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  1. Magic Dice is the little son of Space Out, to download it here, along with others for free. Baby Audio freebies
  2. 2RuleSynth: 2 Independent Oscillators Waveforms: Sine, Saw, Triangle, Square, White Noise. Controls: Waveform, Mode, Fine-Tune, Octave. Each Oscillators has its own filter , amp and filter ADSR and LFOs ADSR Controls: Depth, Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release. LFOs for amp, filter and pitch syncable to tempo Ring algorithm Osc1 x Osc2 FM modulator Oscillator 1 modulates Oscillator 2. Self resonance Moog type filter Low Pass,High Pass, Band Pass for each oscillator Mono/Polyphonic control. Spectrum and Wave Windows Reverb Delay syncable to tempo Chorus Waveshape distortion 8 note polyphonic operation. Preset randomize button 49 factory presets (some suitable for Musique concrète) 2rulesynth
  3. Thanks for putting the link I forgot, although the people in this forum are smart and I don't think I need it.
  4. We have updated DUNE 3 to version 3.5. This update adds a new patch browser, drag&drop modulation, and a number of detail improvements: VST3 version for Apple M1 machines added. Improved look and feel of the MSEGs. Maximum polyphony increased from 16 to 24. Genetics function to create new patches from existing ones. Support for polyphonic aftertouch via the mod matrix. New compressor mode, "Punch". New patches added to the factory library. Better memory usage. Each new plug-in instance consumes significantly less memory than v3.4. The upgrade is free for registered DUNE 3 customers, and can be downloaded from the User area page. DUNE 2 customers may still upgrade from the Shop page.
  5. It's always free, it's part of the free plugin pack. Free pack BlueCat
  6. I fear the worst ... these failures could mean a subscription or something similar to the Waves Update Plan. 🤣
  7. Installing and working perfectly, the piano sounds great and I really like the effects it brings. This is what Spitfire Labs should be
  8. Really? Asking $ 149 for an expansion seems more usury than anything else.
  9. Falcon has also been updated to version 2.5.1
  10. New Audio Damage delay with the name "Other Desert Cities" cool name. 59 $ intro offer. https://www.audiodamage.com/collections/software/products/ad054-other-desert-cities
  11. Carlos  Iglesias

    Windows 11

    Microsoft and its stupid requirements. I will stay on Windows 10 until end of support.
  12. They are geniuses, now subscription for the same plugins as always and they still tell you "lifetime plugins updates"
  13. Gearspace.com and TBProAudio announces GSat+ FREE Advanced Saturation Plug-In https://gearspace.com/board/new-product-alert/1349464-gearspace-com-tbproaudio-announces-gsat-free-advanced-saturation-plug.html
  14. I do not understand do they send you the box or do they send you the serial number?
  15. We are thrilled to offer the OneKnob Wetter ($49 value) plugin by Waves Audio as a FREE download for all Bedroom Producers Blog readers from May 28th until June 3rd, 2021. The free licenses will be delivered on June 5th, 2021.https://bedroomproducersblog.com/2021/05/27/waves-oneknob-free/
  16. We went down from 50% to 30% and now 25% Presonus no longer cool.
  17. Akai Mpc beats keeps crashing version after version and I don't know if it's a Cakewalk or Akai problem it's really frustrating.
  18. Is Timeless 3 They just announced it on their facebook page.
  19. This is great news and if prices were lowered they would be the perfect company
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