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  1. Sorry, again - can anyone try more than one Input in 2020.11 - see Screenshot? I can't select more than ONE Input after update to 2020.11. This screenshot is after an old open project , when i change one input I can select only one, and NOT all anymore ?? Also Drag&Drop an Instrument it is set to NONE by default?
  2. Sorry, i have never done this before - where is a efficient way to report bugs with a Ticket ID or similar? Here in this endless list the important entries are lost - is there Bug Tracker anywhere? ?? https://help.cakewalk.com/hc/en-us This is MIDI Issue in 2020.11 not a nice to have, it's a showstopper 😆
  3. ---> Release: 2020.11 - has this issue.
  4. Yes, this seems a Bug in the new 2020.11. I don't get response at this time - but there are other reports too. - A new Default Instrument Track Input is set to NONE and Display OMNI. - You can't select more than ONE Input. This screenshot is from 2020.09 and don't work anymore .... Perhaps can anyone confirm this?
  5. I have a similar issue - i can't select more than ONE Input after update. This screenshot is after open a project, when i change one input I can select only ONE, and NOT all OMNI anymore ??? Only ONE Input in 2020.11 ???! Also, every "New Simple Instrument" Track is set to NONE and Displays OMNI ....
  6. Yes Please! +1 It is essential for working with big Templates.... And the "Folder Suggestion" don't really help. Enhanced Track Manager examples: Show All Tracks Show selected Tracks Show Tracks with Events under Cursor Show Tracks with Events in Loop Range Show / Hide Freeze / Disabled Tracks Hide all Empty Tracks And a Search Action Filter / Custom Toolbar Track List: Show / Hide all Tracks from / with: "Spitfire" "Orchestral Tools", "Brass", "Strings" etc.
  7. 👍 Yes, useful - but that's not all, there is a extensive Thread for articulation maps with all aspects.
  8. Use --> A1StereoControl Read this:
  9. Yes, there are a lot of users waiting for a cool Articulation Map in cakewalk 😃 As shown in the Reaper Video above: sends Bank - Program Changes, Selection LSB / MSB like cakewalks RPNs - is IMHO the best, for all kind of Articulation also as for Note on/off, multiple output events, etc. Logic Pro X, Cubase, Nuendo have similar Expression Maps, it works, and they have velocity maps, but the setup and click for every CC note is nightmare and i think it is also not possible to share it with other users. Studio ONE 5 has since last release a suitable Key Switch Articulation which has copy&paste and it has user Exchange. In the current Release 2020.08 was nothing, so waiting for the next.....
  10. Hm, I'm also in film scoring. Your Workflow is something unusual 😏 What you are looking for works in Cakewalk with Markers: Start with Tempo 100bpm M4/4 Maker Main Begin: 00:00:08:07 - Lock to SMPTE, Insert Tempo Change 145bpm and Insert Meter/ Key Change 4/5 Marker Main End: 00:00:35:28 - Lock to SMPTE, Insert Tempo Change 100bpm and Insert Meter/ Key Change 4/4 Maker Creepy Begin: 00:00:53:23 - Lock to SMPTE, Insert Tempo Change 111bpm Marker Creepy End: 00:01:21:16 - Lock to SMPTE, Insert Tempo Change 100bpm etc., etc. The only thing we need is a Tempo Curve, to change the Tempo smooth. See this post:
  11. Nice workaround, but the general issue is, that you can't cancel a record and rewind to try another one - only delete the recorded Lanes.....
  12. Yes, everybody is happy that CwbB is free, but the development of free software is not so fast ..... That's another Topic. Okay, now back to Topic - now a more detailed post what IMHO is a currently the best articulation map for a DAW. This missing Articulation map feature is the biggest Gap in Cakewalk, every major DAW on the market has something similar, more or less good. The following Articulation map is Open Source Software, GPL free on GITHUB, with more than 20 User Banks as default for all Big Orchestra Libaries incl. the new Spitfire BBC Symphony Orchestra and it has this main features: sends Bank - Program Selection LSB / MSB like cakewalks RPNs Note-based key switches, including non-latching key switches requiring held notes (e.g. for Bohemian Violin) Individual articulation patches set to different MIDI channels Articulations requiring multiple output events (e.g. to set legato on/off, sordino, etc.) Layer selected articulations with other patches on different channels Output events should be: CC value note on/off note held program changes channel routing for e.g. multis So now the cakewalk developers have to say whether it works or not. Rearticulate on GITHUB - Source code: https://github.com/jtackaberry/reaticulate Here is video that shows how -Rearticulate- works:
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