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  1. My reaction is only creative criticisms and are just based on differences of opinion. More interestingly I'm fascinated with the overall texture and classical arrangement with very strong and impulsive energy. It has points that really are inspiring which is the goal of any musical piece. Great work sir!
  2. Is your acoustic recorded or a midi instrument? Sounds very authentic.
  3. Did you design the arp or were you just goofing with stock stuff?
  4. The bassline stabs with the clavinova feel is so cool and right around 54sec mark it breaks into a TRON sounding feel except with the nylon guitar running the bassline. I love love this stuff!!! 1:45! Wow...TRON! I love it!!!! Ok, you may not appreciate that reference but that's what it inspires me too. Good stuff brother.
  5. I love the tone of the main underlying instrument.
  6. Her vocal sounds so much crisper, how was this recorded?
  7. The ONLY thing that stuck out to me were the hats and the cymbals at times. There's points of the song where it just seems like they take over and then when they disappear I'm back into the song again. Really impressive work and coordination of so many intricate parts.
  8. I like the contemplative lyrics and the general feel of everything. Your voice has a nice tone, with a bit more diaphramatic support you'd sound stronger in all of your phrases as you do in your opening phrases. I don't personally care for the guitar sound. You might have technical limitations there and if that's the case so be it. I found it to be the most distracting part of the whole thing. The tone specifically, not the playing or the cadence of it. I'd say that you've got a talent here and need to just keep pushing yourself! Thanks for sharing.
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    This is pretty dope. The only thing that I felt was subtly distracting was the underlying pad volume. The movement from your oscillator was very "TRON" sounding, which I like personally. The pad creates unecessary competition but that's a preference. Besides that, I enjoyed where this took my mind; especially the differing instrumentations and counter melodies.
  10. All, Been about 3 years since I've posted. I've come back, hopefully to be more regular. I've quite missed my Cakewalkers and as things would have it - I've lost my old login since we converted over to BandLab. Life's been busy and it's been very hard to get back into music. Let The Son Shine Down On Me I'm looking for production, mixing, arrangement and full critiques. I feel like I'm blind to this now and just can't see past the emotion I have over the song. Those who know me, know, I will not be offended by your critique and your preferences may shed some light into my own view of the art. So feel free to say positive, negative or neutral things, but, I do ask that you be specific; that's all! Thank you!
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