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  1. It's possible you have two notes of the same key overlapping where the end of one note runs into the beginning of another See if there are any like that and shorten the end of the first note to create a small gap
  2. It saves a lot of work, but I still prefer the look of the Drum Map
  3. Yep, that's my understanding I've no idea why maps that at one time did load with the project are no longer there I'l do some more digging tonight, see what I can come up with Thanks for your input guys
  4. Opened up an old project I've neglected for months. All plugins loaded correctly. It contained, amongst other, a fully loaded instance of EWQL Play along with all the articulations for about 8 or 9 instruments So far so good Each EW instrument had 3 separate tracks in CbB - an audio track, Midi track, and all of the keyswitches for each instrument in it's own drum map track Problem #1 - only about 3 of the ks tracks now contains a drum map Problem #2 - none of my prebuilt drum maps area avialable in the drum map menu Problem #3 - one of the maps which does load is triggering BFD3, not EWQL Problem #4 related to #3 - right clicking any of the mapped notes and selecting Map Properties does nothing. It *should* be sowing a small dialog box where you can edit individual notes, but not now. I'm certainly not new to editing drum maps and know my way around them quite comfortably, but this has got me stumped Not sure how to resolve this without rebuilding the tracks from scratch. I do have a template that could be imported Any feedback would be gratefully received.
  5. Bruce, try selecting Main Outs in the export dialog box, not master mix or entire mix.
  6. On the subject of graphics cards, as was noted above, anything half decent will be fine as Cakewalk isn't heavily dependent on it. Just make sure you get a passively cooled one i.e. a heatsink - no fans! Eliminate as much noise as possible
  7. Use control & shift while dragging the tracks to your new destination Control is for copy, shift locks vertical position. You can if you want omit the control and just move/drag the existing tracks
  8. I find it's enough to select a clip - any clip - and slip edit the right hand edge of it to a point where all sounds have reached their final decay
  9. Where are you setting it? It usually needs to be set in the synth you're driving
  10. A friend of mine was diagnosed over 20 years ago He's now a lot less mobile than he was but apart from that he's pretty good
  11. One easy monitor test - power them down and listen through phones. Hum still there?
  12. Remove silence should work provided you set a sensible threshold
  13. It sounds like you're talking about Midi events yes? If so, it's possible you've got doubled notes in the pasted sections. Open up the track in Staff View. Any doubled notes will appear obvious
  14. I'd say it has absolutely nothing to do with sample rates and it's really down to the skill of the mix engineer. What sort of instrumentation are you using?
  15. Thanks Steve. I'll have a go with these
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