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  1. Me ?  I'm an imposter so don't  throw me outta here ....

    I have had to adjust my diet to heart healthy low sodium foods since my heart is on the borderline of needing stents ..

    The closest I have come to becan was a bag of Chicharrones I held in my hands for a few moments at the local dollar store ..

    Sheesh  this dietary restriction has reminded me of all the times I stood outside of closed music stores and exotic car dealers after hours  dreaming of the day I can get the car and guitar or my dreams ...Now when I go to the supermarket I'm doing the same thing while having becan flash backs ,

    Admittedly  like it or not this has given me a good foundation for continuing my pathetic humble monastic existence ,,,,

    Oh well when all is said and done I can still play a mean A Minor


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  2. On 11/25/2023 at 6:57 PM, Rain said:

    Took this picture of Ophelia a few years ago. She reminded me of something but it took me months to finally figure it out.

    She's giving me Blue Steel, and totally pulling it off.


    The winner of this  top cat  stare down will not have to touch nor clean out the litter box for two whole weeks 😂



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  3. 1 hour ago, Leadfoot said:

    It's a bad day for toilets.

    It may be a bad day for toilets but hey since it's Black Friday it's a great day to shop for new stretch jeans and belts !


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  4. On 11/22/2023 at 1:46 PM, jesse g said:

    Happy Thanks giving everyone

    We can't eat the bird this year because he's providing the entertainment. 



                                                                The back up dancers are finally here! Now he can play his set !





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  5. On 11/20/2023 at 1:06 AM, Xoo said:

    Hang on, so how did you do the video without your computer on? 🙂

    But, seriously, nice playing!

      My video was shot using my Android phone . I did have my computer on for the one audio track I recorded of my playing  in real time  plus editing the video .

    Thanks for the listen ,🙂

    On 11/20/2023 at 7:02 AM, craigb said:

    Milo handles that part. 😁


    Milo is super food motivated . He would walk across a tightrope at a sold out circus with out a safety net if he thought there was a treat at the other end of the tight rope  .

    On 11/20/2023 at 7:26 AM, Grem said:

    Yep!! :)


    Funny your bringing this up. I have been doing some things that have brought me back to this place. It had been so long... It's a great feeling.



    A little embarrassed? Hell I would have never admitted to that!! Not here!! : )

    But since you were so honest, I will let you know your not alone!! But I would have never said it first!! jk

    About 25yrs ago I seriously thought of giving up the guitar and selling all my stuff and buying a Ultra-Lite glider airplane. Went about a year without playing. Then I started back, started writing songs, re-leaning a lot of stuff I forgot. Fast forward to today... I still don't practice as much as I did back in the day. But I am back to practicing. Getting more fluid and getting my finger/hand strength back up. Enough to be able to play the songs I come up with. 

    Uncle Kenny wants you ! 🫵 To play your guitars and make music  😁

    Anyway the truth be told .....I can identify with the both of you gentlemen  .....

    I honestly don't have any real answers for myself or anyone else for that matter , But hey ! I still think whether I amount to anything or not " in the guitar world " I have always felt that playing the guitar is a gift from above .

    thanks all,



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  6. 11 hours ago, Rain said:

    That's Albert King's Flying V. He was a mighty big fellow.


    Love me some Albert King 😀

    9 hours ago, Tony Carpenter said:

    Very nice Kenny, great reason to practice. I have mornings where I don’t want to play, but I do. Then I feel better, even if it’s just drums most times now.

    Yes it can be a tough balancing act to keep playing fresh music and keeping the chops up .

    It used to be OK I'll play my guitar and music after I walk the dog , buy groceries , got to my doctors appointment , see whats on sale in the deals section of the forum ,  check the coffee house to find out what Bapu ! Strummy ! and Craig are up to  .😆...

    Now my guitar playing comes first ..... I wont even take a poop until after I have played 😆 Yeah I know way too much information ...

    When I set aside a totally distraction free time to play I have been getting the feeling of being musically  recharged when I focus on my connection to the music inside of me that wants to come forth 😊.

    all the best


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  7. 4 hours ago, Rain said:

    Great job, as always!

    Thanks Rain !

    2 hours ago, Grem said:
    • Here is some one playing a great little tune:



    Yeah playing that on my guitar was fun 😃

    I eventually edited the original audio of G G L  by cleaning up the arrangement with some ripple editing  . I also cut some of the finger squeaks out in the places I could Here's the modified mix audio only .

    All the best ,


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  8. It has been about two weeks and I'm enjoying the results ....Here is today's guitar playing session while I'm  having my morning cup of coffee .

    Here's When Sunny Gets Blue  I just did this video a few moments ago on this Thanksgiving morning 

    Pardon the fugly  my Fabio days are long over .... 😁

    I hope you enjoy my playing .


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  9. To all the "possible future " Kenny Ex Girlfriends !  Out There !

     People Enjoying Nice Interesting Serenades  will no longer be able to charge the former rate of $ 20 dollars a foot .

    Our in house customer loyalty program has determined a price hike is in order to combat shrinkflation and a diminishing market presence and demand for our product.  

    We look forward to serving you in the near future once we have determined a fair market price for our valued services .


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  10. 46 minutes ago, Grem said:

    LOL!! You got me curious now!! I just may have to sit and watch the damn thing!! :)

    You may only need to watch the first section on just the Apple Cable itself to get the gist .

    For a reference point my Ibanez Midi Guitar when new in 87  cost hundreds more than a current 13 inch Mackbook Pro and it uses a 24 pin cable with cable ends one can not find or buy any more .... The cable connecting the guitar to the rack mount interface broke in 2005 . I wound up ordering a 25 pin cable designed for something else electronically .I had to map out the connections on both cable ends and commenced  soldering  one connection at a time over the course of 3 days ....all 48 of them

    IIRC I may of had to even wire each end up as the mirror image of the opposite  connector ...Either way ....It works fine now ...

    Had I not done this mod my guitar would have been useless as a midi guitar & It probably would have been just fine as a canoe paddle  ...

    Most of the time when I have seen this 24 pin  midi guitar for sale , the seller does not have the cable..... I can get more for the cable itself 😉

    How the heck Apple came up with that cable featured in the video .... I don't know ...

    They must have had Superman working over time with his X Ray vision and a Scientific Grade Microscope working that soldering gun ....

    So Respect for the Cable ....as far as the Apple company goes ...I don't have a dog in this fight ...




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