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  1. 911 , whats your emergency ? It's Valentines Day and I do not have a date ... OK sir , have you tried " Rent A Friend " ? they may be better equipped to assist you in solving your problem ...The 911 number is only to be used for an emergency ... Alright , I didn't know and I'm real sorry to have bothered you .... Sir , It wasn't too much of a bother. It has been a slow night at the call center so far ...I had the time to chat w you as rare as that is ...also I like reaching out to the community and trying to help sooth a troubled soul . Oh cool , is there any way you might feel like helping me get over some of my troubles by getting together with me after you get off work to have a late night cup of coffee ? I'm sorry , I can't do that but I will keep you in my warmest thoughts tonight as I work through my shift . I sincerely hope that you can get through this situation over to the other side .... I'm sorry if I had crossed a line ... No you didn't Sir , it has been my complete pleasure to have served you in the only capacity I can as a temporary rest stop for you to collect your thoughts . Whew , I'm glad to hear I didn't cross any lines with you mam ... Well Sir , you have a good night . Thank you very much you too ...... DUKE ! where the heck did you hide all my clean rags? and the brand new jar of Coco-butter ??????? hehehhehhehhe , I'm not telling you Kenny , Now take me out for a long walk and when your done cleaning up my poop remember it will be time to bring me home and feed me my big meal of the day ... Ay Carrumba I can't win no matter what I do around here I may as well just practice my guitar and do a little recording in BandLab... after playing the guitar for about an hour ..... Hello operator can you please give me the number for"Rent A Friend " (note to self , I sure hope they take grocery store coupons ...or else I'm in deep dooo dooo for tonight date wise ) Kenny
  2. Bingo We Have A Winner .🤣 Kenny
  3. Behold The Akashic Record BS meter . This thread sorely needs one of these Kenny
  4. Well , that all depends on who you are where you do all your swimming. If you happen to be at your local gym doing laps in the Olympic sized swimming pool and the Life Guard yells out too you " Hey Shamu its time for you to get out of the Pool. We are about ready to close " and then you come out of the water dripping wet reaching for the towels wearing only a Speedo .... ......😮 you tell me Kenny
  5. Love The George Benson Ibanez 🤩 you have there Bill . Tarzan Want ....heck if my Valentines Day keeps going the way it is, I can probably take all my unused Date Money and Get One .... Hhhmmm , can I grind my own beans for a while to get a sweet guitar I have always wanted ? ...hell yeah .... Tarzan over and out 🤣
  6. Yes Bob , In addition to hiding a large beer belly , a Gibson Jumbo can effectively hide National Geographic Knee Knocker Sized moob's . A large generous side order of Muffin Top Love handles and a Bedazzled in Gold Sparkle Manley version of a J. Lo Wide Berth Beginner Sized Twerking Patoot .... If cash is low as it may be for some musicians , An Epiphone Jumbo can work very well in a pinch . nice talking w you , Kenny
  7. Hey cool , One out of 20,199. actually trumps my average of one in every 27, 435 . have a good one Kenny
  8. WOW what a diff ,. Absolutely stunning transformation you have done there w the picture Steve ... all the best. Kenny ....
  9. 🤣 Watch out for girl power ...All the girls these days ( including wives ) Have NOW got The Power ... Oh BTW , Nice Wall .... Very nice James , Kenny & Duke like your guitar/ instrument wall. Nice cool setup you have there BassDaddy , Your room uses space with very nice clean simple lines . Ouch, My guess is the low rent condo's in Vantuckey don't have walls w studs in them . just kidding around w you my man ... Kenny
  10. Sad but quite possibly true .... 😂 Hey , You got one out of 20,199. ...just messing w you ...have a good one ... Overall , I agree with you there James . Liberty 's sections of the film had me sitting on the edge of my chair . He seems like a no nonsense straight shooter from the hip . A few decades of playing and hanging around with the same band members and having the same boss could have taken it's toll . Who knows the truth about what happened since we only heard one side of the story . This dialog does seem to bring up an interesting point . What happens when you find out about a band or a musician that was placed on a lofty pedestal (by oneself) Then over time the back story comes out and the facts indicate they had questionable integrity or in plain English they were just a Douche ? That's one thing about watching these type of films I find interesting ...I find out so much stuff I didn't know about some of my hero's .... It's not always good , in some cases it may even be tragic ....ex Terry Kath playing Russian roulette w a non revolver / a semi auto pistol w one in the chamber ...sad indeed all the best, Kenny
  11. Kenfucius say Guitar player who constantly asks G F and close friends " Does this guitar make me look fat" ? no longer has flat tummy ... K.
