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  1. Bristol_Jonesey

    All exports are distorting and clipping

    Bruce, try selecting Main Outs in the export dialog box, not master mix or entire mix.
  2. Bristol_Jonesey

    new member with no idea

    On the subject of graphics cards, as was noted above, anything half decent will be fine as Cakewalk isn't heavily dependent on it. Just make sure you get a passively cooled one i.e. a heatsink - no fans! Eliminate as much noise as possible
  3. Bristol_Jonesey

    multiple wave file imports - combining issue

    Use control & shift while dragging the tracks to your new destination Control is for copy, shift locks vertical position. You can if you want omit the control and just move/drag the existing tracks
  4. Bristol_Jonesey

    Help when Exporting Mix Audio cuts off the end shorter?

    I find it's enough to select a clip - any clip - and slip edit the right hand edge of it to a point where all sounds have reached their final decay
  5. Where are you setting it? It usually needs to be set in the synth you're driving
  6. Bristol_Jonesey

    The Hits Keep Coming

    A friend of mine was diagnosed over 20 years ago He's now a lot less mobile than he was but apart from that he's pretty good
  7. Bristol_Jonesey

    Hum In Monitors

    One easy monitor test - power them down and listen through phones. Hum still there?
  8. Bristol_Jonesey

    How to clean audio tracks automatically

    Remove silence should work provided you set a sensible threshold
  9. Bristol_Jonesey

    Copy/Paste Issue...

    It sounds like you're talking about Midi events yes? If so, it's possible you've got doubled notes in the pasted sections. Open up the track in Staff View. Any doubled notes will appear obvious
  10. Bristol_Jonesey

    Space In Mixes

    I'd say it has absolutely nothing to do with sample rates and it's really down to the skill of the mix engineer. What sort of instrumentation are you using?
  11. Bristol_Jonesey

    Plugin List

    Thanks Steve. I'll have a go with these
  12. Bristol_Jonesey

    Plugin List

    Hi Mark I'll give that a go and see what it comes up with To give you a bit of background, I've just had a 2nd SSD fitted so I can boot into either Win7 or Win10 At the moment, there is absolutely nothing on the Win10 system and I want it to mirror the Win7 system but also to take the opportunity to tidy up and not install certain 3rd part plugins that I no longer use, mainly freebies The good thing about it is that all of my huge sample libraries are already on a seaprate HDD which is visible to both systems. There are a few Cakewalk plugins I need from way back so I'm going to have to dig out my original install discs
  13. Bristol_Jonesey

    Plugin List

    Hi everyone Does anyone have, or know of, a spreadsheet or other tool which will scan your vst paths for a list of installed plugins, along with their paths, plugin types etc I know a few years ago Bitflipper created one but I no longer have access to the machine it was copied to, and I'm guessing even if i did. it wouldn't run on CbB? Thanks
  14. Bristol_Jonesey

    Fix for latency?

    Bypass all your Fx (hit 'e') Is the latency the same?
  15. Bristol_Jonesey

    midi stuck notes

    Overlapping notes have been known to cause this