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  1. Actor portrayal due to my desire to adhere to the forums TOS . I'll say one thing for Studio Bear , He don't skimp when it comes to having all the necessary tools . all the best, Kenny
  2. I wish I could help you unfortunately My Lips Are Sealed ...burp .. Say while I have your attention , could you please pass me the apple sauce ? Kenny
  3. Hi Freddy ! thank you for the song listen and kind words . Joad , A volume pedal is a cool thing to have ...I need to get one someday ...till then, I will continue to just use my pinky. ( on the guitars I have that will let me do it that way ) . glad you dug my geetar playing ... Hello Grem , Glad you gave this one a listen and dug the sounds ... I put a lot of thoughts into things long before I even touch my instrument .. I live w a track primarily w my ears and heart only . I listen I listen I listen ...then I listen some more . If I dig the track enough I create a story and make a loose plan of what I might play ...then I will experiment and play over the parts of the song that may give me a problem ... Don't get me wrong , I also will play over the parts I like , the thing is I don't like flying high on my guitars fret board and then hitting a section of a song that takes me out into a back alley , beats me up and then tries it's best to mug me ... To be perfectly honest I don't really care what guitar I'm gonna play or what type of gear I'm gonna use ..all that "stuff " is there is to serve me , not the other way around... I generally have one or two guitars out within arms reach at all times . Thankfully my super large dog does not think they are his personal chew toys ... Depending on what Guitar I have out will determine whether I will use it or not . In this case I had a solid body and a Jazz Box out ...that's what I used ... As far as guitar synths goes , I have older tunes out where it is all heavy synths and textures ...Now a days I tend to use my midi guitar playing in more subtle ways .. In this song the most obvious guitar synth section was the section you pointed out. Then there's the 12 string on the other side ( left ) My Bass playing was on a 4 string ,yet in those sections my guitars counter melodies were analog Jazz box right& Gtr Synth left ... anyway that's all care to share for now , have a good one , Kenny
  4. ^^^^^^^bitfliper ^^^^What! I wasn't expecting that at all considering the tune 😂 Wow ,that little girl is certainly the cannon .. love all the little faces and expressions she does... Man , she can sure play.....now I feel old Kenny
  5. H Grem , Yes your playing over the B T came out very good . I'm glad you went for it , Kenny
  6. Hi Ed , Yes that makes 2 of us ... Kenny
  7. I hear you on that one ...That Bear has some home studio Kenny
  8. T ! thank you for the song listen ,I sure will. Hi garybrun , Me too 🤣 I'm trying over here ..progress seems slow .. thank you for commenting amiller , Glad you do . thanks . Hi Andy ! I have been messing around on the side w where I may want to take this ...I'm glad you like what I have done so far . I'm glad I trusted my original playing instincts ..now I have to be super careful as to what I may add to the song . thank you for your comments . I love doing the volume swells. They are done using only my right hand pinky w a synchronized left playing hand ...no automation . When I was younger people used to tell me I would be a really good guitar player once I slowed down and played with a lot more feel ... They didn't tell me that it was gonna take a real long time and for me to get a lot older for that to happen 🤣 Hi Lynn, Sure it is possible . I love Roy's playing ... thank you for always being so kind and generous in your comments on my playing . it means a lot too me . Hi Bjorn , I'm glad you liked my guitar playing on this . As a matter of fact , yes I do hit lots of wrong notes . When I practice I go out of my way to hit them . " Yesterdays Wrong Note Discovered in Practice Has The Potential to Become Today's New Hip Sounding Passing Tone " he he he thank you all , Kenny Kenny
  9. Yeah tell me about it ....I still miss P 5 All the arp patterns that came w P 5 are included in SONAR / Cakewalk ....they have been for a while ... They show up both as midi files and pattern files it is true you may not be able to save them as pattern file ..you can save them as midi files . It has been a while since I have recorded the arp patterns in real time so my info may be rusty ... what I used to do was set up a synth and then play the synth w the midi track section enabled ...then I would send that out to another midi track to record the arp affected midi as it was rendered ...rust like I said but i did end up with a usable midi file w arp to ue any way I wanted . any way I do not know if I'm helping any 🤣 if I'm not helping any , I'm sure scook will show up pretty soon and correct my misguided misinformation Kenny
