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  1. Thanks for the responses if its not a common problem then it looks like its something at my end, so a fair amount of step by step elimination awaits . . .
  2. HI, Every now and then for me Cakewalk randomly boosts the gain to maximum. This happens to either individual VSTs or audio tracks, frustratingly the event does not appear in the undo menu. When it occurs its sudden without any obvious trigger. I thought at first it was a controller sending rogue MIDI data but it seems to happen even when all my controllers are switched off. I was thinking at first it might be my MIDI interface or maybe a driver issue but googling around I see that Cakewalk was heavily impacted by unresolved bugs in the past, before I replace the interface has anyone else experienced this?
  3. I just checked both scenarios and they work flawlessly Win 10 , I5, 8 Gig. There really isn't any reason not to upgrade to Win 10 other than ten minutes of your time.
  4. I only recently upgraded my i5 Win 10 system from 4gb to 8gb. I use it for heavyweight DAW, gaming and photography use. I have never experienced any memory problems whatsoever. It is extremely unlikely you will need any more than 8gb in my experience. A lot of the expectation for more is just from aggressive sales tactics from big PC companies trying to flog you stuff that you really dont need.
  5. proteus Vx is just a standalone player implementation of the Emu Emulator X3 VST sampler. The X3 was 64bit and looks like it works fine with cakewalk, You could load up X3 and load your VX banks into that and it would essentially be identical. Getting hold of a copy shouldnt be too difficult. The only problem you might face is that the X3 has long been abandoned so there is no activation server anymore, however there are numerous forums with work arounds for this.
  6. I had a very similar problem and after many hours of checking with a variety of different combinations of projects, VSTs and drum maps came to the conclusion that there is a bug that prevents output under certain combinations. Try a new project or get a different VST. works as a workaround.
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