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  1. +1 Next to the fact that you prefer it, for newbies (that don't yet get how the midi standard 0-127 works, on hardware mixing desks you also don't use these numbers, -100 - 0 - 100 just seems logical in a decimal numeral system world) it will probably be easier whenever they are in need of this. I got the impression that over time Cal scripts might become too dated, so it would be nice if every Cal script function could be baked in the DAW, be it as standard DAW function or by means of another more up to date way to program your own customised functions. And yes, it would make sense to upvote anything that helps, even if it is just for just a few of us to get a faster workflow (and doesn't jeopardise the workflow of others - can't judge if this request would lead to that-). In the end it's up to the bakers to decide if it is feasible. Off topic: I love the relaxed, nice and clear way you do your tutorials. Highly appreciated added value to the community!
  2. Looks nice! I don't have this library, but will try to study how you've put this together. Do you know if Spitfire uses most of the common articulation the same way in different orchestral libraries? If so, it might be possible to use this as a quick starting point and adapt it to the library of choice?
  3. SWAM instruments are as far as I've been able to find the most expressive virtual instruments imaginable. However, in order to really let it shine you need a dedicated controller like the TEControl USB MIDI Breath Controller (I use this, but there are some other nice options as well). There's also a food controller that adds more expression options. I would certainly check out more of their videos to get an idea of the possibilities. And @bitflipper just pointed to another video in another thread: a very cool gesture controller Another bit older but interesting discussion about fiddle VSTs: fiddle virtual instrument Two other comparisons that at least give some idea about the strengths/weaknesses of the different violin VSTs: best violin vsts (July 2020) Best Violin VST Plugins of 2021 – Round-up Review
  4. When you use a wind controller like the TEControl USB MIDI Breath Controller, you have all articulations at hand and once set up correctly makes it much easier to create realistic articulations. You can use it to play any kind of instrument. Mostly used by keyboard players, but I've also seen demos on the internet where guitar players use it to play different VST instruments in a DAW. I use one next to the articulations in orchestral libraries, especially for solos.
  5. Nice idea. Don't know when I've got time to test it. Not making much music lately😥
  6. Same for me: first generation Ryzen. But all is not lost. The current Windows 11 Insider Preview works on systems without the earlier stated requirement and yesterday MS posted that it will test to identify devices running on Intel 7th generation and AMD Zen 1 that may meet their principles. Also, there are tweakers already working on solutions that might bypass the TPM2 problem with software and/or TPM2 hardware module solutions.
  7. I really appreciate the list and the effort you've put into that. Maybe most points needs to be put in a separate feature request in order to get the attention they deserve just like this single feature topic. It's a pity to see them disappear from the radar knowing they could really make a difference.
  8. Yes, animated tutorials is a great way to learn. Would even be greater when there would be a complete up to date manual with animated GIFs (at least for the most important functions) and/or a repository where all posted animated GIFs for diverse questions and functions can be found together with an index. Personally, I prefer YouTube or learning by doing over reading a manual. However, animated GIFs are directly to the point, much more efficient than having to go through a whole video. It's been suggested before, can't find a dedicated threat though. I rarely RTFM (of course when I don't find a solution for something specific I do read it before bothering others with questions...)... More animated GIFs, please! Guess this should be posted under "Feedback Loop" as a request
  9. Hi I don't use an external controller, but SD3 works just fine in CbB. ASIO is good. It must have to do with your input & output settings (look at "Preferences" as well as midi input and output on the SD3 midi tracks in your project) and selection of the right hardware in Preferences-> midi devices -> Inputs. There are several topics that explain how to get this up and running. Here is one that probably will answer your questions: How do I use an external synthesizer as a MIDI controller? Some extra info: CbB manual External Devices You also might want to have a look at how to use the Enhanced ‘Instrument Track Per Audio Output’ feature. Not quite sure what your problem is with playing along on the fly but if you've got the above working, you should be able to play on your hardware and have the sounds come out of CbB while listening to on your phone. Hope this helps. Please let know if you need more information.
  10. This doesn't give an efficient, quickly usable overview like "Keyboard shortcuts" in the manual. It needs a lot of clicking and scrolling , so at least for me it is completely useless. I've got all key bindings from the manual printed out (after changing the format in Excel, so I can have more info on a single printed page) and that works well, I can quickly check anything and highlight the bindings most important to me. I write new bindings on it as well, but it starts becoming a huge mess, Too much new information with new updates over time. I'd love to see a regularly updated version. Also, I would like to see next to an updated list with full overview per item that I can print out (or use on the PC) an additional column showing tips next to the shortcut name/description column that shows the most used action(s) (just like the help module when you hover over something, but permanently visible in the shortcut list) Maybe a button could be added to the main interface, e.g. left of the double full screen arrow that opens a condensed full shortcut list, including tips. IMHO, shortcuts are essential for a DAW's workflow, so anything that can provide clearer and faster information would be more than welcome.
