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  1. Manufacturers who supply ASIO drivers to aggregate their devices are not shy about the feature.

    If the marketing literature for the interfaces do not mention running multiple interfaces, they do not support the feature.

    It may be possible to use a different driver such WASAPI if the devices have a way to share a clock. 

  2. If it is in the exclude list in the plug-in manager run a manual scan from Preferences > File > VST  Settings with "Rescan Failed Plug-ins" enabled (make sure to disable the option after scanning).

    If it is not in the exclude list either

    • run a VST reset from Preferences > File > VST  Settings with "Generate Scan Log" enabled


    • move the dll and vst3 out of the scan path
    • run a scan
    • put the dll and vst3 back into the scan path
    • run a scan

  3. 48 minutes ago, Johnnie said:

    No he doesn't have problems, you do *****. Some people don't like to fill up their system drive with trash. And you still didn't answer the *****ing question.

    If you don't like the reply, that's OK but there is no need to go off on it this way.

    The initial install  has the options to specify where parts of the application may be installed.

    That said, some parts will install on the system drive no matter what.

    This is why I go into detail about directory junctions. They work regardless of where the files are installed, are much safer than alternatives such as messing with the registry and in many cases are better than providing any program installer with alternate locations.

    If this is not satisfactory log a feature request here.

  4. 4 minutes ago, bluzdog said:
    4 hours ago, abacab said:

    Who needs another saturator, when you can have all them IK tape machines?

    and Saturator X.

    or Newfangled Saturate

    but it is really not about need 

    is it?

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  5. 42 minutes ago, MainMan Media said:

    I found that folder and deleted. See if I can't get this program to do only what I tell it to do. I want to do my own template to open. I was just going through the software to see with it did and didn't do. Then I got stuck with I don't know what. I'm use to try any and everything. If it doesn't work as I like. Worst case scenario, throw it in the trash and start all over. That's not working here as it's saving it and reloading those parameter when I start a new instants of the program. 

    That is fine and is the only way to delete unwanted projects.

    Deleting a project folder does not affect the most recently used project list stored in the registry so the project will still show up in the DAW project  history.

    Of course, if the project folder has been deleted, there is nothing to load.

    CbB does not provide a mechanism to maintain the MRU project list.

    Eventually deleted projects age off the MRU project list.

    If one really wants to manage the project MRU, I wrote a tool which can to this called Launchpad. It is part of larger collection called CbB Tools.

    Here is the thread about the tools. It includes a link to the Google page containing  the program.

  6. image.png

    This is the default "Cakewalk Projects" folder

    • 5th of Sept is a user create project folder. This likely appears in the Cakewalk Start Screen.
    • Audio Data is the default global audio folder defined in Preferences > File > Audio Data
    • Picture Cache is a folder used to store deprecated wav files used as  audio clip images displayed in projects. Its location is also defined in Preferences > File > Audio Data
    • All Cakewalk Sample Content & Tutorials.lnk is a shortcut pointing to "Cakewalk Content" which is "C:\Cakewalk Content" by default.

    "Cakewalk Projects", "Audio Data", "Picture Cache" and "All Cakewalk Sample Content & Tutorials.lnkare created when CbB is installed.

  7. I am fully aware of what time it is thanks.

    Regardless of the OS, a reboot may be indicated any time software does not work as advertised.

    When something appears to change and the change is not reflected in the documentation or release notes, it is pretty easy to rollback to the previous release (or in your case 2 back) and review how it previously worked.

    The links I provided about detail how the tools work.

    There are plenty of free tutorials about how to use this software.

    There is even a section on this forum discussing these tutorials.

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  8. there is no 

    18 minutes ago, MainMan Media said:

    smart select tool

    There is a smart tool and a select tool.

    Using the proper terminology helps to speed along the conversation.

    Using the smart tool with all options enabled

    • clicking any empty space in the PRV creates a note - always has.
    • right-click and drag in the PRV lassos a selection - always has


    After updating did you reboot the PC?


  9. When draw in disabled in the Smart tool, the icon is

    13 minutes ago, MainMan Media said:

    an arrow and not a pencil. It turns into a pencil on the midi note window only.

    By default all operations are enabled in the Smart tool.

    The Smart tool link above has a section called "To customize the Smart tool"

    Smart tool customization was introduced in 2019.07.

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  10. There is nothing in the 2021.09 release notes about changing Select tool.

    I use the Smart tool exclusively and it performs these actions

    32 minutes ago, MainMan Media said:

    the normal function was to click on location, right delete, left click and held and drag to move the note

    To my knowledge the Select tool never did these operations.

     The Select tool works the same in 2021.04, 2021.06 as it does in 2021.09.

  11. To monitor any MIDI controller (including e-drums) when playing, the input echo button right of the record button must be enabled on the instrument/MIDI track.

    That said, without an audio interface capable of very low latency, it may be better to monitor the audio from the e-drum brain than trying to listen to SSD5 while playing the kit or recording.

    When it comes to note mapping this may be performed in the e-drum brain, in the DAW using MFX Transpose or a drum map.

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  12. 16 minutes ago, Promidi said:

    Did you try a reset then rescan?

    A VST reset performs 2 operations

    1. Clear the VST Inventory in the registry
    2. Scan every file in the scan path with vst3 extension and every file with dll extension except for those in "C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3". Dlls in the default VST3 folder are not scanned. They are supposed to be support files used by the VST3 plug-ins.

    Running another scan immediately after performing a reset is redundant.

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