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  1. Hi I'm glad this has been fixed in the latest update. I'm looking forward for more accessibility features such as adjusting track parameters and effect parameters and having feedback when moving by bars in the project and I would like to move by beat as well. I'm still using CakeTalking for Sonar with Sonar 8.5 Producer. I also have Reaper but Sonar is what I'm so use to.
  2. I'm very excited that the plugin menus are now accessible with screen readers in the latest version of Cakewalke. Keep up the good work. I would love to control the track volume, gain and panning with hotkeys. It looks like a control surface is going to be the way to go since I have the BCF2000 for now. Now to learn the new keyboard shortcuts since Sonar 8.5
  3. Hi I'm very excited to here this I'm very patient I do also have Reaper with Osara. The reason why I want to use cakewalk is because It's free and I have over 3 albums of projects recorded and I want to play those songs live with my one-man-band project Piece of Bloody Steel. I play guitar and do vocals. It is a electronic death metal project. I use ezdrummer2 superior drummer2 and the roland tr-808 and 909 software composers. I was using the Mc-909 groove box for the electronics but have since moved on to using the real thing because I was using samples before.
  4. Hi the same thing happens when entering the effects list
  5. Hi I just installed Cakewalk on my new Laptop. I noticed that the softsynths aren't beeing read by nvda when arrowing through the list. So I have no idea where I'm at. It just says menu once I enter the list can this be fixed. It use to before and every since I used Sonar 8.5 which I still do to this day.
  6. Hi I use CakeTalking for Sonar. I have used it since 2010 I have since bought Reaper at the beginning of this year and it is awesome. I can't let Sonar go because I recorded 4 albums with it and 1 with Reaper. I would love to have CakeTalking redone with NVDA because that is what I use with Reaper. Their is an Addon for NVDA which is for the version of Sonar that I use but it only works on NVDA version 2019 and not the current one. I like that we can do some things in the current Cakewalk but that spoken feedback would be most helpful.
  7. Hi my name is Greg Steel and i'm totally blind. I use Cakewalk Sonar 8.5 Producer with CakeTalking from Dancing Dots. I have the Juno-DS-88 and I have ben looking for a .ins file for at least 2 years now since I got it for my 40th birthday. Thank you so very much for creating it. This just made my day!
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