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  1. Bristol_Jonesey

    Sad Day

    It certainly has that melancholy feel I'm sure you were going for Nicely done John
  2. Here's a piece that's nearly finished. Just got to revise a few articulations This is from a much longer 2CD project which is prog orientated but wit h a couple of orchestral pieces thrown in for good measure This number is meant to invoke a feeling of war Let me know what you think Only instruments used are EWQLSO Platinum, No other Fx at all
  3. That's really helpful 🤷‍♂️
  4. Well the one thing you cannot do in Cakewalk is to simply "skip" over one section only to resume playback/recording at a later time The only way around this that I can think of would be to use the arranger so that the bits you want to record vocals over are right next to each other and then move them back afterwards
  5. Quick question - are these plugins 32 bit or 64 bit? Thanks
  6. Pretty sure you can't do that Best place to audition a note is in the PRV (Piano Roll View)
  7. Which input are you plugging into on the Focusrite? What happens if you go straight into the Focusrite?
  8. Ah, which lines are we talking about? At the top or in the body of the clip If it's the clip I agree, clip automation But you do have punch points enabled as well which might interfere with your recordings
  9. Tedious Yeah, before we had the luxury of Articulation Maps, I used drum map for mapping articulations for EWQLSO Platinum Orchestra From memory, I had to set up 34 different maps, all manually.
  10. You can set one up yourself under Keyboard Shortcuts
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