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  1. No resized Gui, no Vst 3 I read made by Magix and now I understand everything.
  2. Merry Christmas everyone, especially cclarry. Special mention to Waves
  3. While Arturia releases its plugin, Waves has sent 10 coupons, 8 offers and two new versions: 14 and 15.
  4. The world is ending, Sinevibes plugins are coming to Windows. Sinevibes
  5. Don't ask me why I keep buying Waves plugins, nor does my psychiatrist know the answer. I have purchased Scheps Omni Channel.
  6. It's mine!!!! I have no disk space I damn my luck 😀
  7. They always put them at very affordable prices. Great company.
  8. Honestly, every day that goes by I get more and more tired of all this. Seriously thinking about giving only money to small developers and forget about all these sharks that want your money month after month.
  9. Too expensive even with the discount.
  10. Thank you Waves now I have WaveShell 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 I'm happy.
  11. On the Sonuscore page they are offering it to 49 without additional purchase.
  12. Maybe what they should put is 50% without a minimum purchase, if that was the case, I would buy it without hesitation, but spend 99 + 49 No.
  13. Inspirata immersive, Inspirarata Proffessional, Inspirata Personal..........Inspirata Lite.....Inspirata Lite upgrade.....
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