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  1. 6 minutes ago, User 905133 said:

    I don't know if you or anyone else sorted this out yet, or if more info is needed (from someone like @Peter - IK Multimedia), but I was under the impression that the software functionality was previously added to AT5.  I haven't found where I read that, by my impression at the time was IK made updates to the AT5 software so that it was ready for the hardware roll-out.

    If so, what does selecting any of the X-Pedal [-Drive, -Space, -Time, -Vibe] Software Only freebies give AT5 users that they don't already have?

    The software versions of X-Pedals for AT5 were/are a separate $149.99/pedal purchase. The update only provided for the ability to add the X-Pedals to AT5 but did not add the actual pedals.

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  2. 2 minutes ago, husker said:

    The new additions are very generous @Peter - IK Multimedia.  Thank you.

    Too true. This has actually made me excited about the GB again (which of course was its intended purpose). I no longer feel left out because I already had everything. Now is that really mixed up or what?

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  3. 48 minutes ago, Peter - IK Multimedia said:

    For others who want to know what the 31 items that were previously unavailable to those without an AmpliTube MAX product or to those who purchased them a la carte are:

    31 new items? Oh no! I will only have 28 free slots if this goes the rest of the way to 25x1. I want it all! How can you do this to me, Peter? Now I have to choose which three not to get.

    Wait...I only count 27.

  4. 1 hour ago, IainThompson said:

    Hi. Is anyone else having problems with the IK Product Manager. I'm trying to download sounds for SampleTank 4 to an SSD. The error message I get is "not enough space to download sounds" and yet SampleTank 4 needs 88GB and my SSD has more than 700GB of space. I am using the "more options" option to direct the download to the SSD and for some of the smaller downloads ( SampleTank SE for example ) this works fine. Any ideas? ( and apologies if this is already covered somewhere in this very long thread!)

    The install to location is different than the download folder location. The download folder location is specified in the Product Manager options and it is where the installation file are downloaded before they are installed. That is probably where you are short on space.

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  5. 39 minutes ago, Grem said:

    I have a few things from WA but not sure it's the plugin in the video. Kinda looks like it...

    I never did take to it. I tried it out and didn't find it very intuitive.  I am finding that I am gelling with Orb Composer pretty good.

    After watching the video I want to go back and try the WA stuff.

    This is a brand new plugin, released a couple of days ago, so I doubt this is what you have. I did not take to InstaChord or InstaScale either. This one look more useable though, kind of a scaled down RapidComposer.

  6. 29 minutes ago, Mark MoreThan-Shaw said:

    I've not heard anything that generates "AI" music..i.e chords, melodies etc that I've felt compelled to use. I've tried things like Cthulu by Xfer , I have a license for the Captain Plugins which seemed like a good idea at the time but after intial experiments found it wasn't that much use to me, but they have a drum - bass and melody plugin as well.

    Every time there is a an update to AIVA I give it a try to see where it's at but it's not there yet although it's certainly better at creating something semi-listenable than instacomposer.

    I'm sure there's one or two more I've come across in a simiar vein. The best things I have found are plugins like EZbass where you're providing the harmonic structure to the plugin and then it's using real performance data from an actual musician to generate the part. 


    Thanks for you thoughtful response. This is certainly more helpful than "sounds pretty lame to me". I guess how you respond to a plugin like InstaComposer depends on your tastes, goals and expectations. If you feel that only humans can produce listenable music and you want your plugins to produce music that sounds like it was produced by humans, then these plugins will be a disappointment. I actually found the InstaComposer videos interesting and could see how it might spark ideas. I do not look at these plugins with the idea that they will produce songs for me. I believe that part of the creative process in using these plugins is being able to see the possibilities presented and then expand on them, kind of like taking a piece of diftwood and carving it into a image based on the hints of an image contained in the driftwood. 

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  7. 3 minutes ago, Mark MoreThan-Shaw said:

    The parts it creates are pretty basic and uninteresting , I didn't hear one single pattern I would want to keep and work up into a full track 

    So this tool is not for you. Are there any generative midi tools that you find useful or are you of the school that all generative midi tools are garbage? 

  8. 2 hours ago, Monomox said:


    I tried to re-use it just now and Dirk is like, "A voucher code associated with this promotion has already been used. Only one redemption per account is allowed." What gives? I want my $10 amp, da*n it!

    The email says "in 24 hours". 24 hours is not up yet.

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  9. 3 hours ago, Paul_in_wales said:

    New midi auto-composer plugin - on offer at $29.70 vs $99 normal (and at pluginboutique.com if you have some cash/tokens there)


    genuinely impressed with this, especially at this price point

    I am too. I am very dubious when developers use the term AI to describe their products and I don't think there is much AI in this tool, but it does look like it could be a lot of fun. I will probably get it since I am also a sucker for midi tools.