  10. WOW , Your Les has a nice expressive throaty sound ...( it is a Les right ? ) Yes that was a good listen . I enjoyed your song and your playing . There was a nice uplifting vibe and mood through t the song as it played . keep up the good work . Kenny
  11. Your song is laying down a serious groove and kicking some Hard core ***** . Man I love this type of Fusion Reminds me a lot of some of Michael Brecker & Steps Ahead Music on most fronts except for the bass . Daryl Jones plays a lot more flamboyant ....Hey your guitar player sounded a little bit like Mike Stern ... Now I miss Mike B ...we were casual friends . I got to hang and know him pretty good when I worked on music row in NYC . Then when we both wound up in sobriety ...it sealed the connection . I used to give him cassettes of my tunes ...talk about having a sett of balls and being fearless .He like my playing but it wasn't right for him When I asked him how I could get to play with him he told me that he was locked down pretty tight as far as his circle went . He told me straight up that I would be much better off trying to find unknown musicians that had the playing goods and chops ....meaning the next Mike B .... Alright ..When do I start playing with you ? 🤣 Kenny PS Oh yeah I did enjoy listing to your song ....great energy all across the board
  12. That is a pretty serious message you conveyed in the song and your video . Your vocals combined with the visuals and the music were synergistic You sound big because you acknowledged how small we really are . (as individuals in the grand scheme of things .) Other than that words fail me . Kenny
  13. Hey Rembrandt eat your heart out . My pic might only be a still photo . As we all know . I don't rank as high around here as CC Larry does . Yeah that won't stop me because I'm still going to Wally-world to get a frame for it and hang it on my wall right over my fireplace . Now I can spend all day looking at this cool looking synth and get nothing done 🤣 All kidding aside I did enjoy the videos Tracktion has up on that synth ... Kenny
  14. Hi Lynn, Hey man don't so feel bad . You sound good doing things the way you are doing things My first ever official guitar lesson didn't go exactly the way I wanted it to go either. I sit down and my first real guitar teacher ( Gus DeGazio ) says to me " hey kid what do you want to learn " I tell him " I want to learn Secret Agent Man " He leans over his guitar and pulls his glasses down low to look over them as he stared me down ....my throat felt dry and lumpy as I sat there frozen ... After he noticed that I was frozen stupid and couldn't move , he gets up , reaches over to a shelf and grabs a saxophone book and the Mickey Baker book. He hands both of those books to me and says" here kid this is what we are gonna learn to play on the guitar" . I never did learn Secret Agent Man . After a few years w Gus he then sends me off to study with Joe Puma . I took a bus and then walked 2 miles to get to his house . After I got settled in Joe asks me "what do you want to learn" ? I tell him "I want to learn to play How High The Moon" He looks at me and says " why do you want to learn that song ?" I tell him "I want to learn it because I like the way Joe Pass plays it " He scowled as he looked at me with a classic WTF look on his face ...lol I wish I could tell you it got better fast it didn't...I then went to study Arnie Berle , Robert Yellin , Tony De Caprico , and then Barry Galbraith , You see by the time I got to Barry I wised up , when he asked me what do I want to learn I told him" I'm here to learn anything you want to teach me ".... That approach came in handy because then I would later hook up w great players such as Joe Pass Emily Remler , and Ed Cherry ... I'm always still learning ..... Hey Lynn , super nice of you to say that ......I'm on my way there ...yet, I still have a long ways to go ..thank you thank you I appreciate the listen . Hi Bjorn , For a long time I wanted to transition over to doing u tube videos of my guitar playing . In the past I have done a few ... Yikes after looking at my u tube page I noticed the last real playing vid I did was 5 or 6 years ago .. Yes in a way I'm long overdue . In a way , I'm not really set up over here for it to do it right .I need to get lights and a better camera ...all my vids were done on a Zoom Q3 ... if poeple can deal with that type of quality I may step up again ..thank you for the kind words and suggestion . Sure I get it . Elmer Fudd is a cool cartoon character in his own right ... that poor old racoon might of been better off if Elmer gone after him because at least in the cartoons Elmer couldn't hit $hit 🤣 Bugs used to sit there chewing on a carrot talking away to the guy saying "What's Up Doc " ? have a good one , Kenny
