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  1. I bought the following in the PA sales total spend £14 - debating whether to get Townhouse but already have SHCA Sandman Pro Fault Byome
  2. You sure on price ? Is 199 full price - 49 would be a bargain
  3. Can you combine with the 2+2 offer ,m
  4. Think I'm finally done with BF/CM Some planned purchases and some I'd not even considered VirtualCZ (wasn't on my list) Dune 3 The Legend (wasn't on my list) Generate (wasn't on my list) Harmor
  5. Best bargain of BF I love the sounds it produces
  6. Dune 3 Legend Eventide Generate Maybe XLN XO
  7. Have to admit I bought both after demoing !
  8. Just wanted to update to say their BF sale has now started and Ana 2 is substantially cheaper and now a bargain at £42 Just to be balanced and fair
  9. Ok so Ana 2 has changed in price now even lower was much more yesterday on sale ?
  10. On sale/offer 119 dollars https://www.synapse-audio.com/shop.html Also upgrade on offer too
  11. Thanks good price on the 6i6 gen 2
  12. I'm tempted with Artist as seems pretty full featured for price but seems even when on offer I may as well buy one of their interfaces for not much more (need one anyway) and get both for not much more
  13. 98 - I was tempted to pick up in BF sale but a bit ouch that's more than base Phaseplant currently ? According the their video last year was £42 Oh well
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