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  1. Mix Recall stopped working, possibly with the 2019.01 update. In new projects and in existing projects with Scenes already saved, Mix Recall won't work. The Save Scene and Save as New Scene buttons are greyed-out, and the Recall Previous Scene button is lit but not functional. The drop down menu Save and Save As selections are shown, but they don't do anything. Reset Mix works as expected. Projects with existing Scenes show the scenes in the drop down, but clicking on them does nothing.
  2. -Control of Pro Channel modules with Softube Console 1 (the way it controls certain UAD plugins) or -Dedicated Pro Channel hardware control device Cakewalk previously worked with Softube for Console 1 integration and Pro Channel modules, it seems like much of the foundation has been poured. Flipping midi control surfaces to control plugins is hit or miss.
  3. CbB tech support answer was underwhelming:
  4. Audio metronome, no matter where its output is assigned, stops playing when any Aux track is soloed. The only workaround that I have found is to assign the audio metronome output to the Aux that will be soloed (and remember to re-assign or turn it off before bouncing...). Any confirmation or suggestions?
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