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  1. Select all (ctrl + a) Then in the timeline swipe across from 40:04:720 through to measure 59 Enable Rippled Edit All Delete Switch Ripple edit off If it's just an Export Problem you can still do the control + a Then in the timeline swipe across from 01:01:000 through to measure 40:04:720 Now do your export
  2. This will work provided you don't have any volume automation on your tracks
  3. Personally I'd use Offset Mode and lower all your Tracks by 6dB. Don't forget to switch it off afterwards!
  4. How are you trying to load it? Drum Replacer can only be applied via Region Fx
  5. My mistake Thanks for the correction John
  6. The basic rule is, you only ever dither ONCE and that is when you go from a higher bit rate to a lower one - 24 to 16 Keep everything at your higher rate until the mix is totally finished and then export at 16bit 44.1KHz WITH dither for CD quality wav files
  7. There are a few things you need to do before you can export successfully: Make sure all of you tracks are routed either to an intermediate buss, like drums, guitars etc Make sure all your intermediate busses are routed to your Master bus Then you can simply select all (ctrl + a) Then hit File > Export There are several options in the dialog that need setting appropriately as well as choose where the export goes on your pc
  8. You can drag the divider at the bottom of the articulation pane downwards to open up a new lane Load the other map here. Should work, I think
  9. Record at 24, render at 32. You only need worry about going down to 16 bit for CD on your final, and I mean FINAL export when you use dither to go down to 16bit Using a render depth of 32 bit gives you much more mathematical precision
  10. Where does the Now time end up when you hit ctrl + end?
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