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  1. I think that the folks who don’t know to hold the phone in Landscape orientation for recording videos or snapping pictures, instead of Portrait, probably don’t know what post production is either. Perhaps its what happens at the Post Office.
  2. Meng, who is Bandlab’s owner has stated several times that he has no intention of charging for the Cakewalk DAW. He has other significant music/audio related enterprises that do make him money. HIs family is particularly wealthy. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have the money to do what you want and still do something that is not directly profit related. Many have suggested ulterior motives or that there is some sinister intent yet to be revealed. It may just be that he’s a nice guy who has the “where with all” to do something benevolent for a community he too enjoys. I choose to believe the latter. So far he’s been true to every single promise he made when the announcement was first made that Bandlab had bought the Sonar/Cakewalk Intellectual Property from Gibson and the DAW would continue to be developed and remain free to use via a licence. All things considered I think Noel and the team have done a great job balancing development of new features with bug fixes related to long standing problems. I think its a remarkable feat actually - All credit to Meng for being able to direct what seems a unique venture in an industry that’s is typically money and image driven. You can very easily save the Cakewalk by Bandlab installer.exe file. The program only needs reactivation every 6 months and this can now be done offline (I think).
  3. Try changing a setting, saving the change, logout. Then log back in and make the changes you want. Alternatively you can always contact support.
  4. NB: While opening the Cakewalk Reference Guide on my iPad. Does anyone else experience the Cakewalk Reference Guide pdf closing whenever a link is selected. It doesn’t happen with other PDF files only with the Cakewalk Reference guides. The current and previous 2 versions all exhibit this behaviour. I can touch and scroll a page but as soon as I tap a link in the table of contents, bang, it closes,
  5. In the top right of your browser, Select - Settings/Account Settings/Other Settings/Notifications; there’s a whole page of selections on when and how you would like to be notified.
  6. No new ticker, just replumbed But yes I’m much more betterer this year than last. Thanks for asking. Man I made a mess of that post. I should go back and edit it.
  7. I’ve often spoken of the cruel irony of how “lisp” is spelled.
  8. Someone mentioned the Plateau. Ah yes, I wandered around that Plateau many times. The only way I ever found my way off it was with a teacher. Someone more skilled than me who could look at and listen to my playing and provide the feedback necessary for objective evaluation of my skill. That feedback was the first step in getting directions off the Plateau and get to a different but improved level of playing. Over the years I’ve had numerous teachers and each only for a short time. Each time however they would provide a kick start that would keep me going for years at a time till I arrived at the inevitable Plateau. These days unfortunately I’m on the last plateau, the body no longer as capable for a move to another Plateau. Nonetheless, its comfortable here and that drive for improvement has been replaced with a contentment with maintaining where I am now. On the Plateau.
  9. Please make sure I wake up. Or don’t
  10. Ah Billy. My last ever collaboration was with him. We never did finish it. Thanks for the link back to the memories. I remember how the old forum came together to pass our feelings and respect for Billy onto his family.
  11. I could consider selling my whole Waves collection and DIGIGRID hardware for the right price. Any genuine interest let me know. Software Abbey Road Chambers V11.0.0 Abbey Road Reverb Plates V11.0.0 Abbey Road Saturator V11.0.0 Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain V11.0.0 Abbey Road Vinyl V11.0.0 Bass Fingers V11.0.0 Bass Slapper V11.0.0 Abbey Road EMI TG12345 Channel Strip V11.0.0 Flow Motion FM Synth V11.0.0 Infected Mushroom Pusher V11.0.0 Abbey Road J37 Tape V11.0.0 Mercury V11.0.2 Nx V11.0.0 inc headphone hardware Nx V11.0.0 inc headphone hardware Pianos & Keys V11.0.0 Abbey Road REDD V11.0.0 Abbey Road Reel ADT V11.0.0 Abbey Road RS56 Passive EQ V11.0.0 SSL 4000 Collection V11.0.0 Abbey Road The King's Microphones V11.0.0 VU Meter V11.0.0 Hardware DIGIGRID IOS plugin server DIGIGRID IOX extender Soundgrid server plugin and software suite
  12. Man I remember getting yo 20,00 posts in the old forum. Barely a few hundred these days. Should have read “to 10,000 posts”
  13. Looks like a bunch of builders on ”crack”.
  14. I used to spend a lot of time “faffing” around trying to record the guitar, always some issue, Too hot an input, too weak a signal, forgot to set the track up right, not the tone I want ; you name it. Just one wrong thing after another. Then, I spent my time on actually getting the part right; the notes, chords, timing and above all the arrangement. Once I had that down, especially the arrangement ie knowing what I wanted to play then and only then did I start getting better results with my recordings. Kind of seems logical when you say it. All the best. Of course you can just record everything in the hope that by some magic the perfect piece of music will pour out of your hands but it’s not likely if you’re a crap guitarist and want to be a better guitarist. I used to end up with lots of recordings of a crap guitarist. Seemed pointless.
  15. Amazing that Presonus can integrate what was a 3rd party stand alone notation program into their DAW which hadn’t natively ever had notation while Cakewalk, users have been asking for years for some basic enhancements to notation that has been present for some 30 years and can’t really get much joy. I wonder why Presonus thought notation was so important when notation being relatively low on the importance scale has been an argument for its lack of development within Cakewalk. Let’s argue about it.
  16. Steven Slate also has a very active forum where you should be able yo get more specific help.
  17. Get in touch with Jim Roseberry who is a forum member here. He makes and supplies PCs mostly to the professional market especially for Audio/Video work. He regularly tests components with Audio in mind and has access to the latest info on what’s the best, best value etc For a modest fee he will give you a list of know compatible products and links to suppliers if you want to assemble it yourself or you can get him to do that for you. Many of us here have used Jim’s services and not regretted it. He comes highly recommended.
  18. That man created some incredible music and inspired countless of todays, musicians. His music will stay on to fill the void.
  19. You may need to click somewhere in the Track window to activate that view, then as suggested above, Press keys Ctrl+A (Windows Shortcut for Select All) then select Export > Options there will be further options in the Dialog box that opens in regard to file name and type etc In any case when exporting to Audio, you need to select at least one track or highlight a section of a track by click and drag select. Hope that helps.
  20. At number 8 Cakewalk is placed about the same as Sonar when featured in polls when it was a paid for program. I don’t attach a lot of importance to polls like this. For those DAWS where a purchase price is involved I’d say the only relevant factor would be units sold. And that only relevant to the developer.
  21. Sorry for my poor explanation. I’ll try again and hopefully do it right. Often times the subject of what is better, CPU speed versus number of CPU cores comes up and from what I understand, CPU speed wins out over number of cores. My original comment, corrected in bold Audio does not lend itself to multi core processing so benefits more from processor speed than core numbers. Please re-educate me if necessary. Thanks.
  22. The simple answer is, NO! Though I’m sure someone will soon be here to provide greater detail on why thats the case. Cakewalk is not a graphics intensive program nor does it offload audio threads to the GPU. The single most significant bottleneck, all other things being OK, is, CPU speed. Audio does not lend itself to multithreaded processing so benefits more from processor speed than thread numbers. There is a recommended PC spec (Check the Reference Manual) that Cakewalk issues and it usually identifies a very modest GPU. Hope that helps.
  23. I vote for Bapu the Tank Engine.
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