  15. Hi everybody , I woke up the morning and said Hey I feel like playing on a new song . Twanger Central had a new track up so I said OK this one will do . The Track that I'm playing over was just the Piano only so I decided to stretch out and play various guitars and instruments. On this song I'm playing guitar , guitar synth , Bass, and a few various other things. I consider this mix and song to be a work in progress at this point . BTW, I nicked that picture off James . That house sure looks like a real nice place to live ... Here is the piano backing track I played over ....provided for those ambitious souls among us As always , I hope you guys enjoy the playing , Kenny
  16. Thanks a lot Pragi . I'll remember that 🤣 Kenny
  17. That comment brought out a laugh ..thank you for that . I'm glad you thought so .thanks Yes , sure , I bet you hear some very good Latin Music in your area ...P.R. Cuba , the islands are all a big part of your area's Geo sound . I'm glad you liked what I did to the track I played over , I'm seriously considering doing a few traditional Latin Jazz tunes in the future . ( or creating my own from scratch ) Many years ago I was very good friends with Dizzy's guitar player ..Ed Cherry , ...he brought me around to all the hip music scenes ... As much as I loved Dizzy's Be Bop I Loved his Latin Jazz even more ...Hearing Dizzy play Latin Jazz w Paquito D'Rivera and or Tito Puente was some of the most intense music I ever heard ...loved hearing Ignacio Berroa, and Jorge Dalto with some of those line ups ... thank you for the kind word on my playing . I appreciate what you said . all the best , Kenny
  18. Hi Lynn, I salute you for taking on this highly charged subject matter and making a song about it ...Your song has a lot of good things going for it ... I Dug your lyrics, vox , arrangement , guitar parts and the way you kept me guessing as to where the next change in the arrangement was gonna happen . Since this song seems to be a work in progress I will stay tuned to hear your next Mix / Song revision / installment . Good Job all the best, Kenny
  19. Very nice tribute to your Father . Your song exhibited some very nice classically inspired arrangements and musical motifs through t its play . A couple of time I thought the tympanist volume was a tad high . In addition to that I also thought the marching snares could have come up in places ... I'm a fan of those type of snares because when I joined band in Jr HS they didn't have guitar so the made me play snare drum 😅 anyway very cool song , Kenny
  20. After reading your post I did give Bad Benson a listen . Yes my tone does sound a little like his because of the type of guitar I'm using George's playing is a lot more intense than mine is on my song ...the good news is , after all these years of playing I'm finally able to copy him ... thank you for the listen Thank you very much . I appreciate you taking the time to listen to my playing and posting a comment here. 🤣 My mothers whole side of the family is Latin & I am very proud of my biological roots and heritage ... I grew up listening and playing Latin music w my relatives . I had gotten a pretty good idea of what constitutes a wide range of Latin Music ... Old Santana is definitely what I would consider as decent Latin Music ...this tune is what I consider Latin Music L E .....😂 Hi Tom , thank you for the kind words you said on my playing .... Yes , playing is about the only thing I got going right , that plus my dog because the rest of my life is usually a mess ... I hope in the end that my playing not only redeems the piece but adds a little more value to my Life too ... as far as my dog goes he don't like when I use high gain distortion so that's a gig reason why people hear my playing using a lot of clean sounds . Tank You Berry Much ...Did you get dat silly Wabbit w that SSSSShotgun your avatar is holding ? For those that are wondering what I'm talking about . amillers avatar was a cartoon parody of Elmer Keith .... I read up on Elmer Keith a few years back .I found it interesting some of the things he had done ...a lot of modern shooters owe a lot to him thanks for the song listen , Kenny
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