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  1. Thanks for your help! I did check out the items you listed and I also went back to basics a couple of days ago and completely uninstalled all of my WAVES components and reinstalled them all again. Something somehow must have went wrong when I first tried to "update"... Once again the "from scratch" approach saved the day. All good now. Regards.
  2. Hello group. I'm having issues running CWBBL with my Waves Soundgrid Studio. I recently did updates (softwares, device's firmwares) in order to do some cleanup and use mainly Waves V13 . But now, CWBBL (and my other DAWs) are not detecting the SoundGrid ASIO DRIVER. It is not showing up in the available audio devices' list in Preferences. Beforehand I could see both ASIO DRIVERS from Waves Soundgrid (and my Tascam us2020 that is integrated with my Soundgrid system). Not the case anymore as you can see below: When selecting the Tascam's audio interface it is not working. (Playback starts but no sound can be heard, no VU meters are active and I cannot stop the playback... I have to kill CWBBL via Windows' Task Manager). This behavior was always the case on my system, But I just thought that since Waves SG ASIO driver disappeared I should just switch to the Tascam's asio driver. Did not work, as I said. Fun fact: when searching in Waves Manual for something I might have overlooked, I came on a section that was saying that in order to properly use STUDIO RACK for low latency monitoring when recording with a DAW, the DAW should use the audio interface's driver... Now I am floored as I think it never really worked like that over here... I think! Lol. So, How are you guys configured regarding your selected ASIO DRIVERS in CWBBL when used within a Soundgrid system? My Soundgrid setup seems to detect all my components correctly, but somehow the Soundgrid ASIO driver that, I think, used to be available to the Daws is just not there anymore... Posting some other captures... for context... not sure if really relevant though... Lol. Posting this I guess because I'm wondering if my setup / patch is somehow generating a clock-related issue that could make the SG asio driver "disappear" ... but I think it is very unlikely... I'm monitoring thru the US-2020 computer out 1-2 (connected to my speakers).
  3. In my first attempts, it did not exactly behaved like that... But I might just have overlooked something. I'll try again!
  4. ... and just for the sake of the discussion, here is what I had to manually do in order to get today's job done. I did encounter other problems in my attempts to use the arranger features... Did a BOUNCE TO TRACK of my completed editing job Selected the whole timeline and used the SPLIT CLIPS AT BOUNDARIES from the ARRANGER TRACK (to have my new bounced track splitted accordingly) Manually copied/pasted the arranger track's SECTION NAMES to update my CLIPS name (on the bounced track) Did an EXPORT AUDIO using only my selected bounced track using CLIPS as export source... ... But wait! I have not yet listened to any of those exported clips... might be in for another surprise... Doing some listenin' right now... Regards.
  5. Hello Bandlabers. First time around I'm actually trying to use the ARRANGER TRACK... and it's not going to well for me so far... Trying to use that feature to cut/organize VO tracking. (So using arranger sections to identify "clips" and "portion" of the narration associated with a PowerPoint Slide) I have a high number of section in my arranger track (about 55 sections). But I am only encountering problems to finish my work: Trying to commit the arranger track and insert it to the timeline - Bandlab hangs. Trying to export the SECTIONS of my project in separated clips (aggangement not "commited"): Somehow the audio files got re-inserted in the project's timeline and created a mess (had to back to an auto-version backup to recover a usable project...) So i'm starting to guess my problems might be related to my high number of sections... Is anybody else using the ARRANGER in a kind of "per clip" workflow instead of a "per song" workflow? Maybe I just didn't choose the right tool for the job, but it just seemed logical to try it... Thanks!
