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  1. Jane sure does and so do all the animals in the jungle Kenny
  2. Hey Bill , my congratulations go out to you on getting your new Les Paul. It sounds like you are having a real blast with it . Yes they do have a certain appeal ( wink ) . They can be a real expressive and refreshing guitar to play especially if one had to wrestle around w Fenders and other assorted planks of wood for decades ...LOL hey man have fun , hope to hear some new tones of yours that used used the Les on , Kenny
  3. I wonder how this one turned out . My 2i4 has the same exact problem . Everything is fine except for the headphone jack .My right side cuts out. After Jiggling it around for a while it does work ...sure don't inspire confidence and the whole process is a Real Muse Kill. Hope you fare better , Kenny
  4. Depending who you are there may be some truth to this . just saying Kenny
  5. This is The Coffee House . Get of the high horse ... As far as people standing up for their Loved ones go . Most people I know would ... Kenny
  6. I'm glad today's holiday is almost over .The idea of my boys hanging up on a wooden plaque at an all woman's hunting lodge on exhibit just like a Moose head trophy does not appeal to me at all . Kenny
  7. +1 BassDaddy , I love me a Guild Bluesbird too. Here's my made in Korea De Armond M-75-T . This guitar is one of the early ones ...99 ... The pickups are USA DeArmond 's and they sound very good all the best , Funny stuff ...this members credentials have more thumbs down than the actual posts he or she did ...LOL Nice one , thank you for sharing this tune / video ... Hey Mr Bingo , you can run but you can't hide not with this crew , we are razor sharp whoo dat ...baron von fiddlesticks ? Even better times can be had in his absence all the best, Kenny
  8. Hi Craig , Duke is Beefy alright . I got the food bills to prove it 🤣 Most of the time , too me he is just a big goofy lap dog ...lol Yet he still thinks he can fit on my Lazy boy with me ... He conveniently forgot he broke the last one I had ...The frame broke because it just couldn't take the combined weight of the both of us . Hey Fwrend , I downloaded that one and a few others ..Yes, the default theme sometimes gets on my nerves . I have gone back to it a few times only because I'm still learning Reaper and when I see a Kenny G video I'm lost and I can't follow along unless I'm using the default theme ...all the controls and general stuff is all different w some of the themes . I like the new look on my machine thank you That theme does look nice and clean ...I may download that theme and check it out ..thanks S.L.I.P. all the best, Kenny
  9. I still have things I have not yet " learned how to do " in T 8 & T 9 . Looking at T 10 My head is gonna explode . It's all good , I'll figure something out I hope Kenny PS I hope is not a new pancake joint or an Apple app . I hope is the pile I have watched grow over the years as I have tossed over my hard core intentions of getting around to it some day .
  10. Yes this certainly looks nice ..I may have to wait a bit ...Dang now I feel like I'm getting left behind .... Oh well , thanks for posting this , Kenny
  11. Thank you abacab , I'm glad you enjoyed the story . Kenny
  12. Your GUI looks great . Is that one you made ? or is it a Theme anyone can download ? Kenny Kenny
  13. the subwoofer ......LOL I love it ...very clever . Here he is getting pet by a friend of mine ....look at his size Kenny
  14. Yes there is , always stay updated because you never know when your cat will become inspired and decide to break out a tune Whew , that was pretty bad in a funny way Kenny
  15. Dear Abby what happened to my thread ? Dear S.L.I.P. You are in the Coffee House. Do your self a favor and run for your life , While you still can Kenny
  16. WOW this thread went into the crapper real fast ...😆 Hey if it makes you feel any better , I have seen a few newspaper clippings of my gigs lining a parakeet cage in a pet store once so the birds could crap on them .. Now I know the difference between highly sensitive and hypersensitive 🤣 Any way thanks for the heads up , My copy of Reaper has just been updated . Kenny
  17. Yes I agree with you Craig , Jan ( Lauren ) is super hot ! I would love to see her play some bigger roles on the big screen . Kenny
  18. Little girls have their Magic Kingdoms where they are the princess waiting for their prince to show up and I had my Rock and Roll dream .... I wanted out from the ghetto of the Bronx where my child hood sucked big time . I needed something , a dream to hitch my Star on . The Monkeys , the music and the image they portrayed sure beat the idea of joining the circus and having to sweep and clean up Dumbo's turds . ( back then it was run away from home and join the circus ) or ( become a child hobo and ride the trains ) I loved the Monkeys , they were the gateway into a whole wide world of music that was hidden in plain sight just waiting for me to discover it . Later on in life while I was still living in NYC , I met Peter Tork in a laid back social situation .. He was very approachable and he seemed genuinely sincere about giving me the opportunity to let him know I grew up digging his music ... I was glad that happened .. RIP Peter Tork ...you helped make my world a better place . Kenny
  19. Let's go Places ....Real Places , ...not that hell hole for misfits 😂 Kenny
  20. Say , this thread is coming along rather nice with all the movie suggestions you have listed so far . Your individual and group contributions show a wide and varied pallet of musical taste . I find it very interesting too be exposed to some of the more modern styles of music and genre's of music I would not of found on my own . Thank you all for contributing , Kenny
  21. Yeah you are right ...lets see maybe I will pull it down ... Kenny
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