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  1. timboalogo

    Work It Out

    You're absolutely right - the artist rules. It's hard to critique stuff when you weren't there through the whole process.
  2. timboalogo

    Work It Out

    I was too busy tapping my feet the first time through to think critically. Good lord this is a fabulous tune. It's hard to get around the great playing and instrumentation to actually nit pick something! It was sheer genius in the first minute, by the way. I know it's too late now but the main thing that hits me is that the snare is a little bit thin. It cuts through real well but I'd like a little thonk on my forehead, if you get my drift. The kit sounds fabulous, love the player. The other thing, and its a personal preference I'm sure because you are such a terrific guitarist, is that the lead is a touch too forward (for example around 3:00). But this is being picky. Thanks for sharing another whirlwind of a song! Just wow. Timbo
  3. ummm, IMO I figure if Phil Manzanera upped the tempo of almost every track on Dave Gilmour's "On an Island", post-mix, then we all can too! I think it sold over 500,000 copies. Tim
  4. Oh Steve, that sounds frustrating. I'm assuming this is the Melodyne that comes with CbB ... I've upgraded from the free version. Just in case, when you click on "Window" on the menu, is it listed there? I doubt it, but it can't hurt to try. I've had weird things happen with Melodyne's windows in the past, with docking and undocking. I have cakewalk laid out as in the screenshot below, is it possible for you to lay yours out like this? I'm hoping the guys can help you - because what I would do was reinstall Melodyne as a start. Failing the ability to do that, can you reinstall CbB? Tim
  5. Hi musikman, I don't know about within cakewalk itself, but most would change the tempo of the mixed-down audio once you're happy with the mix. Wavelab among many others can do this. Timbo
  6. Been looking for this for awhile, checkebaby! Thanks for the solution. Timbo
  7. So is that you playing the solos? They sound slightly different from the ones I'm used to hearing. Props to you or Gilmour or somebody ...
  8. I've always had the jumping problem (melodyne 4) and the only workaround I've found is as follows: - working in a verse (for example) with 2 separate audio tracks at bars 3 and 7 - I turn the 2 audio tracks into melodyne tracks one at a time - I double click on and edit the first track at bar three in melodyne - being able to see the second track at bar 7 in the melodyne interface, I start to edit it and bar 3 scrolls off the screen to the left. When I press stop, I am back at bar 3 ... The only workaround I've found for this is to return to the Cakewalk interface and select the next track to edit. Continuing audio editing in melodyne always returns me to the first edit made until I close the tab and adjust my position in cakewalk and edit another track. Hope this makes sense. The other thing that melodyne does poorly is that the autoscroll doesn't work properly in my DAW. At least, it doesn't work the way I would expect it as in the way that the Cakewalk interface scrolls along with the song. Most of the time, melodyne's screen is static while the vertical line scrolls to the right and goes off the screen. Yet while I'm looking at it just now, it is scrolling properly. Timbo
  9. Here's how I can make it happen: 1) Tracks - Bounce to Track (midi and soft synth), choose mono track 2) Later, File - Export audio, huh mono is chosen. I almost always export stereo ... why would it do that? These were never linked before, that is I could bounce soft synths to mono and it wouldn't affect the default stereo when I export audio. At least that's how I remember it. Timbo
  10. I know this is an old post but I'd still like to know where the window positions are stored, from plugins to system (i.e. Browser, piano roll, etc) ... Timbo
  11. Bingo, I'd hit the Scroll Lock (ScrLk) ... Please mark as SOLVED ...
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