  6. Hello ! Thanks fo the response. When I did try to open KBN files into my text editor or coding apps like VS CODE, I only could see a couple of lines (Please refer to my attached screenshot)... So... I really do not understand why my system here is not behaving the same as yours when attempting to open a KBN file
  7. Hello. I'm trying and failing to wrap my head around about VIEWING and EDITING our KeyBoard Shortcuts assignment files. Can any computer gurus suggest a "how to " guide? I've read that we could view / read KBN files in text editors... When I try this, my files are only about 4-7 lines long. I do not know how to manage this. I've tried to open a KBN file in a web browser... no good either... Same thing when I'm trying to open the file in VS CODE. See attached picture as an example A post in our forum seemed to suggest that some data about this ends up in the registry (accessed via REGEDIT, of course)... I'm close to useless when i'm trying to work with REGEDIT. There's got to be a better way... Is there some kind of standard file type for keyboard shortcuts that is used by many different apps? Should I consider a file type like an XML or whatever ?? I'M clueless... ... now... WHY am I asking? (Even if I can realise that my goal here might really just be "overkill"...) Well, my work and my "hobbies" are causing me to test different apps (don't we all...?) and of course my workflow "speed" is greatly impacted every time i'm evaluating / presenting different DAWS and NLEs... Currently, I'm tying to "view" , in a quick and dirty way, keyboard assignments from these applications... hoping I can then put together some kind of my favorite "shortcuts" that could be configured the same for most (if not all) of these. Adobe Audition (That I COULD export to a spreadsheet... yeah) Adobe Premiere DaVinci Resolve Pro-Tools CWBBL... of course... Now I know that some of these apps already have presets to assign Shortcuts like "another app" (the most frequent ones I can see are for PREMIERE and PRO-TOOLS...) I just wanted to see if a super-brain could figure out a better way to address this kind of topic regarding cross-app workflows... ... Because now I just kinda think that the only way for me to go about this right now is to open all of these apps' PDF manuals and just manually copy-paste the listed shortcuts into a spreadsheet (or just export / convert from Acrobat pro... I know... hehe...) ...and that is the end of my "quaterly" topic... I did ask something like this a couple of years ago... could not manage to actually make any progress on this subject up until today... so asking again, sorry. 😊
  8. Yep! Re-evaluating this with Guitar Rig 5's one. (Had completely forgot about them).
  9. Indeed MSuperLooper looks interesting. Does it have multiple audio outputs or is it a stereo out plugin? Have not yet found the info. I'll also have a look at the Augustus. I'm also kind of interested by the ENSO looper. After watching a couple of tutorial vids I'll install a demo of one of them.
  10. Hello group. Some time ago I tested a vst looper called MOBIUS , but for some reason I ran into problems that (I think) other people did not have using other DAWs... (OR, again, I am the source of all my problems...) I am now attempting again to look into VST loopers (as I do not have the budget for Ableton LIVE for now... nothing more than the LITE version of it anyway... so...) A quick search found a couple of loopers. Your opinions / suggestions? - Mobius - Enso Looper - MSuperLooper - ????? Thanks and my 2021 be a LOT better than 2020....
  11. Hello guys. I'm trying the latest release and here the QUICK GROUPS (CTRL+"Parameter click") are behaving kind of weird for me. Here are some of the problems I can see (have not been able yet to reproduce 100% of the time, but still... ) I've seen these "problems" while testing ADDICTIVE DRUMS2. I've inserted 2 instances in my project. One using the "old" multi-out instrument insert method and the other using the "newer" INSTRUMENT PER TRACK OUTPUT method. (So, both instances are MULTI-OUT PRE FADER from the instrument). I'm playing the VM using only its internal pattern play button. So far, I thought I could notice a different behaviour based on how I inserted the 2 instruments. Not so sure now. Here what is happening on my end CONSOLE VIEW - Input gain knobs Parameters not always updating accordingly After some other tweaks with other parameters (not grouped), Input gain knobs values seems to changes randomly. Also, I'm even starting to wonder if there is not some kind of bug with the input gain know itself. Sometimes, my tracks / Buses in Cakewalk are clipping. So, I'm tweaking to correct using the GAIN knobs... Sometimes I am cutting as much as -18 DB and the readings on the meters are just slightly impacted. (Both for tracks and buses)... I'm going crazy or what? Project on my OneDrive: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AomdelJR9b9HjGbELCZm5J5v9plJ?e=rV8JN8
  12. Ahhh... when will I learn to duplicate tracks more? (or copy the same audio on 2 lanes.... it is not as if I've never read any tips that needs a duplicated clip / track to work....) 😉 Brilliant workflow... i'll try it now. Thanks
  13. Hello BandLabers. I'm goofing around with the REMOVE SILCENCE function and I thought we had a way to just had it SPLIT CLIPS (retaining audio data in order to adjust the clip's borders and fades afterwards...). But is seems that it is not the case. When trying to "roll out" clip borders, there is just ... silence... Is there something I am missing here? The only work-around I can think of currently, is to set some kind of "forgiving" strip silence parameters first (still keeping some "to cut out" stuff) and afterwards complete the cleaning process manually... I also tried apply a EXP / GATE prior to removing silence, but I have not been able to set it up correctly in a way that I would not need to edit like hell anyway afterwards yet... so no proper "improvement" here... Regards.
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