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  1. WHAT did he do ? Now you got me wondering what he did Kenny
  2. My grandmother knows exactly "who he is " . She's at Church praying for a slice of the 3.9 million dollars his Black Stratocaster fetched at Auction. Kenny
  3. I get the feeling that you like to do tunes in the kakku Epic Genre ... The soft sections were nice , well thought out melodies and those musical sections seemed somewhat uncluttered mix wise . When you started hitting the heavy dirt sounds , things got loose in the corners in a few areas ... A lot of low end in the mix ...too dense not enough crunch & punch . Needs more air and breathing room in some of those sections to bring them out . ( IMHO ) . Also I heard a few rather suspicious timing issues with some of the beats , arrangement and chord changes ... Overall I did like a lot of your tune . You asked for tips ...those I mentioned were a few things you can look into if this song is a work in progress that you plan on revising . all the best, Kenny
  4. Hi John, I had no idea how you were gonna convey the loss of your Ginger . When your songs melody came in it was dripping with deep emotion . I felt it right away .. The Flute was a good choice .. Overall I enjoyed many of the elements of your song . The style of Bass playing , the tunes harmonic chord changes , the piano and later on the string section ... Sorry about your loss , I have been there myself . Getting your feelings out with music is a gift ... I wonder, when the animals we love cross over to The Rainbow Bridge , can they still hear us pouring out our hearts to them through our music ? all the best, Kenny
  5. kennywtelejazz


    Hi Andy , I enjoyed listening to your song . I stopped looking at the video after a few mins and wound up imaging puppy's , kittens and all sorts of young animals ( wild and tame ) learning how to interact and play with each other. Your tune had an element of playful discovery going on as the melodies and the songs arrangement morphed through it's variations. all the best, Kenny
  6. Good One , Hey Steve , Did I ever mention to you that I have a dog named Duke ? Kenny
  7. Hi Andy , I gave your tune a fresh listen w the link you sent ...I remember that song collab between you and James . Yes , you guys sounded very good .. If and when you get anything you may want me to play on send me a private link . I will give it a listen . Then we can discuss it and take it from there ... Hi Amicus , I'm very happy you enjoyed my guitar playing and the mix ...it means a lot to me ................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ In other news , I have been wanting to get back here to listen to songs on this forum . I hope to do that in the next few days . I'm having problems w 2 of my computers ...ones a Win 7 PC. The other one is an older iMac . OSX Lion . For some unexplained reason a few weeks ago I lost the ability to listen to music and u tube sound off the web on my desktop ( OSX Lion ) If I had the money , I would put both of these old computers out of their misery thank you all for your patience , Kenny
  8. So you want to become a Forum Monkey ! and be Famous ? Don't worry it's the same contract they all sign Kenny
  9. Love and Marriage, Love and Marriage, Go together like a horse and carriage, This I tell ya brother, you can't have one without the other. Kenny
  10. 😂🤣😂 I always "Wondered " where that picture came from , beings as I have nicked it and used it a few times ... Oh well , as per the sound legal advice of my counsel . I seek mercy from the court Kenny
  11. Wow, I feel speechless after seeing that video and now I got a lump in my throat . Thank you for posting the video . Kenny
  12. Thank you Bob for the kind word . Thank you Sean , I'm happy you enjoyed my guitar playing and tone . Thanks for the listen synkrotron , Slower ? 🤣 To find out, PM me w a private link of the tune PM sent Thank You Daryl ! How I wish I could do some traveling someday and make it over to the UK . all the best, Kenny
  13. Hey Steve , Superman was hanging out with a few of his Super Hero friends at the Super Hero Club House where he went on and on about is tale of woe about him not getting any. After about a half hour of listening to his kvetch The Flash interrupted the man of steel and said "hey my super hero brother you are Superman ! the man of steel , what woman wouldn't want a little piece of that ? Listen to me , why don't you fly on over to the nudist beach and when you see something you like swoop on down and introduce your self " Surely that could work for you " Superman said" sure I can do that . do you think it will work " ? The Flash said "Yeah man after hearing your story, what else do you have to loose' ? "You don't want to turn out like Kenny do you "? With out a further moments hesitation , Superman jumped on out the window and flew his way on over to the nudist beach . While he was doing his fly by he spotted a naked lady on lying on her back in the sand waving her arms and moaning .. Thinking that was his invitation to break the dry spell Superman swooped on down , landed on top of her , and went all super ballistic biological jackhammer on the poor unsuspecting lady . When he was done he hopped on off and flew on into The Sunset .... After what seemed like an eternity of shocking silence the woman screamed out at the top of her lungs . "What the heck was that "? " I don't know but my butt hole Shirley Hurts " said The Invisible Man Kenny
  14. I still can't get over some of those Vegas prices you mentioned Dave ... Is there still such a thing as a "Dollar Store " In Las Vegas ? or is it now called "The Twenty Dollar Store " 🤪 Kenny
  15. How true , yes he does . 🤣 Great Idea Craig . 🤣🤣🤣 Yes Bill ! I do feel bad for you , but hold on there for a moment and take a good look at poor Al Bundy . Al thought he was dealing w a another whack y attention seeking shoe and bag shopper . When Al found out the show was rewritten and he was meeting the new Mrs Al Bundy for the first time ,he got down on his knees and found his long lost religion all the best Kenny PS S.L.I.P. I'm glad you dig that Bapu Hammer pic I did .There's more of them where that came from .💪😋🤙
  16. That's probably all my Strat is worth anyway 🤣 .... Hey , I also take Fred Meyer coupons . Kenny
  17. Wow those numbers are inspiring . Anybody here want to buy one of my Strats ? I will give you a good deal ..I would be happy to get a half a million 🤣 Kenny
  18. OMG , I had no idea Vegas was that expensive . Time to scratch that one off my bucket list . Kenny
  19. I sure hope this one makes up for the last one I posted Kenny
  20. Sorry about this one ED I couldn't help laughing my A$s off for a while before posting this . Kenny
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