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  1. This what about using buses for drums, bass, guitar, etc and then you can turn off the tracks unless you need them.
  2. I don't remember Sound Blasters being recommended for an audio machine for a long time. What is your budget and how many inputs and outputs do you need?
  3. The screenshot is too small to read could you add a larger version? It will also help if you add the details of your system and audio interface along with the version of Cakewalk you are running.
  4. I still do not understand why you cannot download this yourself? If you have the ability to download install from a link someone sends you verses downloading from the Bandlab via the Assistant is not much of a difference.
  5. I did the cross grade to to Studio One and never really got on with it even after migrating the projects I was working on. I also own Reaper, Ableton Live and FLStudio and use them for different tasks. But to finish tracks off I normally end up using CbB because it just feels right to me.
  6. I have not had any issues other than having to manually download Assistant then everything was fine. I have seen a couple of reports of CbB hanging on start but that seems to be an issue with the audio interface.
  7. What are the specs of your machine and audio interface?
  8. Could you try starting with out the Mackie Onyx plugged in?
  9. I have two machines with CbB installed and I've not seen this on Windows 10. What are you system specs and audio interface?
  10. There is a slider but it will depend on what view you have selected in the drop down at the top of the tracks and if there are any sends added to the track. The drop down by default will say 'Custom' and I find the quickest way to check things is to select 'All'. If nothing is show you can add a send with a right click on the track details and select 'Insert Send'. I have added a screen shot showing the view drop down set to all and a send inserted on a track.
  11. The way CbB works means that you need the Bandlab Assistant for it to work and authorise else you won't be able to do much. The machine does not need to be permanently attached to the internet but it needs to be able to call home every now and again. I have the latest version installed but I did not keep the install files because of disk space.
  12. Unless you install Bandlab Assistant you will not be able to authorise Cakewalk so sending the install will not help you. The best thing to do is install Bandlab Assistant and let it handle the install and authorisation.
  13. Here's my Bandcamp page that most of the tracks were recorded and mixed in Sonar/CbB: https://karhide.bandcamp.com/
  14. Really liking the new forum! Thanks to all the Bandlab team for the great work!
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