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  1. Not all plug-ins can send or receive MIDI data.

    The TAL Vocoder does not send MIDI data so "Enable MIDI Output" is disabled.

    It can receive MIDI data so "Enable MIDI Input" is available. This is the option that needs to be enabled for the plug-in to appear in a MIDI track's output drop down. IOW, the plug-in must be set to receive MIDI data in order for a MIDI track to send it data.

    I doubt re-installing the DAW will make a difference but you can always try it.



  2. "Enable MIDI Output" is located on the standard header above the plug-in UI


    It is selected by default for synths but not for FX like TAL Vocoder..

    After adding the plug-in to the FX rack, open the plug-in UI and select the option.

    Without "Enable MIDI Output" selected, there is no way to send MIDI data to the plug-in.

  3. It is not possible to directly route MIDI to an audio track, it must be routed to a plug-in. in this case TAL Vocoder.

    After adding the plug-in to the audio track FX Rack, select "Enable MIDI Input" from the VST2/3 drop down in the standard header above the plug-in UI


    This is enabled by default for synths but not for FX plug-ins.

    Once enabled, the plug-in will be available in the output drop down in MIDI tracks.

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  4. 3 hours ago, ANDY LANE said:

    Hi , i  have an issue with bandlab which is driving me mad !!,  firstly , no sound is coming out of my speakers which come out of my pc ( win 10 ) , i get other sounds such as videos but nothing from Bandlab , which driver settings do i use ?.

    When using the internal sound chip, set the driver mode to one of the WASAPI settings.

    3 hours ago, ANDY LANE said:

    Secondly , when i plug my midi keyboard in i can see that Bandlab is communicating with the keyboard as when i hit a key i can see the meters moving , but, as before no sound is coming out when i load up an instrument ,  when i load up a synth vst there is no movement on the vst keyboard ( you cannot see the keys being depressed when i hit my midi keyboard) , Bandlab is recognising the keyboard in preferences but nothing happens .

    Assuming the synth plug-in is added to the project using an instrument track or audio+MIDI track pair, try enabling input echo on the instrument/MIDI track. This is the button to the right of record in the track header. 

    3 hours ago, ANDY LANE said:

    When i try to change the driver settings in preferences either nothing happens or it crashes bandlab , if anyone could help it would be appreciated .

    Do not use the RealTek ASIO driver. It is a bad driver.

  5. That would be a question for Cakewalk and IKM support.

    Program crashes are create a memory dump.

    When a program hangs, it is possible to force a dump.

    Dumps can be useful when trying to resolve program failures.

    CbB 2021.04 added improved exception handling. This is documented here


    Sometimes projects that don't load normally load in safe mode apparently just by the very action of slowing down the load process.

  6. 3 hours ago, Peter C said:

    Then did a 'safe' file open (hit shift and open) and interestingly two options came up. The first one asked did I want to load ST, I answered yes. The second asked did I want to open Groove Player. I presume Groove Player is part of ST?

    There may be something in SampleTank called Groove Player


    Groove Player in the context of CbB safe mode is the plug-in used by the DAW for its metronome.


    Anything running inside a plug-in like 

    ST4 Loop Player Capture.JPG

    is not going to show up as a separate prompt in CbB safe mode.

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  7. I have discussed this at length in my tools thread.

    For most users. the best way to rollback is run the rollback installers provided by BandLab. 

    Given the dll sync issue has been around for several years, it might be a good idea to dump the manual process and stick with the rollback installers.

    For testing, I wrote a tool to handle multiple installed instances of CbB. If you really want to swap back and forth, Launchpad does it. The tool does a pretty good job of protecting the user from breaking the software.  This it the kind of thing that requires monitoring software changes pretty closely. 

    Prior to the rollback installers, I would suggest Launchpad for keeping track of multiple versions. Now that BandLab provides a supported process, the feature is not worth the risk.

    Still, Launchpad does provide a convenient way to edit the CbB most recently used project list and created supplemental lists of projects so, the tool is still available.

  8. 26 minutes ago, Tez said:

    This has to be so, because I assume by that, changes can occur to folders other than "Cakewalk Core" but FWIW I keep all versions of the "Core" backed up and I was able to run "Cakewalk.exe - 2021.01 bld 098 (Update 1)"  from a renamed "Core" folder,  and this version has the prior tempo features operable, maybe that's all  Sam Stalos requires?

    Copying the program folder alone is not adequate.

    Starting with CbB 2019-09 running an old version CbB from a copied folder after applying an update will likely crash when trying to use automation.

    I believe 2021-01 may be the last version to run when the program and all the supporting dlls are not in sync.

    Now, there is a check in place to prevent the program from running if it detects this condition.

  9. I am all for documentation. Signal and data flow diagrams are useful.

    There are a few assumptions about what a MIDI signal flow diagram would show. 

    The request for additional documentation and the discussion about what needs to be documented are subjects for the feedback section. It really has nothing to do with the OP which reproduced the signal flow diagram already in the documentation.

    This part of the forum was created to discuss the software as it exists.

    Answers not found in the documentation should be posed here.


    WRT input echo, it is unclear how much detail about the rules for setting input would be encapsulated in a diagram.

    The subject of how input echo affects input settings has been discussed at length.

    "Auto-thru" is an indication that the Always Echo Current MIDI Track in preferences in enabled. 

    Whether enabled by the "Always Echo" preference setting or manually, input echo requires the track input be set to a value other than None. Historically, this mean tracks originally set to None would be set to Omni when input echo was enabled. Recently, this has changed. If a project has no plug-ins with "Enable MIDI Output" turned on, the historical setting to Omni is still used. If there are any plug-in with "Enable MIDI Output" turned on and an instrument/MIDI track has its input set to None and input echo get enabled, the input changes to "All External Inputs Omni". This change was made in an attempt to avoid accidently monitoring/recording MIDI data coming from plug-ins.


    Not sure remote control would show up in a MIDI signal flow diagram it is not part of the data processed by the MIDI input. It is part of the external control system like control surfaces and ACT.

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  10. BandLab is generous but they don't give away free Melodyne licenses.

    CbB comes with a time limited demo.

    Once expired, the editor no longer functions but drag and drop monophonic Audio-to-Midi and tempo detection continue to work.

  11. I am not sure what a "roll-back" copy of the current version means.

    For some time now, a rollback installer has been provided in the release announcements. For example, see the announcement for 2021.04

    The way it works is after updating to the current version, if a problem is encountered or the user just wishes to return to the previous version of the software, they run the rollback installer. The update and the rollback all happen to the same installed instance of CbB. 

    I am unware of any method involving multiple logins and would like to see links to the relevant posts.

    AFAIK, there is no way to have more than one completely operational version of the DAW installed at a time.

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