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  1. It would be nice to have some sort of scripting language implemented back into CbB. When looking at other daws that support this it looks really usefull. Anybody here knows if it would be possible? If so, what language already out there is most likely to be accessible / compatible for both the Bakers and us, end-users?
  2. Thanks for this great forum (I've always liked it more to FB groups). I can see that some of the power-users from the original forum are already active here. Now... I wonder if Anderton will show up here someday... always loved his excellent posts. 😁
  3. The PC gui has always been kind of a "feature throwback" IMO. Although the modules themselves sounds great and are great additions, I always felt that their workflow is bulky. I miss the features found in the other VST plugin window, like: Being able to A/B two sets of settings within one module Being able to load a preset in one module Being able to ctrl-drag a module to other tracks Being able to freely move the GUI around (especially for the QuadEQ) In other words, I just feel like to many practical features were sacrificed in order to look like "hey... we can also sound vintage and make you feel like you're back in a classic hardware studio from the 70's" (Thanks to Roland... while they could have just made good stock VST plugins instead of having us manage two different FX signal flow... LOL...) But... they DO sound good... so, this is just my two cents... 😉
  4. Try out the LP-EQ from Cakewalk and nest it inside an FX BIN pro channel module. Configure control knobs to taste and VOILÀ! (God I feel like an Anderton clone right now... ) These LP-EQ and LP-MB are BEASTS! I love them. (just make sure that the EQ is not in the linear phase mode...)
  5. By the way Steev, I bought the Impact server about a year ago... but have not yet completed the setup for various reasons. I'm getting back to it now, hence my posts...
  6. Well.. another update, now for no obvious reason all my waves plugins are now showing up in Sonar's browser... I'll obviously have to find which folder I am scanning that are causing theses duplicates... But at least I can see and use them.
  7. Are you using Waves' StudioRack plugins as well? When Sonar scans the stereo and mono version does it take forever for you? on V9 here it is really long but usually it goes through. I'm wondering because on my end I am not encountering the problem you're talking about on my V9. I'm juste trying to see if some of these behaviors can be found on both V9 and V10 versions.
  8. Thanks for the tips Steev. I'll look into this soon. I have some reading to do I guess.
  9. Thanks for your replies, Steev! But I just had a DOH! moment here. Seems like the Diamonds plugins are installed but are NOT showing in Sonar's media browser. These are only avail from within the StudioRack plugin. Logical, in a way, but I am kind of surprised by this (not having the Diamond bundle avail as "native" to Sonar's media browser). Makes me wonder how to collaborate with a colleague that has a couple of waves plugin but is not SG ready yet... To investigate...
  10. Hello to you, brand new FORUM! I'm using Waves V9 (Latest V9) with both Platinum and Bandlab versions of Sonar. (Win10 1803, latests BandLab and Platinum builds) Yet I have a big problem scanning my VST. The scan hangs up while attempting to scan the MONO version of the STUDIORACK plugin. I think this is preventing me to register my DIAMOND bundle. (none of the plugins are avail as of now to my DAW) UPDATE: Scan went through and StudioRacks got registered, but still no DIAMONDS plugin bundle detected... The WavesShell V9 seems indeed to be scanned by Sonar, but the plugins are not loading... I do not know if I'm overdoing it with my folders, though... see capture) Anybody encountred this problem? How can I at least scan all of my plugins and deal with the StudioRack ones later? Thanks
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