, Play, Record, Stop, Marker Left, Right, etc. to my Nano Kontrol 2 CC ?
  9. I figured it out how it works: Set Measure Beat/Meter at Now dialog box (Shift-M) 😃 The only things which seems is not possible is to create a Time Ramp or Tempo Curve in-between to Measure Beats or Markers?! Any ideas for this?
  10. IMHO - No, it's not listed in the Keyboard Shortcuts Key bindings ....
  11. I have figured out, you can assigning note names, right click on the piano an select patch name. http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Instrument_Defs.04.html
  12. Okay, many thanks - that explain everything, the "Free" Cakewalk Version is limited in some positions... I take a look at all posted Plugins For all who don't understand the "True Stereo Pan" - here is a Video that explain it. https://youtu.be/uj_fxy_4mAM
  13. I have found no settings in Preferences or other topics in the manual how true stereo pan works. The Pan nub is only balancing. In other DAW's you have TWO, nubs: Pan CENTER and Pan WIDTH or you can select between stereo and mono Pan? How does it work in CbB?
  14. I'am new to CbB and looking here for Filmscoring (unhappy with my current DAW 😌) Is it possible with a time stretch function to move Markers (Hitpoints in a Movie) automatic or to Snap Grid to a Downbeat? The Markers are (Lock to SMPTE time) but i can't find a Function to drag and draw a time stretch to move this Marker to a Down- Upbeat? In other DAWs it is called "TimeWarp". Move Marker Hitpoints is major Function for Scoring to Picture....
  15. Hi there - it would work with saved Presets in the Step Sequencer, if anyone can tell me, how you can deactivate the looping an overlay it above a MIDI Track. See the video in this post:
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