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  1. No download required or minimal if I'd as I think it just unlocks advanced pa el.and extra presets ?
  2. Going to buy - wasn't completely convinced with Intro but then tonight I tried a bit more and layered with Spitfire Intimate Strings which I bought the other day Augmented strings later adding some movement on top of the lush Intimate Strings takes it all to another level The additional programming will be of use in full version
  3. Seeing it in my account Own Pigments, EFX, Analog Labs
  4. Which would you recommend please intimate strings or frozen strings ? Or both ?
  5. Thankyou although code doesn't work for me says invalid code
  6. Mark B

    u-He Bazille

    Bazille my favourite UHE synth and I also own Zebra HZ, Diva and Hive 2 Just feels the most out of all my synths like playing on hardware
  7. I tried Unify with Softube 72 demo the other day - a couple of clicks and 8 voice polyphony
  8. Mark B

    Atlas 2 - 50% off

    Currently $49 which seemed great deal to me
  9. Have the number of free new plugins each month decreased ? seems to be more sample packs each month than before ? My subscription expired a few months back I probably will resubscribe at some point
  10. Some great deals picked up a Like New amazon warehouse SSL2+for £130 - nice price
  11. Mmm was tempted but just looked and not sure what extra I get going from Komplete 12 to 13 ? Super 8, guitar rig pro and some other bits ?
  12. Seems good price at Thomson - £69 + VAT anyone know what happens ref VAT and software for UK now post Brexit ?
  13. No need to be sorry just wondered where came from and thanks for pointing out I was considering but hadn't made a decision and didn't knoq today potentially last day maybe I'd better make my mind up
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