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  1. Haha Yes lol I have bandlab which I really love and use it daily plus I have mixbus < which I want to use for mastering and studio one < not the full version its like the 2nd one up or something it was like a deal upgrade or something bought it a few years ago and I never use it. Thought I would. Plus DAW's bundles in things I bought through the years so ya I really dont need a new one lol oh and I bought Reason a couple years ago which I use from time to time.
  2. I did too even though I have no interest in one lol
  3. I Got excited thinking it was all their products then got super disappointed
  4. Oh wow thank you for sharing that. I think it might work. Downloading now. Plus its free!
  5. If an admin wants to move my question or if someone wants to start a thread there Im ok with it Id love if bandlab ran with it to help solve this problem. Im sure most of us have vast amounts of unused music and if we can easily do something with it that would be amazing. Thank you for all your ideas and input so far.
  6. An app almost like that xo thing from xln would work great. I just love playing with music its kinda like a science project or experiment with me. Ive never tried to make a living from it. Ive been in out of bands written tons of stuff and its always fun. Most of my music is really weird Im never really trying to write hits although I have analyzed the billboard charts every now and then and tried to bring Influence into my own music. Even though Im not a mumble rap fan theres neat metal riffs tucked in that style of music. I often go over to ultimate guitar and check tabs and play around or I just riff to drum beats or I write melodies then riff to them. Which is how I ended up with tons of unfinished stuff because I experiment to much lol
  7. I tend to start songs and never finish them. I have tons of riffs and partial songs and almost complete ones. Instead of finishing I start fresh and the song is exciting for a couple days then I start another. Been doing this for a lot of years. Different keys and different tempos. I use addictive drums so could easily look at the midi name and also render the stems etc. Im just wondering if anyone else does this and what do you guys do. I know Metallica stitches riffs together to make songs. Not sure how they do it. Would love any suggestions thanks.
  8. I love my SSL2 with cakewalk. I push the 4k Button for guitar and bass and cuts through the mix nice but I hate the button on vocals. Just my 2 cents. Oh and everything sounds a bit different through it on headphones. I was using an AudioBox iTwo before and there is a difference. I used the iTwo for many years but it was time for a change.
  9. Music is 100% Cakewalk its my DAW! Video is adobe Elements 2018 Would love any and all input. Like anything that stands out that isnt working in the track or just any helpful criticism Id love it. Im super nice so feel free to say whatever. I will only learn and get better from it. Video is stock from YT and pexels but Im more into music input not the mini film but anything will be awesome. Thanks everyone and be safe.
  10. Morris Band

    XLN Summer Sale

    Anyone know if they are working on new kits. I grabbed the last few and they were going in a great direction. I love XLN and use addictive drums on everything and am craving a new kit. I have some older ones I guess I shouldnt be asking to I have them all lol Id still love to know though
  11. Would love to know any extreme differences between this and bandlab. Ive tried other DAWs and usually get frustrated with them then come home to bandlab but if it does something different it would be great as a 2nd DAW for me. Please let me know and stay safe
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