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  1. I have a minor issue I have not seen addressed before. I had no problems with installation and authorization. But the Syntronik 2 instruments (presets) are not showing up in ST4. The new libraries are there, but when I click on any of the new libraries, no instruments are displayed. Note that I only have Syntronik 2 CS installed. I also have ST4 4.1.5 installed. Anyone else see this? Here is a screen shot with Triptych selected. It is supposed to have one preset in CS.


    Update: I did a Rescan All in ST4 and that fixed my problem. Seems like the first rescan after installing Syntronik2 CS had an issue.

  2. 1 hour ago, PavlovsCat said:

    I've long looked at it like the Waves plugins I've bought as cheap, time limited plugins and if I like them, I have to buy them all over again once they don't work anymore (which hasn't happened yet on my Windows 10 system). I don't even recall how much the WUP might be on a plugin I paid $29 or $39USD for. I think it's more than I paid for the plugin, right? So, if I use a plugin for a while and like it and it has problems, I'll just wait for the next $29USD sale -- but hold on, there's no need to wait for Waves sale because they're constantly on a freaking sale (a violation of FTC regulations, but hey, only marketing pros and marketing lawyers care). It's strange. But you can also say -- okay and this is economics theory for you nerds -- that like unions have an impact on various non-union job wages in surrounding regions, that Waves constantly doing $29 USD sales has resulted in other effects plugins doing similarly -- and the great thing is, they don't have the same kind of whack update plans. At least not yet. 

    None of my WUPS are more than $18. So it is still cheaper to WUP than to buy @ $29.  It is cheaper buy than WUP if you go for the current buy two, get two free deal and your WUP is over $15/plugin.

  3. 6 hours ago, asprog said:

    Definitely the best Black Lightning deal but what can this bring me if I already have Ujam, some NI and some Ample Sound guitars?


    Riffendium gives you far more control over the riffs. UJAM does not allow you to modify the phrases.

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  4. 36 minutes ago, abacab said:

    I'm seeing the same thing now, even though the current promo mentions AAS packs available as a free gift. Maybe you can only choose that AAS option once?

    Yes, that is the case. Once I chose the AAS pack as a free gift, it was no longer an option for me to choose it again. Otherwise, you could buy multiple copies of the Bloom library and get all the AAS packs for $3 each.

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  5. 2 hours ago, Reid Rosefelt said:

    I just want to say that I couldn't care less what Larry's politics are.  He's doing this insane hard work for all of us and at the same time Social Security is breaking his balls.  I relate, and I've told him that.  

    He's my friend and I am very glad I know him.

    I agree 100%. I just don't like to see a double standard enforced where a noobie can close down a thread with a single Obamaha joke, while another thread with multiple political postings gets a pass. And just to be clear, I do not want this thread shut down at all.

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  6. 2 hours ago, Bapu said:

    Went to see what might be new that I don't own yet.


    Silly me. I still own it all.


    So I saved 100% of whatever I thought I was going to $pend.

    So the key is to buy everything so you can't buy anything? I wonder if my wife would go for that reasoning.

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  7. 1 hour ago, abacab said:

    For example, Historic Synth Giants Volume 1,2, & 4, covers synth sounds of Pink Floyd, Genesis, Vangelis, Keith Emerson, Rick Wakeman, & Jean Michel Jarre.


    Who is Genesis? Never heard if them 😉😉😉



    Just so you know...this was supposed to be a joke. With a username like abacab, I assumed you would find it funny. BTW I love Genesis and I love Abacab (the album)...

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