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  10. On 9/29/2021 at 8:21 PM, Jacques Boileau said:

    The path I was refering to is the path where the downloads are done. I have moved that around for sound downloads to another drive, but now it is back at it's default for now. I thought I was done with sound downloads but... maybe not! 😁

    You can also change where the sound contents are installed. That is different than Product Manager dowload zip files. It can be done as you showed, or if you set the directory in SampleTank settings, they will always be installed there by default without any intervention. Mine are installed on my second drive hdd.


    I did a bit more digging and have discovered some things.  What I have discovered on Windows is that Product Manager will installs sounds based on paths specified in the Windows Registry, which can be set from within SampleTank 3 for SampleTank 3 libraries and from within SampleTank 4 for SampleTank 4 libraries. The registry keys are as follows:

    ST3: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\IK Multimedia\SampleTank 3\LibraryPath
    ST4: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\IK Multimedia\SampleTank 4\LibraryPath

    The issue is that if you do not have ST3, you cannot change the setting of the LibraryPath without going into the registry. The other issue is lots of libraries such as Brandenburg Piano are ST3 libraries. Even though you are using them into ST4 they still use the ST3 path. I still need to look at Mac to see where ST gets its LibraryPath for ST3. Changing the first path in ST4 does cause ST4 libraries to be installed in the new location.

    Hope this helps someone.

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  11. 28 minutes ago, Jacques Boileau said:

    We made it to 20 freebies and an extension! Wouhou! 🥳

    This will now surely go to 24 freebies. Incredible! 👍

    But we must say goodbye to my fellow Great White Northerner: @Doug Rintoul. Doug has now left the list of 'guess the number of freebies' tonight. 🤷‍♂️

    Thanks for participating Doug! And thanks to everyone who helped us get to 20 freebies! 21 for the price of 1!

    GroverKen 14
    Brian Lawler 15
    Fleer 16
    DeeringAmps  16
    Larry 17
    telecode 101 17
    InstrEd 17
    husker 18
    Marc Cormier 18
    Doug Rintoul 19 
    kevin H 20
    Peter 20
    Bapu 21
    Eusebio Rufian-Zilbermann 24
    Me 24

    It is an honour to loose. I know I am in good company.

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  12. Just now, Jacques Boileau said:

    You still up? 😲 It's getting late in the UK. 🕙 I know, you can't sleep without knowing if we're gonna make it! 😆

    Actually, I am not in the UK. I was just using that as an example. I am on the west coast of the Great White North.

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  13. 3 minutes ago, Jacques Boileau said:

    Already exist. I have been using it quite a lot with this GB using all my disk space. 😋 You can even point to a network drive!

    This was my thought also. Plus, I can't figure out the difference between 1. and 2.

  14. 18 minutes ago, ALC said:

    I've scraped the AmpliTube documentation and Custom Shop to create the following spreadsheet.  Hopefully it'll be useful to others.

    I discovered that Metal Collection is pretty much incorporated into AmpliTube 5.

    Use the filters to include/exclude values to narrow down what you have/are missing. 


    Of course, with the number of freebies, it just makes sense to get them all, but if you don't want to, you can see what each collection gets you.

    Feel free to comment if you have suggestions.


    This is useful. You are probably aware of this, but there are things that you can only get in Max, so ... Standard+all collections < Max.

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  15. 3 hours ago, Reid Rosefelt said:

    I'm sorry to say that I'm not doing the Tiger the Frog Black Friday post on VI:Control  this year. I was really looking forward to it. My hope was to keep doing them every year. My hope is still to come back in 2022, but maybe somebody else will jump in this year at VI:Control.

    But you've got King Larry, so no worries for all of you.

    Basically I am really busy with a project I had no idea I'd be doing.  I also had to leave the Composers Roundtable podcast that was so much fun to do. But I just don't have the time. 

    I'm doing this on top of the publicity video series I'm starting in a week or so, so I'm freaking out a little. That's going to be weekly,  and I'm also doing this. 

    Gasps and cries of anguish were heard around the world! 

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  16. 1 hour ago, Brian Walton said:

    Are you sure?  I haven't done it myself but I thought there were posts about people selling previous products and noting which group buy tier they qualify for.  

    Maybe they purchased but never redeemed them but seems unlikely to me given the lists I saw on KVR.

    Pretty sure. I bought one of those items you saw that qualified for the GB. It was not a transfer but a new license. 

  17. 1 hour ago, Pluto Gabo said:

    If I re-sell an original license for an IK product that is listed as a qualifying product in the group buy, will the buyer be able to register the license and benefit from the group buy?


  18. 24 minutes ago, Jacques Boileau said:

    And you think I would change Larry's guess just because he's the King? That I could just not bear having our King loose? Or worse, that I am afraid of what a King could do to an un loyal subject?!?! Hey, I watch TV too! I've seen what Kings can do to you when they are displeased! 🥵

    Oh well, here is they corrected list. Sorry king @cclarry you are out!

    Off with his head!!!

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