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  1. Set workspaces to none. Pretty sure Control Bar placement is independent of screensets
  2. If you engage offset mode at some point in the future, all non-adjusted faders will jump to 0dB whilst the ones you have adjusted will show it's new value View it in Console View to see what's going on
  3. This sort of thing can easily be done using offset mode. Switch on Offset Mode Raise TRACK FADER by 0.5dB Switch off offset Mode
  4. Craig, when you did it by Copy + Paste ,you didn't select a track before pasting When you used cut, you selected track 8 - why? What happens when you don't select a track?
  5. Work perfectly here I downloaded your track, inserted TTS-1 and it picked up all of your tracks
  6. You would OPEN a Project template but you would IMPORT a Track Template Only you would know what you've done 🙃
  7. 1 is the default screenset. If you do change it, just hit 1 again and it will revert
  8. Turn Snap off altogether ('n' key to toggle)
  9. In addition to the screenset advice, make sure your Workspace is set to "None"
  10. This bit is totally wrong I've never need Write on in order for Read to work. Let me say this politely - you're doing something wrong
  11. Sony CD Architect. It's not free and is not easy to find but it's the dogs doodahs
  12. If you're recording an mice'd up amplifier, you must plug the mic into a mic input - not line, not inst. And if it's a phantom powered mic, switch the power to it on AFTER you've plugged the mic in
  13. Not really, but then again you don't need to, provided you've chosen the relevant options when inserting TTS-1 or any other soft synth Inserting the synth like this will expose all the audio tracks (24 - 31) for you and you can insert Fx directly into the track FX bin or use the Pro Channel The one thing you cannot do is apply clip Fx, not until you freeze the synth
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