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  1. I started getting crashes after upgrading to 2021.12 with just one instance of Kontakt 5 loaded with 7 instruments inside. Which is a very small amount of samples compared to what I usually load. I backed up one version and it's working fine now. I have never had crashing issues with Cakewalk since version 1 for Windows.
  2. This has been an issue with Kontakt 6 for awhile with large sample libraries. It doesn't like to release memory when you exit. This happens in multiple DAWS for me and also in Vienna Pro.
  3. I had multiple spinning hard drives fail. I have yet to have an SSD fail and some I have are over 10 years old. We've deployed probably 500 Samsung drives in the past 6 years where I work and have to have one fail.
  4. I'm running a Thunderbolt Quantum 2626 interface. I'm glad I made the switch as performance and low latency is amazing compared to the USB-C interface I was using before.
  5. I recommend checking out the DAW's from Purrrfect Audio: https://studiocat.com/opencart2/ I usually build my own computers but had some compatibility issues with the last couple I built. It also took a decent amount of tweaking. I ended purchasing a computer from them. The owner is Jim Roseberry who is a frequent contributor on this site. I ended up getting the i9 Pro Studio X computer with 10 cores running all cores at 5.2 GHz. I had them install the Thunderbolt 3 card and I'm using a Presonus Quantum 2626 interface. I'm doing full orchestrations at 64 samples with no pops. CPU is only showing about 25% for all the cores in Cakewalk which is amazing. Jim
  6. Last time we went to Vegas we stayed at our timeshare which is just a block off the strip. Only went to the strip a couple times to watch shows. The rest of the time we to other attractions like a couple small zoos, Pinball Hall of Fame, Red Rock Canyon park, the dam plus I hiked a couple times. Great hiking trails in the area. We ate at the buffet a few times at the Palace Station which is still reasonable in price compared to the ones on the strip. Maybe not as fancy but the kids like it.
  7. My daughter used to do what she called the Butt Cannon. She would get in the same position as this guy and let one fart after another. She claims she was sucking the air in and then letting it back out. I'm very jealous that I have not been able to perfect this circular breathing of the *****!
  8. I had the same thumping noise hitting play. It turned out being Breverb 2 causing the issue. Jim
  9. Gaurav, I have had this issue a couple more times and it appears to be a Windows update that caused the issue. I found that System Interrupts were using 100% CPU which was causing Cakewalk to hang. If I waited 5 minutes, Cakewalk would load properly. My work computer started doing the same thing and it showed the same high CPU usage in Task Manager. I'm thinking another Windows update was installed that solved the issue as I haven't seen it for a few week.s Jim
  10. I had a drive I thought was going bad with tons of IO errors until it looked like the drive failed. This was a Samsung SSD. Samsung replaced the drive and within a couple weeks I was getting the same errors. This was on SATA port 3. Then I had another drive that started doing the same thing on Port 4. I put the drives in an external drive bay and there was nothing wrong with them. Ended up that ports 3 & 4 were bad on my motherboard. Replaced the motherboard and they have been fine since then. It was about 3 years ago when I replaced the board. My son is using the old motherboard but not using those 2 ports and hasn't had any issues since then. Jim
  11. I have the Behringer Neutron synth. This is an amazing synth for the money. Very flexible and sounds great. Don't listen to the people that say $200 buys you crap. I was looking at all the different Behringer synths that are copies of synths like the MiniMoog but I liked the Neutron because it has flexibility the other ones don't have. The patchbay does allow you to hook up other Eurorack modules which Behringer will be releasing at very reasonable costs. I've owned quite a few synths in the past including Moogs, Prophet V, etc and have been working with synths since about 1974. So the Neutron is not my 1st synth! I think this is an excellent synth to get into world of analog synthesis. Jim
  12. I have the 15 watt Egnater Tweaker and this thing gets quite loud. Nice thing though is you can overdrive it and turn down the master volume to tame the loudness.
  13. Cakewalk had a separate booth from the Bandlab one. They did show me multiple pieces that were submitted. All were quite impressive and gave me ideas on how to better setup my templates. Jim
  14. If you are running a bunch of VST's and run out of physical memory, then Windows will start using virtual memory. Virtual memory is paged out from your hard drive. This can cause clicks if the samples are pulled from virtual memory. Upping the memory to 16GB will fix this issue. Jim
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