  12. I would like to apologize to Bill in advance for posting this in his thread 🤣 Nice pics guys ...I wish I could do that someday ..... Apt living where I live I wouldn't even take the chance ...At the very least Ole Duke might lift up his back leg and mark all my geetars. Kenny
  13. I like them ..great band ...Terry Kath Whew Great player ... Why not start a thread on it ? I'm sure people would respond ..... I found out a long time ago a little sobering nugget of truth ...nobody will ever do anything for me or my music until they can exploit me and make money off my a$$. It don't matter how nice they put it to you That Is The Game ... Kenny
  14. Thank you Steve , I am a harmless "trying too be funny nut job " in real life ... You have always been a good sport ... thanks . That one got a laugh from me ...over here in a way that shoe seems to fits ..I went from whats happening to what happened in the looks department Say did you know , There are two types of handsome people in the World .... We have the type of handsome people that go to places where they hope to be seen . The places they often frequent always seem to have plenty of mirrors and reflective glass all over the place . Then we have " handsome people " that wouldn't be caught dead in such a vulnerable bone chillingly open to visual scrutiny place .. At least they have one thing going for them . They always tip the dancers pretty good. Kenny
  15. Yes count me in as someone who also enjoys watching documentary’s like this . In the 80's going into a Recording Studio with a band that was signed or even going in with an unsigned band for that matter was not something people did every day . Booking a studio was very expensive back then . Many of the people that I recorded for back then would be cutting money corners in one area , splurging in other areas , lying to peoples face's ( like mine ) while looking right into your eyes , paying this one who is not with the band thinking since they are paying them they will get their moneys worth while the unpaid band member sits there and gets no money even though he knows what best for the song because he or she wrote half of it The sad part is the leader then treats those player like $hit because the leader does not value the players playing credentials anymore and they start taking the players song contributions for granted .. A Quick 80's story's In the Late 70's early 80's I was on music row in NYC working at a music store . Bobby Nathan had started to get real serious with his recording studio Unique Recording . He went from 8 tracks to 16 to 24 tracks in a real short period of time as those higher track boards were coming out ..I wound up playing my guitar for a recording session over there at Unique when I think he was still only 8 tracks . The Artist who was laying down their own music was not know by the average Joe on the street , but the person did in fact know people in the music bizz and they wanted to put their best foot forward so they could hopefully get signed or have something move forward in their music career . I was working on Spec ( the most hated word in my vocabulary ) in addition to me , one or two of the other session players that knew her pretty well did her the favor ...The session was going great all the players were gelling and we had a decent set of song basic tracks to work from . The Artist was a good guitarist in her own right and she wanted some nice sustained flowing emotive guitar playing from me . I remember feeling real stoked when I had been given the opportunity to play my 59 Telecaster into a Mesa Boogie for my guitar solo's ... Back then they queued up the analog tape and had me punch in my guitar solo's ...I was grooving , my playing was grooving , every body in the studio was digging and grooving on the lead solo punch ins .. All was right in my world and I felt good knowing I could be myself as a player and give my talent to someone who appreciated my contributions... It only took a 10 whole mins for that whole thing to crash and burn . A super clean cut guy comes up the elevator dressed in all black polyester . The artist swoons all over this fella and asks him to play his horns ... IIRC , He had brought a tenor and an alto Sax to the studio ... One by one the tape gets rolled back to the places where I had laid down my guitar solo's ...One by one she asks him to play some of what I had just played on the guitar on his Sax but add lib a little and pretend while you are playing the melody / solo you are unzipping your zipper and doing a strip tease .... I was in the control room and heard her say that one with my own 2 ears .. After about an hour and a half Ole Kenny went from being a scorching hot lead player on some real cool tunes to becoming rhythm guitar player #1 ... The effing Sax player didn't even leave me a phucking morsel or a stinking crumb of a space in the song where my guitar playing had been ... I asked the Artist how come all my lead guitar solo's had been taken out the song ..I thought you liked them ... She turned to me and said I did like all your guitar playing very much . You are doing me a favor by playing on my session for Spec and I do appreciate it . I'm paying the sax player close to $150 . 00 dollars for 2 hours of his playing and I want to get all I can out of him OK folks , need I say that was a hard lesson I learned that day all the best , Kenny
  16. Hey I remember you folgle622 , way back in the day on the old Cakewalk Forum you suggested a Groove 3 Video I needed to get to learn a Cakewalk product . I have wanted to tell you for a couple of Day's Thank You for posting these 2 Jose Feliciano video's all the best , Kenny
