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  1. 6 hours ago, kitekrazy said:

    Limited Warranty period (parts): 1 year

    Buyer beware.   Never seen  a warranty like that on a SSD.

    I guess some have the money to take a risk like that. 

    Some conflicting info there. The text in the PC Builder box says 5 year limited warranty as does the SP website.


    I think the 1 year warranty is New Egg's standard warranty that does not take into account third party warranties.

  2. My age touchstone was being a teen when American Graffiti came out and thinking how funny and strange the music and the styles were back then. Then along came That 70s Show and I realized kids probably thought the same about the styles and music of my teen years. However, maybe it is just me but I don't think DSotM sounds as dated as say Bill Haley and His Comets. 

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  3. 34 minutes ago, Marina said:

    And as far as I see M1 users avoid incompatible plugins, because they perform slowly under Rosetta. I wouldn’t call that “work perfectly fine”.

    I don't have an M1 machine so I can't verify this but this announcement from PA, https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/news/article/items/m-1-apple-silicon.html, seems to indicate that a good block of PA plugins do support M1 natively. If all PA is saying is that their plugins work fine under Rosetta then that would be serious misinformation. But it does not appear to me that this is the case. I would be interested to know what percentage of PA plugins are in fact currently M1 native.

  4. 13 minutes ago, paulo said:

    Can you provide peer reviewed evidence that you have actually learned this. I'm keen to understand if this assertion is fact based or whether you are just gaslighting.

    My brother is my peer. If I explain sealioning to him and he in fact verifies that I have the correct definition, is that sufficient peer reviewed evidence that I have learned what the term means?

  5. 2 hours ago, Marina said:

    My thumbs down are a sign of (more or less) vocal disagreement with using of sealioning techniques to silence the discontent of PA.

    Sealioning, I have learned a new term! Just to be clear, I was not intending to sealion. Maybe it came across that way. I was not looking to shut down dialog nor to silence discontent of PA. Like Jesse G and LAGinz, I was interested in why people were so down on PA and Dirk in particular. Souterrain's comment did nothing to enlighten me. Your subsequent comments were more helpful. It allows me to form a more informed opinion and to determine whether what you describe is important to me. 

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  6. Talk about an off topic thread. 4 Posts about Ana 2.0 and all the rest about u-He and Arturia synths.  You guys have outdone yourselves here.😄🤪

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  7. 2 hours ago, simon said:

    it's terrible - let's try the most famous mics of all time:

    a search for C12 just comes with some random modern clones
    search for U47 comes up with the modern TF clone
    a search for U47 Fet points to the OPR clone
    a search for U67 comes up blank

    try a more modern classic - Royer r121 - no result :D - you need to search for R-121 - not Royer or R121

    the links themselves are just the manufacturers blurb (EXACT reproduction of a V14 etc :D

    It's just a weak excuse to try to sell you some product

    much better is:


    The mics are there; the problem is the actual search engine. For example, you need to search for C 12, U 47 Fet, U 67, etc. The entries themselves, for at least for the ones I looked at, were not just  manufacturers blurbs. 

    It does look like the recordinghacks site does have way more information though, including frequency response and links to the manufactures' websites. The site itself is butt ugly but that is just my opinion.

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  8. 1 hour ago, Fleer said:

    "Why the name JRR Shop?"

    Over the years, many customers have asked "Why the name JRR Shop"? Some have even called up asking, "Can I speak to JR?". Well, folks, there's no JR here! Just Roots Records was a record label I started while I was in college. When I started JRR Shop, I thought you musicians would like knowing that you're buying from other musicians, and that having us be tied to Just Roots Records would endear us in your hearts. Alas, time has marched on and JRR Shop has since taken over as our great love, leaving Just Roots Records by the wayside. Now you can visit www.justroots.com to see our evil cats!

    Feel free to call us "Just Roots Recording Shop", "Japan Rock & Roll Shop", or "Jelly Rolly Rocka' Shop". Whatever you decide to go with, just remember that with a name as bad as JRR Shop, we have to be good!

    To all of you, from all of us at JRR Shop - Thank you and Happy Music Making!

    Eric "Uncle E" Dahlberg
    CEO and Founder

    So nothing to do with Tolkien...

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