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  1. Hi All A couple of days ago my laptop decided to disable the onboard sound device (Realtek) This *seems* to coincide with a Windows Update, but I'm not 100% sure of this I only use this laptop with CbB as a testbed for plugins etc so a decent interface is neither desirable or necessary But, try as I might, I cannot get the Realtek to install again The speaker icon in the system try has an X next to it, and going into sounds playback it lists 4 items, all the same, Digital Audio (HDMI). High Definition Audio Device not plugged in Disabling this in Device Manager makes no difference - they come back after a reboot Thing is, this laptop doesn't even have a HMDI port Last night I reloaded Windows and briefy, the Realtek came back and was working, but again, after rebooting, they disappear So I'm going round in circles with this one - any ideas anyone? Thanks
  2. Yes that is odd. Bouncing to clips works without even having to invoke Ripple Edit
  3. Editing in the Tempo Track is very similar to editing automation envelopes
  4. If Ripple Editing is not working then I would respectfully suggest you're doing something wrong Identify where the project ends, as described earlier Select all In the timeline, drag across where YOU want it to end and the actual end Turn on Ripple Edit Hit delete Turn off Ripple Edit
  5. Tempo track is here, above the tracks
  6. Turn the clip into a groove clip and just drag it out for as many bars as you want 2 clicks
  7. It might not work in the clip you're changing the Edit Filter on is already set to whatever it is you want to change them to.
  8. Select all tracks, use the control key and choose what you want from the Event Filter
  9. No. They all work independently. The best you can do is to get one set up exactly like you want it, then use "Duplicate Screenset To" and make the changes to your meters on the duplicates
  10. You don't need a keyboard shortcut if you use Screensets in the way I described Nothing can be quicker than typing '1' or '2' (NOT the numeric keypad - the numbers on the top row!!)
  11. Doesn't sound like a bug. I think this is just a limitation of using Instrument tracks rather than split I always use split and puta ll my Midi tracks into their own folder so that they can be easily hidden in Track View
  12. I usually put an EQ with a HPF before the verb to tame the mud, and sometimes a LPF after the verb to kill excessive highs
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