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  1. Thank you very much Noel. Appreciated. Just to clarify, I'm not even remotely requesting advanced DAW features in here... just a way to properly pass information between collaborators in the simplest ways, while having strong basis (Like project level KEY and TEMPO and timeline- synced comments). the KISS principle definitely applies here. Thank you about considering the project info. This is great to know it is being considered. You guys are working tons and are proposing great tools. As a long-time user (since the 90's) I can see how much work has been put into CWBBL (Which I still call Sonar... ) Regards.
  2. Hello guys. Attempted for the very first time yesterday to use my Bandlab account and Bandlab's web app to collaborate with a friend on a little project. I'll right down my reactions and questions in the hopes to here about how people is using this workflow to collaborate with people using other DAWS. I would like to know also if we have any info about Bandlab's development roadmap regarding this use case. (Heck, I am even wondering if it would be a good idea that a section of this forum should be dedicated to this topic...) CONTEXT 2 people using BANDLAB web project to collaborate I'm using CWBBL Collaborator is using ABLETON For me, the essential data that should be ported between CWBBL and Bandlab's web app could be something like: Connect the comments tab (Web App) and the PROJECT INFO TAB in CWBBL(Not connected at the moment, it seems) GENERAL TEMPO DATA (not a complete tempo map) That works fine... problem is, Ableton can have decimals in its tempo... like 80.15 BPMs... not possible in the Web App I think... so sync issues might be incoming down the road... will have to sync "manually" to the reference wav file) Is the KEY data connected? Forgot to test that yesterday (Global project key) Track comments would be great (Have not yet found them if they are implemented) Markers / comments on the project's timeline are important IMO (I could not even find a way to add a marker in the web App...) I understand that they are developing a live session feature... I, for one, would like to see that happening BUT only when the "basics" I'm talking about above are implemented. Am I getting something wrong? Missing something about the global concept? Overlooking features altogether? I'm a bit puzzled actually. Would you like to share thoughts / experiences ? Regards.
  3. Hello again. Continued a little while this morning, and compared the PC373D with other combinations of regular headphones from a surround bus "downmixed" to stereo using Waves' NX plugin. Generally speaking, the NX seems to be more accurate... So i'll have about 3 different setups to fool-"surround" and get used to surround workflows.
  4. Hello everyone. Just a quick comment: I decided last week to buy a new Mic/Headset combo for my regular work in IT... and I just thought about finally giving a shot to basic and affordable surround technology (well... simulated, that is...) So, after about 20 minutes online shopping, I chose the Sennheiser PC373D and clicked "order" and thought "hey, pretty shure it won't be usable as-is with any DAW... but i'll try it anyways". Well, got it today. Plugged it in 15 minutes ago, fired up Sonar (I know, but I always adored that name...), tried the WASAPI (shared) driver (never got anything to work properly with onboard audio devices ever before... or anything at all for that matter, even after 60 minutes of failed tweaking...) Well, the PC373D worked spot-on!! No snap-crackle-pop-fests going! Clear, un-interrupted audio flow right away. Sonar detected enough stereo outputs on the Sennheiser to allow myself to quickly goof around with 5.1 up to 7.1 configurations. I then fooled around using the surround panner and I thought it was actually pretty good (Ok... my first time ever on surround, but I could feel enough the movement in "space" and thought it was precise enough to actually try stuff out... I'm hoping that, from there, minor tweaks and validation will be needed when listening to this project on a real surround setup). ... Ok... Ok, sometimes I can hear some light flams or artifacts, but for now I would guess that's because I randomly connected the outputs instead of looking up a proper setup reference document (saying this because sometimes "panning" the audio "hard behind" seems to be more precise than panning "front-standard", so...) Just thought I should let you know. Who else is goofing around with surround headphones? I'll test my Waves NX plugin later. 😉
  5. Thank you both for your replies. Very helpfull.
  6. Hello Cakewalkers I saw, a couple of months ago, a post on why it is not currently possible to update the startime of a video / movie file imported in CbBl. (If I remember correctly, had something to do with the file type or codec or the selected playback engine...) I just cannot find it anymore. My google searches outputs articles dating from around 2014... so... Can someone help?
  7. Quick update: I did a full uninstall / re-install of the driver/software package (V4) and it seems to have sorted out my problem. Do not know what happened under the hood, but hey... works now.
  8. I've been almost inactive in the last 8 - 10 years... trying to get back into DAW-Shape 😉... 

    But hey, I've bought a Waves impact server, so.... time to get it out of the box!

    Currently working to re-populate my "vault" with past productions and working on my DAW chops again.

  9. Yep. Same thing over here (quite frequent in fact). Had that issue in the last few months.... On my end, I cannot also re-order the tracks in the TV .... I must go back to the console view to re-order tracks. Some time ago, I could toggle the auto track zoom on and off and that corrected the glitch. But now, even that is not working anymore.
  10. Hello! After installing the latest update (V4) for Tascam's US20x20, i'm noticing strange behaviours here: - On tascam's mixer panel, the analog strip meters are not functioning except for a specific set of channels. - All of my ADAT channels seems silent at the moment. No signal at all seems to go through. Anyone else experienced problems?
  11. It would be nice to have some sort of scripting language implemented back into CbB. When looking at other daws that support this it looks really usefull. Anybody here knows if it would be possible? If so, what language already out there is most likely to be accessible / compatible for both the Bakers and us, end-users?
  12. Thanks for this great forum (I've always liked it more to FB groups). I can see that some of the power-users from the original forum are already active here. Now... I wonder if Anderton will show up here someday... always loved his excellent posts. 😁
  13. The PC gui has always been kind of a "feature throwback" IMO. Although the modules themselves sounds great and are great additions, I always felt that their workflow is bulky. I miss the features found in the other VST plugin window, like: Being able to A/B two sets of settings within one module Being able to load a preset in one module Being able to ctrl-drag a module to other tracks Being able to freely move the GUI around (especially for the QuadEQ) In other words, I just feel like to many practical features were sacrificed in order to look like "hey... we can also sound vintage and make you feel like you're back in a classic hardware studio from the 70's" (Thanks to Roland... while they could have just made good stock VST plugins instead of having us manage two different FX signal flow... LOL...) But... they DO sound good... so, this is just my two cents... 😉
  14. Try out the LP-EQ from Cakewalk and nest it inside an FX BIN pro channel module. Configure control knobs to taste and VOILÀ! (God I feel like an Anderton clone right now... ) These LP-EQ and LP-MB are BEASTS! I love them. (just make sure that the EQ is not in the linear phase mode...)
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