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  1. Sony CD Architect. It's not free and is not easy to find but it's the dogs doodahs
  2. If you're recording an mice'd up amplifier, you must plug the mic into a mic input - not line, not inst. And if it's a phantom powered mic, switch the power to it on AFTER you've plugged the mic in
  3. Not really, but then again you don't need to, provided you've chosen the relevant options when inserting TTS-1 or any other soft synth Inserting the synth like this will expose all the audio tracks (24 - 31) for you and you can insert Fx directly into the track FX bin or use the Pro Channel The one thing you cannot do is apply clip Fx, not until you freeze the synth
  4. All you need to do is slip edit your midi clip for as long as the tail lasts.
  5. If you're using soft synths, try freezing them rather than bouncing to audio
  6. I run EWQLSO and my typical template is 135 tracks It's never used more than 9Gb of RAM in my 32Gb system The biggest improvement in speed was moving all the sample libraries over to a 1Tb SSD Load time dropped from about 9 minutes to 90 seconds
  7. Those aren't files, they're folders I used to have a Saffire 6 and had no problem with the ASIO driver which is always infinitely preferable to MME. Why didn't it work?
  8. If you can wrap your head around the concept, using Drum Maps for mapping articulations in CbB is a very elegant solution For each instrument track, say 16v, you need 3 tracks - a pair of traditional audio + midi tracks plus an additional midi track set to the drum map This way, in the prv, you can view all available artics in the drum map and immediately below it, the other midi track for your note data
  9. What made the difference for me was learning how to use drum maps as a means for entering articulations in a separate area of the screen but totally in sync with the note data, viewed underneath the drum map I work exclusively in the prv for all orchestral work
  10. Nope, works as expected here I've been using the Velocity plugin for years without issue
  11. Issue 1 - Apply Trimming after quantize Issue 2 - Turn the clip into a groove clip, then just drag it out as far as you want
  12. So how you do you eliminate the unavoidable latency introduced by look ahead plugins?
  13. Can you actually see the Fx bin? A screenshot would be useful
  14. Yes, Sonitus will, as would any paid for plug like Z3TA-2 But there are many that should no longer be available - the Bluetubes Suite, Dimension Pro, SD3, Rapture etc
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