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  1. Honestly Ed, the difference was night & day for me. But they're not cheap! But the nice thing about these is that if I have a test in the future and my hearing has changed again, their software can produce a new compensation curve and reprogram both aids. Smart stuff
  2. Could be an interesting development I recently had a hearing test, only to discover that the top end has rolled off significantly and I'll be wearing hearing aids from Thursday of this week I'm dreading listening to my mixes and finding that I've over compensated in my mixes and added to much HF The Audiologist let me wear an identical pair to the ones I'm getting (they are fully programmable via Bluetooth) and WOW! What a difference they made. I guess I'll have to also train my wife into not having to repeat everything she says 😂and also turn the TV down Anyone else with a similar tale?
  3. That is probably one of the most bizarre posts I've ever read, and it's not from a newbie.
  4. Can you elaborate on this? I find what you're saying/asking is confusing
  5. 1. Connect to the internet 2. Open up CbB 3. Click Help > Refresh Activation
  6. Right click the clip and select "Apply Trimming"
  7. I had and still have exactly the same problem with Pentagon I modified the Registry settings as shown above but it will still never open properly I do have some older projects that use several Pentagon patches which I've mothballed in the vain hope there might be a solution someday
  8. Collapse all Tracks, then assign it to an unused screenset, then you can toggle between it and any other screenset
  9. The biggest surprise of all was to learn about a year ago that Rachel is profoundly blind!!
  10. The space reserved for the Fx Bin is dynamic - it will grow as you add more plugs
  11. I would also run any de-esser on individual tracks, not submixes
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