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  1. No need to be sorry just wondered where came from and thanks for pointing out I was considering but hadn't made a decision and didn't knoq today potentially last day maybe I'd better make my mind up
  2. Where did you read that k couldn't find any mention of it being last day ? Says last day for lounge l
  3. Launchpad Pro for sale cheap at Focusrite/Novation UK store - can't quite tell if a good deal or not About same price as an X £149 https://store.focusrite.com/en-gb/product/launchpad-pro/NOVLPD03~NOVLPD03 I find it confusing as they've all had software updates so hard to tell how an X compares to the Launchpad Pro Vs the MK3 Seemed on initial look a good price though
  4. At Audiodeluxe - $49.99 cheapest I've seen. Seemed a good deal ?
  5. Mark B

    Kilohearts Multipass

    Looks a good deal - is code available to all ? Just couldn't see any email from PB
  6. Thanks - after reading your message thought I should message them via support Not heard anything back - but Feb issue has appeared in my account so
  7. Signed up for a year - but 2 slight annoyances (1) Unlike what the Zinio page suggests you don't get Feb issue the first one is March (I wanted the D16 plugin) - bit annoying (2) You seem to no-longer (easily) be able to register to receive serial numbers from serialcenter via gmail (the only email I use) - without having to manually email them and get enabled
  8. Half the normal price for a years membership of Beat Magazine Here in UK that's about £22 seems good value to me
  9. Good freebie thanks Pity about limitation of 16 bit audio export though
  10. Thanks for heads up :) update not available for me yet though - I've updated native access
  11. I bought the following in the PA sales total spend £14 - debating whether to get Townhouse but already have SHCA Sandman Pro Fault Byome
  12. You sure on price ? Is 199 full price - 49 would be a bargain
  13. Can you combine with the 2+2 offer ,m
  14. Think I'm finally done with BF/CM Some planned purchases and some I'd not even considered VirtualCZ (wasn't on my list) Dune 3 The Legend (wasn't on my list) Generate (wasn't on my list) Harmor
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