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  1. Also, once the nodes have been added, you can drag the section upwards with the ctrl key
  2. Set Workspaces to "none" Assuming your current screenset (usually #1) isn't locked, all setting will be retained when saving
  3. Screensets will do this, as will Workspaces I find Screensets a little more intuitive, but your mileage may vary
  4. Should all be available in the Cakewalk Command Centre (CCC)
  5. Clipping at track level really makes no difference as you are not clipping your converters ** You can prove it by boosting the input signal to a ridiculous level, and as long as it's brought under control BEFORE it hits your mains, it will not sound distorted Clipping at the main outs is bad and this is what you need to avoid ** nothwithstanding the fact that clipping is bad for gain staging and the effect on plugins further down the chain
  6. You need to render the clip before evaluating it
  7. I use screensets all the time but cannot replicate the problem you describe above Sorry to be of no help ☹️
  8. Just an idea - open it in X3 and do a "save as" with a new name Try and open that in CbB You might also benefit from selecting all clips and do a bounce to clip before saving
  9. Hi All A couple of days ago my laptop decided to disable the onboard sound device (Realtek) This *seems* to coincide with a Windows Update, but I'm not 100% sure of this I only use this laptop with CbB as a testbed for plugins etc so a decent interface is neither desirable or necessary But, try as I might, I cannot get the Realtek to install again The speaker icon in the system try has an X next to it, and going into sounds playback it lists 4 items, all the same, Digital Audio (HDMI). High Definition Audio Device not plugged in Disabling this in Device Manager makes no difference - they come back after a reboot Thing is, this laptop doesn't even have a HMDI port Last night I reloaded Windows and briefy, the Realtek came back and was working, but again, after rebooting, they disappear So I'm going round in circles with this one - any ideas anyone? Thanks
  10. Yes that is odd. Bouncing to clips works without even having to invoke Ripple Edit
  11. Editing in the Tempo Track is very similar to editing automation envelopes
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