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    1 hour ago, Cactus Music said:

    Generally bundle files are not recommended

    for archiving projects. Collaboration is one of the few areas where bundle files are still considered as a reasonable solution for sharing.

    1 hour ago, Cactus Music said:

    they have a long history of becoming corrupt.

    They have been around for decades and there are reports of corrupted bundles. Project and audio files get corrupted too. It is not clear if the incidence of corrupted bundles is particularly higher than any other file type. What is true about a corrupted bundle is they are, for the most part,  unrecoverable. This can be a disaster if the bundle is the only copy of a project. This is why one should not use bundles for archiving but when collaborating the original project should be on one of the collaborator's machines.

    Usually when a bundle or an audio clip is corrupted, CbB will display an error. If no errors were displayed when unpacking the bundle or loading the project there is something else going on. It is hard to say without inspecting the project what the problem is. Could it be as simple as a muted clip or take lane?

    As to alternatives to full project bundles:

    1) One user maintains the project sending a submix or stems to collaborators. Collaborators send back their contributions to be integrated into the project. Single files are the easiest to manage but multiple files can be handled either by zip or bundle.

    2) All collaborators have a copy of the project. Make sure all users use per-project audio folders. This is the Cakewalk default so, should not be a problem. Instead of bundling the project, use "Save As" with "Copy all audio with project" enabled to a new folder. Then zip up the new folder. This is the bundle replacement. All users work on local copies of the same "Save As" zip. Working on "Save As" projects preserves snapshots of the project over time making it easy to recover should a problem arise.

    I would avoid emailing projects and use a file sharing service instead. Google Drive is fine.

  2. There is no ONE way. The method you describe would work OK.

    Another is use a send to a bus or aux track with the FX on the bus/aux track 100% wet and automate the send to the bus.

    Or add the FX to the track and automate the appropriate parameters for the plug-in. Some have an on/off or bypass and mix parameters which may be automated.

    Depending on the effect you are trying to achieve chopping up the track and using the clip FX Racks works too. The delay stops immediately at the end of the clip.

  3. Lenses were added some time back for this purpose.

    Even without a custom lens -

    Views open by default in the Multidock but may be configured to float.

    The browser may be either collapsed or completely removed by default.  The inspector works the same.

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  4. It is really not about what the browser does today that the plug-in manager cannot do. The plug-in manager functions are moving into the main program.

    For some time now  the recommended place to maintain scanner settings and run manual scans is in Preferences.

    The plug-in browser started out as a tool similar to the plug-in menus for the FX Racks. The plug-in manager cannot do this.

    The plug-in  browser supports search something plug-in menus cannot do.

    The plug-in browser also provides a tree view of FX Chain presets.

    Unlike the custom layouts built in the plug-in manager, the three default browser layouts are updated automatically. VST3 plug-ins with a vendor supplied category tag are automatically added to the suggested category folder.



  5. The search function in the old forum does not work. Use Google instead adding the search term site:forum.cakewalk.com along with whatever else you are looking for on the forum. Google will return a list of forum posts.

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  6. Noel has said the plug-in manager will be deprecated at some point. Much of the functionality is already available elsewhere. That said, Noel made a few quick tweaks to the existing software. In addition to the speed-up scanning the registry, there are improvements in performance for the plug-in properties dialog. The addition of a cancel button on the plug-in properties page is a small thing but eliminates the little irritation of waiting for the dialog to close.

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  7. Aside from using MIDI CC in the PRV, it is possible to access MIDI automation in the Track View but MIDI automation parameters are available only on MIDI tracks. This means the instrument track must be split in order to see the underlying MIDI track. The audio and MIDI track may be reformed as an instrument track but the MIDI automation will not show in the instrument track. Make or split instrument tracks using the track view track menu or the context menu in the track header.

    To add MFX plug-ins to an instrument track use the FX Rack in the MIDI tab of the track inspector.

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  8. Glad you got it working

    LoopBe1 will work but it is very easy to create a feedback loop which will cause it to shut down. This happens when instrument and MIDI track inputs are set to OMNI on the same track where LoopBe1 is set as an output.

    I have not used LoopMIDI for some time. It is good to know LoopMIDI is coded in a way to prevent feedback loops.

  9. There are some settings that look odd in the images above. I doubt resetting them will fix this particular issue but things like the read and write disk caching are by default turned off and rarely enabled on a modern machine. Are your ini files the result of migrating settings from an old version of SONAR? If so, you may want to rename AUD.ini and TTSSEQ.ini and let CbB build new ones. Also if there are any entries in the Initialization File in Preferences, consider re-evaluating them too.

    The fact a plug-in works well in one DAW and not another does not necessarily remove the plug-in from being the problem. It is not unusual for plug-in manufacturers to find out a bug only shows up under certain conditions.

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