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  1. New problem, and I never changed a thing since I last recorded. Now I'm getting about a half-second delay between my playing and hearing the audio. Very frustrating. What is causing the delay?
  2. I'll see if I can clarify this. I'm using the JOGG interface, which has cables running to my mixer/speakers. It has a USB going to my computer as well. My layout is basic, in that I have a drive pedal into an amp... amp into a load box with speaker sim... and that goes into a delay/echo (I prefer the sound at the end of the chain). The delay goes into the JOGG. What's weird is that when selecting an interface, it recognizes the JOGG, but using the microphone to record and speakers to playback (no other options available). While playing and/or recording I hear myself clearly, but not the delay/echo... which I do hear upon playback.
  3. Scook... thanks again for your input and time. When I click on the Audio, it indicates for INPUT: microphone (Jogg USB audio) and OUTPUT: speakers (Jogg USB audio). There is no other option for those two. Recording also is microphone (Jogg USB audio). For playback and recording, I selected WASAPI Shared. I'll change this to WASAPI exclusive to see if it makes a difference. Gear shut down for the night, but will get back if it doesn't work or if you have other suggestions. Have a good weekend.
  4. How is that possible? I have an amp, effects, etc., and all are going to the interface and then to the DAW? How do I get it so that I can hear my pedals? Thanks.
  5. Apparently using JOGG Microphone. That is strange. Not sure why it avoids the delay, with delay being the LAST in the chain of my pedals/amps going into the interface and direct to DAW. Previously, I never heard my guitar UNLESS I clicked on the 'mic' icon (next to the record icon of the track). Now I hear it regardless, but cannot hear the delay UNLESS I record and play it back. What?
  6. This is what I don't get... so much for plug and play... same problem with new BandLab vs. Sonar X3... Previously I used to go direct to my computer and press the 'record' button and the 'mic' button (so that I can hear what I'm recording). Now, I have to turn off the mic button because it gives me a weird feedback. Fine... but with just the record I do NOT hear my delay pedal... and it's going direct into my interface and DAW. Yet, when I play back what I recorded, I hear the delay. What's up with that?
  7. I didn't like the looks of Bandlab, but maybe I'll play around with it. I tried ASIO, but it doesn't recognize it... no results.
  8. I'm using the Hotone Audio JOGG as my interface. When I run Band-in-a-Box... no problem... sound, etc. When I run Sonar X3 NOTHING. It's not recognizing my interface, which works fine with Windows 10, etc., and even in my audio selection you can see the JOGG device, but no sound on playback or during recording. Any advice? Not a fan of Bandlab, maybe because I'm not used to it and have been working with Sonar X3 for several years.
  9. Quilter Tone Block 202... direct out from the Signal Out (front panel) into the Stealth Pedal (into the DAW)
  10. That's what I don't get... been using the same interface and Sonar X3 for a decade and never ran into this situation.
  11. Using the Stealth Pedal by IK Multimedia. I can place the output at -25dB or at 0dB and still get the same results.
  12. Thanks... I went into the interface's menu and reduced the input level completely and I still get the same result.
  13. Running a Quilter amp direct to DAW. With all OTHER gear I can adjust my line levels with the track's slider (as well as the gain knob, etc.). However, with this amp's Signal Out the volume clips easily (using the Signal Out on the amp only provides a difference in level via the Gain knob, and so, if you want a lot of gain you are stuck with a lot of volume). This is what is strange. I can lower my track's level to zero, and yet when I play it's still clipping, as though the track's slider did nothing. I can't hear anything, but recording wise it clips like crazy. Lowering the Gain on the track does nothing as well. I'm using Sonar X3. I don't think it's set for Mic Level (if it is, no idea how to change it, and it worked with other gear up to this point). Any advice?
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