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  1. 25 minutes ago, Starship Krupa said:

    BYOME is amazing, so I figure I'll like TRIAD.

    I would have already snagged TRIAD, but I demo'd it back before I had a handle on multi-band processing.

    The crazy deep discount will come around again, I'm sure.

    Owners of BYOME should have a standing offer for $49.99 TRIAD in their account. That is before any vouchers. 

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  2. I found a "Licensing Agreement.txt" in "C:\Cakewalk Content\Audio Library\Loops\X-MiX"

    Here is its contents


    X-Mix Sample Licensing Agreement for "Studio Loops - Raw Hip Hop"
    These sound effects and samples are licensed, not sold to you. X-Mix owns
    and reserves any other rights not expressly granted to you.
    All rights are granted to the registered purchaser (via Cakewalk)of this cd
    and the sounds are not transferable. All lending, renting, trading or
    reselling of these sounds is prohibited by law. The sounds can be used for
    commercial or non commercial use and can be sonically manipulated. 
    X-Mix does not grant the licensee the right to transfer this material to another
    user or for another competitive product.
    Please contact X-Mix with any questions regarding this licensing agreement.
    Thank You and Enjoy
    All Rights Reserved
    X-Mix Records
    3 Westech Dr.
    Tel:  978-649-2525
    Fax: 981-649-3131


  3. Only one ASIO driver may be used at a time.

    To change ASIO drivers deselect both input and output then all the driver options will be enabled.

    BTW, it may be a good idea to remove the Generic Low Latency Driver. This may be done by renaming the driver or removing the entry from 


    As a rule it is a bad idea to have more than one ASIO driver for a given device and generic drivers appear as a second driver for all devices with a manufacturer supplied driver.

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  4. Exports of entire projects run to the last bit of data.

    If the export is longer than expected it is often an automation node or midi data past the expected end of the song that needs to be deleted.


    Time-based selections are a way to get the exact export length every time.

    First select the tracks to export. When exporting all tracks use CTRL+A. Then set the time range.

    If the export starts at the beginning of the project all that needs to be set is the end. To set the end, move the Now marker to the "end" of the project and either hit the "Set thru=Now" button in the Select Module (B in the image below)


    or use the Edit > Select > Thru=Now  menu option


    Both start and end time may also be set using Edit > Select > By Time..., using the export module or by or click-drag across the timeline.

  5. 47 minutes ago, Jim Roseberry said:

    Bought the upgrade to V Collection 8 + SQ80.

    Got the V Collection 8.

    Don't see anything in my account about the SQ80.

    I upgraded from V 6 this morning using the $149 offer in my account.

    The invoice does not mention SQ80 but the Software Center installed it.

    Later I went into my account to look for the 2 expansion packs and found them along with a few others I forgot.

  6. I don't see that.

    When I

    • create a new project,
    • copy an audio file into the per-project audio folder and
    • drag the audio file into the project from the CbB media browser

    the clip is in the project and the audio folder only has one clip in the project audio folder. 


  7. Sure copying files into the project audio folder works but the files are not known to the project until they are actually referenced in the project either by using the import dialog or dropping the files into the project from the OS or media browser.

    Copying a project folder at the OS level will copy everything in the folder but  the "Save As" in the DAW only knows about the files referenced in the project.

  8. Yes, a CAL script bound to keystrokes is one way to perform the task.

    Here is a simple shift up 12 script

      (if (&& (== Event.Kind NOTE) (< Note.Key 115))
          (+= Note.Key 12)


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