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  1. This one constantly chirps away in the back of my head . The thing is I have not had a drink in any form of alcohol since August 11 Th of 1983  ...

    That will be 40 years in a few months of me being alcohol free O.D.A.T .

    Of all the things on The Planet Earth ! why does it have to be a booze commercial  on endless loop in the back of my head 🤤

    The only thing I an figure out here is she's a pretty girl ,she delivers my favorite poison in a box and I like the way she sings Ding Dong ....typical guy huh ?


  2. If I could go back I would have to tell myself , 

    When all is said and done , it is the song that counts the most . The emotional impact of the  song itself is the thing people will remember the most .

    As an artist that is where your focus should be .Take them on an emotional ride that means something to them . Even if they don't what they are looking for ....

    Let them find what they are looking for in YOU and your Music .

    I should stop there if I had a lick of sense in me  🤪

    I used to work at Colony Records in NYC in the early 80 's . I have never had anyone walk in and ask me if I had a record of Joe Blow playing over driven C major scales over a 12 bar Blues Progression  ....Nor has anyone ever walked in and asked me if I could sell them a record of songs that only use Wave's or IK plugins and synths  ...If they did I probably would have Whuupped their a$z just on the lack of principal they showed for trying to have me go there .🤤

    There is a way that seemed totally right for me on the outset of my digital journey and in the end it only led to wasted time and years of frustration . 

    I used to try and tell myself I'm getting better because I'm reading the manual , going on Groove 3 and watching videos or reading articles written by influential musicians on how they use a compressor or you fill in the blank ...

    I have since learned it is OK to dip my toe in those waters only after I have put every effort I could into working on the nut's and bolts of my song ...

    My performance , no matter how raw it is counts when it has a glimmer of the emotional impact getting across to the listener .

    The Song /and the Music comes first .

    Everything on social media , u tube ,  and all these video lesson sites can seem harmless enough on the surface . I would tell my self I got an hour to play music ....

    Did I grab my guitar and start playing ? NO !  more often than I would care to admit ....  I would sit through a number of how to do videos with my eyes glazing over in each passing moment  and when I couldn't take it any more I felt real stupid because after getting sidelined from playing my guitar , I also felt real stupid because I couldn't remember how to do what I was trying to learn by watching the video in the first place ...

    What am I saying ...and what would I say to myself  if I can go back and warn myself regarding this layer of my experience ....

    In greater detail I would have to stress this message , 

    Stop spending time researching  what I think I need to be learning to keep up with The Digital Jones on the forums and the internet .

    It is OK to have a desire to be teachable but learn to filter out the distractions because the distractions are every where ....

    The multiple layers of distraction are just like a fast food restaurant chain on every corner that will cater to a myriad of unhealthy appetites ...

    Somebody needs to invent an app like a digital Jenny Craig for Home Studios or a program such as a VST  Focus Watchers  plugin ..

    Like it or not at some point I'm gonna have to chisel away at the maintenance  of my focus in music ..

    I hope I can get to the point where I can pull a Leonardo da Vinci and chisel away all that is not my musical David so I can let the songs message and emotional impact have a life and a chance of being heard by somebody other than my dog ...

    SShh don't tell any one ....I pay him in treats for all the 5 star reviews my music has gotten from him because although he is a captive audience , he is not being held as a hostage .

    Woof Woof ,


  3. 2 hours ago, bitflipper said:

    Seems some of you have missed the point of the piece. It's about persisting with something despite knowing you'll always be mediocre at it. Let's be real: that describes the vast majority of us here. 

    (Don't be offended. I am using the word "mediocre" in its literal sense. It comes from the same root word as "median" and "medium". If there are a billion musicians in the world and you are good enough to blow away 500 million of them, then congratulations, you've successfully achieved  the rank of "mediocre".)

    Great point  bitflipper 👍

    A little humor to cut the edge 

    Feel the love I have for your musical mediocrities . If you will be my people . I will be your patron saint .





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  4. 4 hours ago, Bapu said:

     Any artist who works with existing imagery should now reconsider her practice. Hire a lawyer, maybe try to negotiate a license and be ready to move on if you get turned away or can’t afford the fee.  The Supreme Court just changed the future of art.

    Oh Oh ! what  happens next ?  Will The Supreme Court apply the same standards to music ?

