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  1. Are there any more kit pieces below the ones currently shown? If not, try dragging bottom of the grid upwards. I'm still not in my studio yet so can't confrim if this will help or not
  2. Another way to add hits is just to double click on the kit piece & time selection you want.
  3. That is the prv representation of the underlying drum map - not the map itself. See my 2nd post above. This is where you can add, amend, edit, delete
  4. You can't just "drop in" a kick drum and expect it to populate. It must be added to the underlying drum map. Here you can change the relative position of each kit piece and assign I/O channels and several other parameters I'll try and dig out a screenshot later on today when I'm back in the studio
  5. Windows 11 on my laptop works perfectly with Cakewalk straight out of the box - no tweaking at all
  6. Can you post a screenshot of Track View, showing both recordings
  7. Did you record as stereo or mono? (did you end up with a single waveform for each track or 2?) What is the track interleave set to?
  8. After arming the track, did you press 'R' for record?
  9. I don't know if this helps or not, but did you switch the Edit Filter from Transients back to Clips before bouncing?
  10. I still reckon this is the easiest way Just type 110 in the lower Limit box
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