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  1. I would also run any de-esser on individual tracks, not submixes
  2. No it's better to work on shorter clips so what you're doing in this regard is correct What you probably need to do is when you've finished editing a clip is to right click it, go into Region Fx > Melodyne and choose Render Region Fx
  3. Play engine, as mentioned above
  4. No but you need a drum vsti loaded before you can map anything
  5. This is exactly what I do. Plug in for updates or authorisations, then unplug
  6. As 57Gregy pointed out, that was/is the original title. I might edit it to reflect the actual problem
  7. Yes, you will always be using Screenset #1 even if you don't actively use them.
  8. All sorted. Must have been a loose USB cable on one of my external HDD's Only 1 of 2 was showing up in File Explorer so I just disconnected & reconnected and both appeared in FE, and the beeping sound went Thanks all
  9. That's worth checking Dave! I knew I'd heard it before, at least I now have something to investigate Thanks
  10. Yep, I tried that Dave, but nothing untoward even registers I should add, it happens whether the pc is online or offline
  11. But I figured you guys might know what's going on. I've not been if the studio for a few weeks but decided to today I updated CbB and started listening to my WIP album, when I heard a strange beep 30 seconds or so later I heard it again I shut everything down, rebooted the pc at which point I was prompted to do a Windows update, which I did 30 minutes later it had finished, so I rebooted, updated CbB, refreshed my activation and tried again The beep is STILL there, repeating every 30 seconds or so I've checked all Windows notifications (that's what it sounds like) but nothing It happens even with CbB shut down and no other apps running, just a Windows desktop Have a listen to the attached file which I uploaded from my phone This has got me stumped. I don't know if it will find it's way onto recordings but it's really annoying Recording_1.wav
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