  11. Hi, did you also install the 202104-update-1-early-access? There are several new fixes in there and a new official update is close to release. Do or did you use a custom theme? Then the issue might be like described here: I would definitely report this at the dedicated place to report issues that related to the latest version in the specific version feedback thread: 202104-feedback If you need to revert to the 2021.01 release, you can download the Cakewalk 2021.01 Rollback installer. If you still need help you can try one of the options provided on this page additional support, like directly contacting support at support@cakewalk.com
  12. No clue about this temp file, but don't you have a regular system backup like EaseUS or Acronis that backs up your whole PC installation in an disk or partition image? Each time I run into this kind of trouble I revert to a recent image from a time I'm sure everything worked and all problems are gone... Alternatively you can try a registry restore if that has been switched on in Windows: Search bar: type "system restore" "Protection Settings" check under "available drives" if "Local Disk (C:) (System) protection is set to "on" (the configure button lets you set the amount of dis space that can be used for registry backups) In case System Restore was already set to on: select "System Restore" button Click "Next" Choose a restore point from a date where you were sure everything worked fine Click "Next" Follow the instructions on-screen to finish the restoration
  13. So you're sure it was working on the former version of CbB, crashed when updated to the early release and after that the former version didn't work anymore unlike before updating? Also, did you install and try the latest version: Seems like something has been corrupted and maybe a reinstall or clean install of the former version might be worth trying (although that can be quite some hassle), or maybe you can revert your whole system with Windows system restore or a backup from Acronis etc.) and see if the problem is gone, that way you're sure it is related to the latest CbB version. I've seen several different reports about iZotope issues. It would definitely send them the crash dumps, next to sending them to the bakers (maybe they find something useful in the crash dump as well), as advised in the announcement of the latest CbB release: If you're convinced it is related to the latest release you can report it here as well: 202104-feedback Here you find the general problem reporting info: better-problem-reporting IZotope is going to work closely together with Native Instruments. So, any CbB incompatibility that between iZotope and CbB might worst case further extend to NI products as well in the future. Hopefully they are willing to take reported issues with CbB serious and find a solution.
  14. "Limited group" compared to the millions of new users CbB hopefully is going to attract 😬 I don't use Ctrl+D in Windows myself, the response was actually meant to an earlier post which related to other topics discussing better Windows workflow compatibility. I think the legacy on/off option might be able to satisfy most if not everyone. Sorry for going off topic...🥴
  15. Hi Noel, I was too quick upvoting that particular post. However the underlying issue still stands. There are still shortcuts/operations that are not in line with standard Windows use. I guess its much easier for the limited group of long term CbB/Sonar users to change to new shortcuts (since they probably already use them for normal Windows operations anyway) than it is for many new users (which I expect CbB will attract especially with the brilliant new Bandlab integration) to have to learn new shortcuts that go against the way they are used to. Once in a while I still find myself also wasting time trying to do something in CbB after which I realise it is done differently (counterintuitively) in CbB. The more logical, the easier new users will feel at home with the DAW (or am I dreaming?🧐). Its not the first time this discussion comes up. Is it not possible to add an option in Preferences where you can choose for legacy shortcuts/behaviour or new shortcuts that are in line with the operating system? Btw, very impressive the ongoing list of bug fixes combined with new very useful features. It certainly keeps CbB on par with or even on top of the professional DAWs! @Lonnie Dawkins, it is the Waves plugin crashing, not CbB. You're not alone, see this topic:
  16. You regularly report bugs, which is great. If those 10+ producers also report those issues each time they occur CbB will soon become a DAW outperforming in stability (as far as is possible with the infinite number of different hard/software installs and projects...). From what you can see on the forum, issues directly reported to the bakers are handled fast and well (I've got the impression the last few months even more than before, maybe because after introducing large very welcome additions, there's now more focus on the lasting bugs?) so if your friends participate that will be for the good of everyone.
  17. Which driver have you installed? Focusrite had problems with CbB and released a driver beta driver to solve this: • Improved an issue that could cause glitching in WASAPI applications • Improved an issue that could cause glitching in WDM applications at 44.1/48kHz sample rate, 1024 sample buffer size • No longer teardown WDM filters when changing buffer size • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash in Cakewalk by Bandlab • Fixed an issue that could cause some WDM filters to fail to automatically populate on computer restart
  18. @Pete Brown I like the way you guide a user through the whole tweaking process! Just read your power plan switching guide update. It might be easier for most users to just install PowerBuddy. No need to use the command prompt. It installs a little taskbar button which let's you immediately choose any of the Power Plans you have configured in the Windows Power Options menu. I use it all the time when changing between DAW and other PC tasks.
