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  1. You might find this topic of interest:
  2. What you have now -- PRVColorizeVelocity=0 -- is what I suggested. What you had before -- ExceptionHandlingSeverity=7 -- serves a different but occasionally useful purpose for troubleshooting, so you can also set that too if you need it.
  3. Sorry for the sloppy highlighting. You need to create an entry for "PRVColorizeVelocity=0". This turns off the effect of velocity on the color of the notes in PRV.
  4. Try these things in preferences. They may help somewhat: and make this smaller:
  5. @DeeringAmpsThanks for the reply. It's probably worth one more (the third) try to see if it persists. I know now to check the install log to see if there was some hidden failure.
  6. If you are trying to use the VST3 version, copy it into the "Common Files\VST3" main folder and rerun the VST scan. IIRC, it won't run from the "BBC Symphony Orchestra XXX (64 Bit).vst3" subfolder that is created when you install it.
  7. I just attempted to update the RME driver for my BF Pro from 1.227 to v1.246. When I start CbB, it no longer finds the audio device and does not recognize that there is an ASIO driver. I backed out to 1.227 and functionality is restored. Has anyone else encountered this?
  8. @David Baay it looks like your suspicion about its being related to a plugin was correct. I finally traced the scrub issue down to plugins on my monitor buss. One is the SoundID Reference plugin. When I disable it, the scrub works as expected in TV. Ozone 11 also causes a lockup. FabFilter plugins do not as far as I can determine. The unlatched scrub mode is the way to go to avoid the problem since the tool state reverts to the last tool selected.
  9. In my case, it is quite predictable when I have several (i.e., maybe 20) VI tracks, not when it's just audio tracks. I don't even have to click in the time line. Just mousing over it will do it. In that screen shot I posted earlier, that was a mouse-over, not a click. During the freeze the mouse is "stuck" in the timeline and can't be moved out of it.
  10. Try loading in safe mode and don't load any plugins. If that works, then try this technique suggested by @bitflipper
  11. It's Ctrl+PgUp (back) and Ctrl+PgDn(forward) to move by measure.
  12. @Noel Borthwick Yes I did exactly that: used the sign-in from within CbB. It has always worked before. Here's the Fiddler results: Here's the result: Here's the URL of the above response page: https://localhost:4342/callback?code=eE5QUUdXbGJKZHplUkpkZTg5TGxKVS92M1JDTWFJb3JsbmlSQnBjVmJqMUFLa0ZOZFN0YnoyaGw1Yjd2WU0vV1M1Sk03bk5ZNFF6NjRweXRhSkdWL1J3TUhxU3VHdVJRR1F0c2RIekpNVlU9&scope=openid offline_access&session_state=dDrbvPPBPKyg1hkGM1CRSSGdbi5YJO1NHBk0dAEVzQo.38D62EAEB9F44F43EB1E6B6D32FDE340
  13. @Noel Borthwick Tried this but am getting Error code: 400
  14. Just a wild guess, but this could be a pitch wheel problem.
  15. Just to be clear Just to be clear, upgrading, or even uninstalling and reinstalling CbB, will not delete your project files or project folder(s). If they are gone, it is for some other reason. Search your entire system for whatever project type you saved them as: "*.cwp", "*.cwb", "*.mid", "*.bun".
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