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  1. Thanks, Tom, great you enjoyed the song. Thanks for the feedback, too, we have been trying to bring the vocal forward in the mix - perhaps we have gone too far
  2. Great you enjoyed the song, and it's wonderful to know that the lyrics connect with others, cheers Jane
  3. Thanks, Bjorn, and wonderful you'll be making a trip to OZ later in the year, Cheers Jane
  4. Hi Paul, Great you enjoyed the song
  5. Thanks for the tip, something I struggle with.
  6. Thanks Mark, Even though I adore my Messiah, I'm still in love with my Maton Dread that I bought 26 years ago.
  7. Thanks Jesse, I have posted a few songs through the years. I have been using Cakewalk since 2004, but sound engineering is not my strength I have a small presence on Youtube, Spotify and my website. Cheers Jane
  8. Hi John, it's so great you guys are back enjoying the festivals once more. Over here, in Western Australia, they have unfortunately cancelled all of the autumn festivals ~ maybe next year Great you enjoyed Eighty-seven Years, thanks
  9. Thanks, Andy, it's great folks are noticing and enjoying the percussion on this one
  10. Thanks, Lee, I know the feeling of turning 60
  11. I love writing songs about the Aussie way of life and this one is back to my traditional folk/country style. The inspiration for Eighty-seven Years came to me when back on the road, the day after the Tamworth Country Music Festival. I was on my motorcycle and at the first stop quickly grabbed my notebook and wrote down the chorus. It’s recorded using my Maton EM100C-808 Messiah tuned to Double Drop D. Love to hear your thoughts.
  12. Jane Laws

    Half moon

    Very laid back, enjoyed it.
  13. Thanks for having a listen, it has been a pleasure to use Cakewalk over so many years
  14. Thanks, I have a Korg Harvian 30, most of the backing instrumentation comes from there
  15. Thanks, Wookiee, listening to Dire Straights version, now, to refresh my mind
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