  17. WHAT are you saying there ? Is it not enough just to be able to play the guitar well ? I have over 200 pedals on my compact pedal-board . Now I have to learn how to read English ? Kenny
  18. Good Job Craig , yet still be careful my friend . I think that's exactly what Adams Rib said in the garden right before she bit into the Apple . Great stuff James , I'm glad you enjoyed the movie . The George Benson song story you mentioned took me by complete surprise ... Overall I agree w you . Some of the guitar playing is a little Metal heavy . I guess considering what's popular in Music these days the producers of the film may have felt Metal may have been a better choice to feature in the film as opposed to some of the other guitar influenced Music . All those Cat's in the film that were playing Metal sure had some nice guitar playing Chops when it came to playing other styles of Music . I used to watch The Voice a few years back and I used to wonder who played the guitar in the shows band .... After seeing the film I think Justin seemed to be the player I used to watch on The Voice back then .. Great to hear from you , thanks for sharing Kenny
  19. A USA hair styling franchise called Super Cuts borrowed Steve's hair temporarily . Then Sam Elliot got on board with Super Cuts and Created a unique look and cut for both men and women . Kenny
  20. I had hoped to find it for free on u tube ..but hey at least someone can ante up the coin if that is the only option available to their situation .. thanks Wish I knew ...u tube is showing the trailer and short clips of the film . The quality of those seem decent . I happened to be in the DVD section of my local library and I spotted this movie .If you have a library close to you I would call them up and find out if they have a DVD of the Movie ... Who knows they may have it and if it's out you can put a hold on it and reserve on the DVD for your self ... thanks Hi James, This film for me was a must watch . I Love stuff like this myself . Great playing , excellent story telling , hard learned lessons , and some Rise from Rags to Riches and in some cases The fall from Riches to Rags stories ....Hope you get to watch this film . If you do , enjoy my friend ... Hi Steve great stuff ...I'm happy you posted this ..It may be a huge help for those who want to see the film and have Prime Video .. After watching this flick last night ... is a good one . I certainly learned a lot ...I may watch it again tonight ...that is how much I enjoyed watching this movie ... I think you may enjoy this movie ..who knows , you do tunes and rub shoulders with a lot of players and forum members ..might even find a gem in there to help with your own music & collabs ... WOW an honest person that don't have sticky fingers living in Vantucky . OMG 🤣 Hey just kidding w you , I've heard only a small example here and there of your playing ...from what I can tell , the music and guitar playing in the film is right up you alley thanks all for stepping up and contributing . Kenny
  21. Hired Gun is a move documentary about what it takes to become a top level in demand musician for hire . An elite group of "First Call, A-List" musicians share their incredible behind-the-scenes stories of touring, what it takes to play next to the world’s most iconic musicians, and create some of the world's most popular songs. I just got done watching this film and I have to say wow . This movie was a must see for me . I'm here to share and put the word out for anyone who hasn't seen or heard of it. I got the copy I watched from my library and I know this movie is listed on Netflix ...where else I do not know ...great stories great playing and a very sobering look at the bizz from the players that have lived it . Here's a couple of u tubes trailers for those who want to know more . Last but not least , here is a link to an article titled 10 quotes from Hired Gun . The web page contains a few more videos . https://www.inc.com/jeff-haden/10-quotes-from-hired-gun-that-show-just-how-much-freelancers-rock-stars-have-in-common.html all the best Kenny
  22. Hey BassDaddy , I took a little time away from online hence my late reply . Yes I Love The various models of Guild BluseBirds Guild has brought to market over the years . The one I have is somewhat of a modern interpretation of The BluesBird . I would LOVE to have a few vintage BluseBirds with some of the old school designs and various pickup options . It is nice that you got to play one for a while. Thank you for the Kind Word. They men a lot too me Ouch , I wonder how bad or who I must have screwed up in a past life ..he he he he ... what are you saying here ? both your mom and I tell a lot of stories from the past ...... You watch Pal when you get old you are gonna probably be pulling your own version of a Forrest Gump ...LOL Hey as far as you Mom goes God Bless her ...Wow 89 going on 90 ... all the best, Kenny
  23. Say don't feel too bad about that one my friend . All the apartments in the Ghetto of The Bronx where I'm from didn't have basements either . Kenny PS , After 25 years of therapy I have found the root of all my emotional problems . The freaky thing is it was right there staring me in the face the whole time . I had found an old photo album of when I was a baby and I saw the evidence with my own two eyes . My mama couldn't afford a proper Teddy Bear for me when I was a baby so she had gotten me a fluffy skunk called Pepe Le Pew instead of a Teddy Bear ....It hurts Man It HURTS ....my first nick name was Stinky and this whole experience seems to have scarred me for Life ....thankfully I found The Guitar and it has been all downhill ever since .
