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  1. Could anyone please explain why an event drawn on the controller lane in the piano roll ends up offset from the point it is drawn. I have no snap-to settings enabled and it doesn't happen all the time. Using the latest version. It must be something obvious I'm missing.
  2. I'm having a similar problem with the latest 1909 update. After installing this update and running the VST scan, only the plugins from the shared DXi folder are available. All other plugins and synths are not found when trying to load an existing project. The synth and effects menus show only CbB internal synths and plugins. SONAR X1 still works properly even after running the scan.
  3. Thanks Milton. My problem is slightly different but it may be related. I recently ran the June 1909 Windows update. CbB was working until I installed a new VST and ran the VST scanner. The scanner found all VSTs according to the VST log, but afterward I had two CbB crashes. Now CbB sees only its own DXi's and all other third-party synths and plugins are not found.
  4. I uninstalled the Ample Semihollow. That VST was what precipitated this I think. According to the guys at AmpleSound, the original crash may have been due to its dependence on OpenGL. I subsequently turned it off, but it made no difference -- CbB still crashed when I tried again. So then their theory was that the VST3 version was causing the problem, so I deleted that and rescanned the VSTs. At that point, the menu problem arose. One or both of the crashes probably had already done the damage. The CbB crashes, whatever the cause, were hard. There was no dump, just a long pause, then CbB was gone.
  5. Here is the reg export. I changed the extension to txt. Cakewalk VST X64 Inventory.txt
  6. Thanks Mark. I've tried 1. and 3. more than once with the same outcome. I think that may meet the definition of insanity.
  7. Thanks. I tried that. It created what looks like a baseline library dated 2016. Still no luck with the 3rd party plugs and synths. I restored yesterday's library with same negative outcome.
  8. Thanks so much for your persistence with this. I'll follow up here when I get to the root cause.
  9. It is a mystery but I'm pretty sure they maintain a set of links to the various types of plugins, and the links to the internal ones are still intact but the 3rd party links are lost. This all started this morning when i fired up a project that had a new instrument (Ample Guitar SH). The plugin loaded, but when I clicked on track view to reset the position in the timeline, CbB hard crashed, no dump, and from then on, 3rd party plugins wouldn't show up. Ample Guitar support suggested I turn off OpenGL support in the plugin, which I did, but the plugin's were missing after that. I've now uninstalled the plugin and still get the same result. I think the crash damaged a reference entry somewhere, maybe in the registry or in a cache file, that is used to find the 3rd party plugins and that reference is missing or corrupt. Since I've been running OK for a few days, until this morning, on the latest rev of CbB, I am reluctant to back out to the previous version until I exhaust the possibilities with this revision. I just pinged support (I think) via Noel Borthwick's member page and got an automated response that asked me for more information. I hope they are responsive as you have been!
  10. I am current on all .NET/VS libraries through 2019, etc. and back to 2005, as that is my primary development environment. I stay current on all updates for business reasons. I also noticed that the standard SONAR effects are available in the FX popup menu. It's the 3rd party VSTs (2 and 3) synths and effects plugins that are not found.
  11. the registry doesn't appear to be corrupt. the vsts are there, along with the plugin paths. it's pretty clear there is a link somewhere in the CbB architecture that connects the registry entries with the software and that link is broken. The VST scanner is a separate thing and it knows where to look. BTW, i tried restoring the Library.db file from yesterday's backup, thinking that was the link, but it didn't have any effect.
  12. Yes i have them but they don't work anymore. I just created a new one, but it doesn't work either. I tried SONAR X1 just to see if this is a global problem, but X1 sees the plugins just fine. I'm a software developer. Usually i can suss out the missing connection but my intuition is failing me here!!
  13. Is there no other technical support besides the forum?
  14. Same results. VST scans successful, but only DXi's showing. I'm out of ideas now too. Don't know enough about CBB architecture to dig in further. Thanks a lot for your help. You've been great.
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