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  1. Where did you read it's going to be a paid subscription?
  2. No, not seeing that here. I'm on version 2024.05 build 493 if that helps
  3. Yes, provided the individual plugins are still available.
  4. Can't remember if I've ever had any sort of notification form Bandlab or Cakewalk, so I concur with you guys
  5. You should also consider whether the timing needs correcting or not. If it's not audible and just looks off, leave it alone.
  6. Download and install Product Center. Install Next from there
  7. This suggests strongly that being online 24/7 negates the need to activate "manually"
  8. Ribbon mics often have quite a low volume and usually need a hefty pre-amp to bolster it
  9. Which microphone? Is it USB or does it connect via a XLR? If it's a condenser mic, have you switched on phantom power?
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