  19. @garybrun, please find my template in the link as promised! The template is a combination of several template tutorials I’ve followed: Mainly Building a DAW Mix Template (since I consider that one the most useful for my workflow and kind of recording –mainly pop, jazz, rock, soundtrack, classical- hardly any EDM) and some others worth mentioning: Andrew Scheps mixing & template tips, and Mikael Baggström’s Youtube channel (who gives his own interesting twist to templates and workflow) Notes: Notes field: contains guidelines about calculating time settings for delay and compressor Many tracks and busses have info (Track Properties -> Description) that explains what and why All tracks (repair, test drum, test vox, reference tracks, Mock-up) that are not meant to be in the mix are routed to the NoMix bus (clearly visible, in order to avoid mistakenly messing up the mix), which is muted when mixing Orchestral tracks are limited for scenarios. I’m planning to make a separate full orchestral template. Metronome bus is placed to be the separation between instruments and FX busses Master bus inserts => FreeG (very clear, big faders for gain staging - found thanks to CbB Gain Staging, one of the great tutorials of @Creative Sauce)+ AB plugins I haven’t figured out yet which EQ settings are the best start per track/bus. So far, I’ve mainly shelved off some low frequencies in a part of the tracks in order to start with a little cleaner signal. Also, still figuring out what FX settings would be most efficient as a start point for each of the busses in the template. Feedback on this (and other parts of the template) is very welcome! Remarks: Having many plugins preloaded (even when all are frozen/inactive) as was shown in the tutorial I’ve followed made loading the template annoyingly slow (despite a using a Threadripper PC with fast SSDs). However, having all preferred plugins readily available already inserted where you need them has been proven to save me lots of time. While making the template I noticed that is very easy to lose custom colours (for some reason the ones I save are lost after a while from the colour options menu)) and that it is not so easy to copy a colour from let’s say a bus to a track folder. I noticed after uploading the template there are still some colours different from what I intended In the link are the template + pictures with my mainly custom icons used in the template (the custom pictures are not saved with the template, I think it should be optional to choose to do so or leave them in the standard icons folder). I’ve tried to insert pictures in my posts, but dragging them into the post field has not worked and uploading them to another server and inserting a hyperlink has also not worked. No clue what goes wrong? Template in the link below: CbB template
  20. FWIW I've almost never succeeded repairing something with Microsoft's troubleshooter or advice directly from MS forums. If you look on MS' own forums you find many people complaining about the unprofessional answers and lack of knowledge of the MS help desks each time turning in circles. Often it is another user that found a way to deal with the problem and helps others out. Like Noel, I also have experienced this in the past and had to reinstall. In some cases a more thorough system repair can solve the problem. This is a typical MS problem and extremely annoying. Sometime TheWindowsClub has answers that can help you out. They also have some handy free tools. I just found their FixWin tool that has a few extra options not available in Windows10Manager. You could give that one a last try...
  21. That error code is related to failing Windows update. There are several ways you can try to solve this. The Windows Club gives a few clear options explained with graphics (but don't download their PC repair tool, I don't know it and when I downloaded to check it my virus scanner gave some warnings). If that's not working, this website provides also has some alternative options: TechinPost There could also be some system files corrupt or missing. An easy and save program like Windows10Manager has all the Windows 10 repair options in easy accessible tabs. I think you can still download a free trial version. If so, it is definitely recommended. Saves you the hassle of trying to find and execute all of the instructions for each repair item. But of course, you can also do these repair steps manually. One of them is system file checker, the others you can Google yourself (component store corruption, Component Store / System Files Corruption, WMI repair, reset windows update, system restore troubleshooting, MSI repair) Please let me know if anything helps you out. If not, I'm happy to look further.
  22. Wow, been a long time since I witnessed lack of internet access. That's very unfortunate... Well, as long as Windows is several versions behind, there might be at least part of the problem. From what I understand your connection is better now, so first I would try to update Windows (make sure to backup the whole system if possible and also -since your trouble shooting an instable environment- : after any new software installation a registry backup (delete the older ones if you get too many) so you can always return to a previous situation => Windows start => type "system protection" => click "System Restore" => click "configure" and switch system protection on and choose a maximum amount of disk space for the registry backups. (make sure your HD/SSD is not choking -has sufficient empty space- and in good health!) Windows10 had some audio related changes under the hood over the last few years, so that might have an effect. Don't forget to update the runtimes (see the all-in-one installer in my first reply). After that let's see what else could be done if CbB still cannot be updated or is showing other problems. I don't think you can be blamed for trying to update🤔 Seems that the problem lies in the way Edge (or just Edge runtime/webview ?) is being installed on your system. If installed right it's not resource consuming as long as it is not opened. I wouldn't worry about that. Something went wrong with the Edge install on your system. I would try to focus on getting that right. Don't forget that next to MS, other developers (like plugin companies) also stop supporting Win7 and that chances will only keep growing that an insuperable incompatibility will occur...For your current setup Cockos works at this moment, but they also will face the inevitable, incompatible surrounding pieces of software, that is. If you want to benefit from new hardware and software (if you're ever considering a new system) the most recent Win10 is your best bet. Most people I know that upgraded OS are quite happy in the end (apart from the occasional Windows update bugs, which is why it is advisable delay automatic updates!).