  24. I recently got the chance to co produce and record this strikingly handsom fellas performance of "Who Stole My Boys I Know The Vet Has Done Me Wrong " Once the tracking was done I dialed in some of his suspicious bone chilling howls using Melodyne .. Also ran his piano playing through the Pro Channel while addin a touch of Breverb . Overall the session worked out Great when he was not licking the spots where his Lost Boys used to hang out ... (ooopsss there goes my Pinocchio nose again .... alright who slipped a blue pill in my coffee ? I know and you know I'm telling the truth ? Right ?} uncross fingers ... Kenny
  25. Nice one Craig . As far as credentials go I'm not generally impressed my own for that matter ... I'm super grateful that a couple of my hero's saw that I was a genuine person w out a hidden agenda and they made the time to give me a push in the right direction . thank you for sharing Yes . So do I . In the mid 1980's The President of Guild Guitars Mark Dronge had given me a hand made prototype of the Brian Setzer Elliot Easton Blues Bird He also gave one ( the same model ) to a Player Named Earl Slick ...I have never met Earl S.....either way I feel very blessed to have received the Guild Blues Bird Prototype I still have it and play in from time to time Mine looks just like this pic here but mine is in Black . It is also # 15 of this model ever made Dennis Beradi was the president of Kramer Guitars In the mid 80 's He was a super cool person I would have loved to have traded places with him for a while ... Hhmm, come to think of it I guess they used to them Prez's back then not COE's . As we all know Eddie Van Halen was the most famous Kramer guitar endorse for a number of years back then ...that's what makes it real sweet for me ... little old me AKA "who's Kenny I never heard of him before " got invited the The Kramer factory in Neptune NJ I must have been doing something right because Dennis Beradi sent his personal Limo and driver to my address which happened to be a cockroach infested walk up on the wrong side of the tracks near and just above Washington Heights in NYC . The Limo driver drove me out there to Neptune NJ , I hung w Dennis while did some chit chat then he had me strapped in his Porsche doing donuts and pulling G's in a secluded open lot ... That may be the closest I may ever come to knowing what it must feel like to pull a G while still being on the ground . After that we went into the Kramer Factory and I was told by Dennis I can have any guitar in the whole factory I want w the exception of The Ripley ... The Ripley was a single hum bucking bridge guitar w a hex pick up ...full control of each string w a vol and pan control ......Floyd rose trem ..he just had too much into that model to put a Ripley in my sweaty grimy paws for free... I didn't care I wanted a 2 pick up guitar any way ....after playing a dozen guitars I picked a Blue American Kramer Pacer w a Floyd rose ( black hardware ) my guitar had a Jeff Beck Seymour Duncan in the bridge position w coil tap and a Seymour 59 or Jazz pick up in the neck .. I love this guitar , I still own and play it ... stock it looked very much like this one in the stock pic but with a black Floyd .. Any way that there is some of my story ... I miss those days in a way because people used to network face to face .. Back then you couldn't pretend to be an up and coming Musical internet version of Genghis Khan while ordering your troops around from the comfort of Mom's basement apt .. all the best , Kenny
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