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  1. Yes, Sonitus will, as would any paid for plug like Z3TA-2 But there are many that should no longer be available - the Bluetubes Suite, Dimension Pro, SD3, Rapture etc
  2. You do realise that by uninstalling Sonar you've lost all your previously paid for plugins (paid as part of the program)
  3. Hmm. I've just bought a 3rd Gen Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 (brand new) Plugged it in, it downloaded the latest driver directly from the Focusrite website and I was up and running in minutes Good latency figures, good pre-amps, loads of IO, including Midi IO Works perfectly for my needs
  4. l'll post this in case anyone else falls foul of it I've been going through every project that I intend to keep, verifying that it's all ok, no missing plugins or anything, and there was this one project which wouldn't play a couple of patches A search of my system revealed they weren't anywhere on my Samples Drive had installed everything from the CCC and double checked it back to My Products in my account After much head scratching and investigation, it turns out these patches were included on 2 Free expansion packs, which do NOT get listed in the CCC or your account Once installed, the project was fine
  5. Me again 😂 Does anyone know whether R-Mix was a plugin that shipped with X2 or was it part of the core program?
  6. No, it wasn't a stupid idea, because I didn't 😩as soon as I did it was fine But thanks anyway John
  7. Or I guess that's what it is I was bitten by the Windows update bug and had to reinstall the Driver for my Focusrite 18i20 All projects were originally recorded @ 44.1KHz, now they are all playing back at a higher pitch and faster The Focusrite driver reports 44.1, everything in Sonar reports 44.1, and I believe windows is also set to 44.1 So what is the solution?
  8. Thanks Steve All present & correct What an utterly ball-aching job this is Still, I'm getting there, albeit slowly
  9. Another weird one. Just loaded up a couple of old projects and they both complain that the PC4K S-Type Chan Compressor is missing The Bus version is available as a PC Module but not the Chan Any ideas where that could be hiding?
  10. You can also make your selection, then click "Selection" in the Export Module of the Command Bar, top left
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