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  1. I have had the same issue with the invisible blobs for years now. Melodyne doesn't always play nice with CbB, IMO. Ditto for reverting to the simple algorithm. And I'll add that it doesn't remember when I set the time division , I always have to reset it to the smallest (1/32 T or something like that). I find it disappointing that it doesn't work as advertised with CbB, everything works fine in their videos!
  2. Hi Daniel, That's the only way I can get it to work, too. It seems to be a "feature"! Timbo
  3. Here's an easy check: Start Task Manager (Ctrl-Shift-Esc) before you start CbB and click on the CPU column so it sorts high to low. Then open a project and switch to Task Manager and see if your virus scanner (or some other application) goes nuts on your CPU. Timbo
  4. Thanks for all the advice. And Merry Christmas!
  5. I agree with the OP, it is in a dangerous place on the menu. Perhaps keep it but move the Delete Alls to the bottom ... Timbo
  6. Thanks everyone for your thoughts. Timbo
  7. Thanks Jeremy and Andres, I was thinking that the special effects part with the sound editor was worth the extra $200. I like to play with (I'm a sucker for) effects and got caught by the video explaining it. Tim
  8. I've been working with the Editor version (Santa brought it last year) and people in my family think I've learned how to sing. At 64. Melodyne has an offer for Studio at $149 US which is $200 in Canada. Does anybody here use this product and if so how does it work with CbB? Is it worth it to pull the trigger? Ho ho ho, Timbo
  9. I forgot to say that you're a genius scook, thanks for the help.
  10. Lordy Scook, you've done it again! Thanks folks, Timbo
  11. Sorry, it just crashed my CbB, let me try.
  12. Yes, it's synced. Does that mean that it works for you?
  13. Hi all (again), So I'm still playing with Scaler 2. It's a VSTi that, among other things, is supposed to let you set up a bunch of chords in it (without copying to a MIDI track) and press play in the DAW and the chords play. All of this without copying the track to the MIDI track. My problem is that if I press play in Cakewalk with say 4 measures set to go in Scaler, the first chord chimes out but nothing else is heard. If I press the play button in Scaler, the 4 measures worth of chords play. Is there a setting I need to change in CbB to make this happen? i.e. press play when there is nothing else going on in the DAW (no audio, no other VSTis playing midi) and Scaler would play? If it does, I think Scaler would be a really useful piece of software to keep learning. Thanks to Scook, who probably be the first to answer!, Timbo PS I forgot to say that the workaround I've found is to record a blank audio track which forces CbB to play and thusly makes Scaler play as well ...
  14. Thanks for the answer but I think I didn't explain this properly: Whatever he does in the video actually inserts a new copy of Scaler as well with the same settings as the original Scaler. When I choose Duplicate Track, it just copies the audio or midi track and gives them the same properties, effects and sends as the original, but not the VSTi (and it's settings) that was inserted on the audio track. In the video (I think it is 5 seconds before my timestamp), this seems to happen. Is it possible in CbB?
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