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  1. Always fun stuff from jack c. ...! Reminds me a bit of Larry Wild Man Fischer and Frank's days with Captain Beefheart. Interesting lyrics throughout, thought provoking to my ears. I loved the intro and how the song ended with the click of something being turned off. Keep it up! Timbo
  2. I agree with Mark, nice sound but the fade out didn't do it for me. I really liked the delays and your use of space. The simple drum track pulled it all together. Timbo
  3. Thanks all for the ideas, I'll listen again and implement. Tim
  4. Thanks Mark, you put into words what I was thinking about the vocals. I have never been happy with the song itself and my playing can't stand up to most, so I've tried to concentrate on the production, These 2 tips are very helpful! Thanks, Tim
  5. timboalogo

    Cave Paintings

    Hi all, I'd appreciate your ears on this mix. It's a song that started with the idea of "what if a caveman had a cell phone". It grew to become a bleak comparison of Neandertal life with that of today where I attempt to show that we have lost the magic that our ancestors felt and even with all the social media connections we are alone compared to their way of life. I used Melodyne 5 Editor (it was on sale last month for $99 US) on the vox and guitars. It was worth the upgrade and works well in Cakewalk, not perfectly, but well. https://soundcloud.com/yellowdwarfband/cave-paintings Please comment if you can. Thanks, Timbo
  6. Cool idea, but there's no modern way to program/write macros for Cakewalk. Copy and paste is your friend. Timbo
  7. Exactly. I love going down to my studio with the lights off and seeing all those (mostly blue) lights reflecting off my guitars and gear. But my working DAW theme has to be easy on my eyes.
  8. Nice, couldn't help but to be reminded of our IT guys at work doing a live, full-lyric changed cover that started with "Blackberries Ringing in the Dead of Night" ... Timbo PS Love when robins feign that they're dead so as to lead you away from the nest. How did that behaviour evolve?
  9. I enjoyed this track. Reminds me of Roger-less Floyd, which wasn't Floyd but the vibe in this song is definitely there. Nice work. A nice compressed solo would help kick it towards Total Floydism! Thanks for sharin, Timbo
  10. timboalogo


    Wow, this is terrific work! Excellent job on the video as well. Perfect.
  11. Had it happen twice this week, I didn't have time to look at the possible weirdnesses.
  12. Scook, when they released 5 there was an upgrade path from 4 but not any more. John, that's a pretty nice sale on Assistant (which I use on my vox) and Editor (which I'd like to be able to afford). So for $29 you can go from Essential to a way better product. Just sayin' ... Timbo
  13. I've had it happen if 1) samples haven't finished loading and I close the project or 2) a misbehaving plug-in and just right click on Cakewalk in Task Manager and close it manually.
  14. Seriously, try Mr. Anderton's mid/side processing. An easy way is to find yourself an EQ plug in that does m/s (mid-side) and eq out all your side on the bass instrument(s) ... Voila you've got a tighter mix with room on the side for instruments, reverb, delays and the like.
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