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  1. Yep, lowering all your tracks is the way to go.
  2. Doesn't Bounce to Track create a new track, complete with edits?
  3. I've got a 5 watt Blackstar as well - it's far too loud for a bedroom studio
  4. This is them most plausible method by far. Be interesting to start the re-install with your internet switched off, see how far it gets.
  5. I set mine to alt + t Preferences > Customization > Keyboard Shortcuts Set the Area filter to Global Bindings, scroll down to Process > Transpose Select the desire key combination from the left hand list, then hit Bind & Ok You can also add this to the custom module in the Control Bar
  6. What options are you choosing in the Export dialog? How may pairs of outputs are routed out of your interface?
  7. You will find that many plugins have a "Sweet Spot" where they only function properly over a narrow range of inputs Drive it too hot and it distorts. Don't drive it hard enough and it sounds wimpy and prone to noise Using the input gain is a good way (and for those plugins without their own input gain, the only way) to get the plugin to respond in a "musical" way This is part of a larger topic known as gain staging, where the gain of your signal is controlled tightly from input all the way through to your monitors Read up on gain staging and it will invariably start by talking about input gain
  8. The best advice I would give is to uninstall everything Then install Splat including all the goodies ,then install CbB Splat will take a LOT longer for the full installation compared to CbB
  9. Thanks for the link Steve Do you recommend installing X2a as well as X2??
  10. So...... I've got all my Splat installs ready to go from the CCC. No problem there I do not have X2 in CCC, but I *do* have the original installer .exe I only need X2 for a handful of plugins + V-Vocal Is it necessary to install the updates to X2 (was it X2A?) or will the base installation suffice I do not intend to use X2 for any project related work Thanks
  11. Yes I just wanted to check you were selecting "Save as Type > Template" in the Save as dialog box and that you then navigated to your templates folder
  12. Check to see if there any Punch Points enabled
  13. I haven't set foot in the studio for a year. I had started to suffer from lack of motivation and this happened to coincide with lots of other personal stuff going on and only now, am I beginning to miss it But I know the first thing I've got to do (after making sure it all works) is to install all the software I need onto a separate Win 10 disc which has been ready to fo for ages That won't take 5 minutes 😅 😅😅
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