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  1. Thanks for the information folks!
  2. Hi guys! I've been using Cakewalk since the beginning of time (very close to the truth). I have a LOT of projects that I have created over the years and I do not want to lose them or be able to open them up to work on them. So, my question: Would I be able to revert back to a previous version that is still working, or am I stuck with the latest build. I looked through this discussion and I didn't see any talk about doing so. Thanks for the help! Groovus
  3. Is that merely because Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft, or is there a technical reason why it's not supported? Thanks for any insight.
  4. I'm trying to update an older version of Cakewalk by Bandlab on my Windows 7 laptop, but it isn't able to detect and show the last version that was used for Windows 7. Is there a location to download it. Thanks for any assistance! Groovus
  5. Hi, everybody! I have a Samsung Galaxy 12 tablet running Windows 10 and it seems to run graphics and other music programs fine. I was just wondering how much space on the hard drive the program takes up once it is installed since I do have limited space on it. Thanks for the assistance! Groovus
  6. I want to update very badly, but I'm a bit scared after reading about the problems with 2019.11. I will wait a bit to see if anything crops up that might be a problem, especially since you can't revert to an earlier version that is stable. However, I will update when I am less afraid.
  7. I recently seem to be having a problem with the vst scanner. No indication that it is scanning, whether it is in the sandbox or not. Used to work great. Now, not so much. Other DAWs I have have picked up the missing plugs that Cakewalk is not picking up. Any ideas?
  8. Is there something similar to adjusting the gain/volume without having to use envelopes? One can click on a waveform/clip/track in Studio One and raise or lower it with the mouse which is handy. I was wondering if Sonar had something like this.
  9. Thanks for the tip! I just got the NI Kontakt 6 full version thanks to you. I had no idea that the sale was going on. Great price! Thanks again, Billy86 for the information!
  10. Thank you BandLab! Thank you, Noel! Thanks to all involved with the development to the guide!
  11. Great to hear that it was a great success! It would be nice to know what songs by Cakewalk members were chosen and played at the event!
  12. "Stay With Me" by Dave Owen is a pop song that features lots of vocals and vocal harmonies, guitars, horns, and other stuff. Not your typical electronic nor EDM material, so it may come off as something different. https://www.bandlab.com/user6579478426077420/stay-with-me-dave-owen-namm-2019-c094b
  13. Originals only, or are covers accepted?
  14. Are original compositions by the submitter the only material that qualifies, or can covers also be submitted?
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