    Will I have to hire a lawyer and get permission to record and play an AM  chord ?

    3 hours ago, Bapu said:

    I better destroy my collection then.

    That's it , if I don't destroy my whole art collection now they may come get me , lock me up , and throw away the key .

    I have been using other peoples photo's with out permission while putting different peoples heads in them and placing them in various back round settings for years .

    Times have sure have changed ! Back in my day you could write a song about shooting the sheriff and as long as you weren't the guy who shot the deputy you could still roam free .


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  5. On 5/21/2023 at 1:01 AM, Sheens said:

    So far could only get few words translated 'Cakewalk lifetime updates'  and  'Burning bassguitar'.

    Any idea what he's saying ?   What did Milo make of this ? 

                         Milo is in the process of trying to recreate his throat performance using Home Studio 2 with two instances of the Delay Lama .

      Once he has an accurate conversion from the audio to midi, he hopes to be able to translate the meaning of the vocal using a language  translator.




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  6.                                           I work hard so my dog and I can have a better life .




    This is why it is so important for me to fall asleep to a restful video containing just the right ambience .



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  7. On 5/21/2023 at 2:00 AM, craigb said:


                                                                            Kiss Me I'm beautiful !         


    Woah !I just woke up after falling asleep to that video and a frog told me if I kissed her on the lips she would turn into a beautiful princess




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  8. 18 minutes ago, rfssongs said:


    These "prefab" sources can also be a bit of inspiration, I have at times done this. You don't even have to keep the original track. I do this with drum tracks a lot. A new drum replacement track can be added pretty late in the process if everything is done tightly, for me that's done with Midi. In fact almost everything I initially record is eventually replaced bit by bit as I develop the feel until they are done. And they are never done.

    Great Point ! Yes I agree with you there .



  9. 23 hours ago, Esteban Villanova said:

    The DAW is for recording, not for composing.

    On one level I can certainly understand what you are saying Yet I am not totally in agreement with you on that point of view .

    What we are talking about here is a double edged sword that cuts both ways .

    My preference is to play the snot out of my guitar and when I have something I feel captures the musical emotional intensity I want to convey I will record that .

    In the areas I agree , composing music on a DAW w out a clear musical picture of your intended song can become an exercise in futility .

    My Muse  don't want to hang around for that $hit ! and no matter how many aromatic  sprinkles I may sprinkle on my tunes they can still smell like a Turds .

    In my case I have found an approach that seems to help aid my chops and compositional skills in an alternative way using my  DAW .

    Early on I discovered that a DAW is a perfect tool for deconstructing and aiding one in putting a great composers music under a microscope and learning how to understand, play and apply what I have worked on to my instrument the guitar or any other application I may have in mind .

    With out getting into great depth.... many of the common editing tools in a DAW lend themself s rather nicely for deconstructing  songs and other peoples work ....

    One can EQ things in and EQ things out to hear what is really going on , Tempo control to slow it down enough to hear it  , instant midi key transposition ,  audio to midi conversions , cutting and pasting sections to delve deeper into being able to understand a recognize  how an artist / composer by setting up mini lessons to show the progression of how the composer arrived at their unique musical Idea ...this is just to name a few ......

    For the record I happen to spend a great deal of my time transcribing music I feel is of value to me as opposed to staring at a blank song template and scratching my nuts trying to decide what to do next ...

    I hope you don't think I may be attacking you by what I am about to say next ....I am merely bringing up a point ...

    It seems to me a large percentage of the DAW community as a whole has a appetite for a number of particular market techniques that will bait their collective hooks with their favorite bait .... in addition to that idea many people can't seem to get enough ...

    What am I talking about here ? ...

    Lets consider the whole spectrum of musical software vendors that have meticulously analyzed,  recorded and did a deep dive on every possible instrument , studio plug , and orchestral sound stage complete even with world renowned  orchestras of world wide notoriety and acclaim while making the gear used by these artist and studios available for any one who has the coin to buy these products .

    IMHO this is a clear cut message a majority of the software companies  are sending a message their products will aid some one in using the DAW for composition 😉

    How do I know this ? I drank the Kool Aide and bought into the whole erroneous Idea that I can be a real legitimate composer given the right tools   😅

    Now I know better !

    all the best ,


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