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  1. As an example, Waves install a mono version and a separate stereo version of plugins that have a Mono and Stereo operation, resulting in 2 plugins when you'd think that there'd be just the one as most other vendors do. Could it be something like that.
  2. I don’t recall giving permission for a picture of my likeness to be used.
  3. Woohoo! I’m now a member of a club I didn’t know I wanted to join.
  4. Now. seems telling an off topic (not music related) joke and use of another word for faeces (substituting a letter with an asterisk to disguise it) has earned me the wrath of an admin. From memory I think it’s the first time I’ve ever done the substitution thing in several decades. It had had several views and reactions and I’d received notification of those reactions. When I checked them was when I discovered the post having been deleted. I guess that’ll learn me. Really odd considering what passes for acceptable non music related posts in the Coffee House 2.0.
  5. So much sad news about. My condolences.
  6. Don’t forget that your monitoring environment (the recording/playback room) is at least as important as the monitors you’re using. To get the best value for money spent on monitor speakers consider at least some modest acoustic room treatment.
  7. Is this one of our forum users? I don’t know, but this guy is. IMG_0283.mp4
  8. While we call it Duct Tape today, it was originally named Duck Tape by the soldiers who first used it in WWII. For more details
  9. Members of the faculty of the University of Wooloomooloo solved the problem by suggesting everyone be named Bruce.
  10. Apology accepted. Changing my name to Norm (MUDGEL) Vogel
  11. I see I’m not the norm. I’m not even a norm.
  12. I - see - nuu - th - ing! (Sgt Schultz voice)
  13. My bad. I didn’t see it in the pic. Whoops!
  14. AND WHERES THE LAVA LAMP. Just had to shout about that gross omission.
  15. It must be 25 years since I bought my little Fender Frontman. It makes the Champ look like a big Marshall stack. Lol On my own or jamming with a few friends it’s more than enough for me. I hate ear bleeding volumes too.
  16. Having gone from an long term constant user of SONAR/Cakewalk and a frequent contributor to the forums to now being infrequent user/contributor, I want to express my appreciation for the ongoing support given to the the development of the Cakewalk (byBandlab) DAW as well as the forum and how information is presented. Kudos to Noel B for leading a great team of devs. And of course the Beta testing team who are an oft under appreciated group. The constant development in features and bug fixes is very noticeable across the board and while there’s a few of the oldies left dispensing advice from their years of experience its also great to see the number of not as familiar names who are regularly contributing to educate less well informed members. Keep up the great work.
  17. All the best for Jami’s ongoing recovery and health.
  18. How on earth can you make music in such neatness? I mean you can not only see all your equipment, you can reach it as well. What a disgusting example of tidy.
  19. Someone said the other day that “ a fart is a turd screaming to be released”. You know what I say to that? Frrrrrrttttt!
  20. My constant companions when reclined in front of the eejut box.
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