  23. Only trying to help, since OP seemed to ask for input that could get him back on track... If I ask that, it is because I've been able to help several musicians with different DAWs in my neighbourhood by checking systematically what happened when they had problems...Checking software versions and types of hardware are part of that...(I should have asked for more info on hardware and software, my bad) It was a simple question, just to understand more about the working environment of @bdickens's system in order to try to pinpoint a problem. Win7 is still popular among many DAW users, but not supported by Microsoft anymore and CbB does not actively support this anymore as far as I know. Also, the update version of Win10 matters, regularly things go haywire with a new Windows update. You can't just blame CbB, there could be a number of reasons other than the DAW itself being the culprit. As explained by @msmcleod in this thread Microsoft Edge, it is a not-neglectable part of Windows 10 and CbB apparently uses a related part for its installation. There are a few others who had problems with it as well, so maybe the latest CbB version needs to be smoothed out, for OP it also could be plugin related, who knows? Regarding common sense, not everyone reads everything and communicates everything in a way that everybody will always understand everything (what a sentence...). So in order to help someone, sometimes questions that are obvious for most will still make sense. I agree that in this case a warning by CbB about Edge would be sensible. Sorry to hear that your system was messed up with an update. Other than The only way to find out what goes wrong is step by step checking where it what has changed. OP could at least try some of the suggestions or let me know why they could not help him. There was an error code that could be followed up and from what I thought was reported a certain file was not accessible or could not be updated. Sometimes that can easily be solved. It is impossible for any developer to make sure that an update works out of the box for everyone due to the virtually infinite combinations of hardware and software. In the meantime operating system and other software and hardware drivers also keep changing making it even harder to provide a 100% compatible solution. So once in a while you can be the unlucky one. Many other user have not reported this problem, so it is probably working for the vast majority. I guess we've all been there and way too much the DAW was blamed for something that eventually was caused by something else... I had huge instability problems after the last CbB update, which in the end appeared to be caused by Waves v12. Forums of other DAWs also reported similar problems with Waves v12, and uninstalling and going back to v11 fixed it. But first reaction is often: my DAW is buggy...
  24. Are you running an older version of Windows? The error code can come from a number of things (below some I could find): When the online activation fails, a number of problems can result in a failure with error code 0x80072EE7 According to the Microsoft Knowledgebase: "The 0x80072EE7 error code may occur if the client computer cannot find the correct IP address when it tries to resolve a URL for the Windows Update Web site or for the Microsoft Update Web site. This error may occur if the Hosts file contains a static IP address." Found in the field: The OOBE (Out Of Box Experience) has not been finished, but the Operating System has been set in "Audit Mode" with the key combination Ctrl + Shift + F3. In this case the OS cannot be activated online either. Not only this error code will be shown, but the OS will also complain "No product key found" Corrupted windows System files Network connection configuration Registry Repair Viruses Windows device update and drivers Here are some tips in order to try to fix these: fixforwindows Did you try to restore a registry backup? Windows start => type "system protection" => click "System Restore" => click "next" => choose a date where your system was still working (if there are any made before your last updates...). After that I would first check update Windows update => Windows start button => "settings" => "Update & Security" => "check for updates", install if there are any. Also click "view optional updates" if there are any and check if you want them installed, there could be a newer driver or other useful update Then check if all your drivers are up to date. You can use a free program like Dumo to see which drivers need to be updated. Preferably, get each from its own homepage Don't forget to update visual C runtimes (all updates in one installer in the hyperlink) and maybe Java and .Net (this one is supposed to be included in the Windows updates) Make sure the latest Microsoft Edge is well installed and updated... Now I would try to update CbB (everything with administration rights! => right-click each file you need to install and select "Run as administrator") If a file can't be updated it is often because it is in use and/or not being updated with administrator rights. Check in "Task Manager" if you can find the file running. If so, right click the file and select "end task" and try updating again . Check if everything works when updated. Next update the other software you had previously updated one by one and check after each installation first if CbB still works well. Maybe it was one of the plugins that also created problems You can check what other software needs an update by using a free program like Sumo (and get desired updates from each program's homepage) Maybe you can also find some answers in this thread: I hope this helps!
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