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  1. 20.95 usd would be fair middle ground price for both sides imho
  2. @James Foxall Drop the BASIC folder to the interface (after you've unzipped the 2.5 GB downloaded content and placed it to desired place on the HDD), that will authorise the content for use and figure out the path
  3. Right on James! Same here mate 🙂
  4. @James Foxall... and demoing it even better, with own material it is mind blowing... Let's not call it a game changer, but rather a substantial STANDOUT!
  5. Works great on the Mac
  6. This is an amazing product. Downloaded demo yesterday and tried with some custom samples... Awesome! Imho
  7. Hahaha I use Affinity photo instead of Photoshop... still find it a bit inconsistent, but does the job :-)... Apple Motion instead of After Effects, didn't really work but Resolve and it's Fusion are getting better and better to the point that is really good enough 🙂 The point is they are loosing the money and all those thousands of Euros I put into Adobe stuff prior to their subscription is now totally useless, even I run the subscription for 6 years... Digital dust is a serious syndrome 🙂
  8. That is correct as well!
  9. Well that would depend does that person want to buy 10 plugins like any 10 plugins or plugins they need, and at what price- good deals currently on offer or something they really want?? It is designed to rip you off of your money for the stuff that you don't really need. So should every business then use the Adobe's subscription model... I left Adobe asap as did many, many people... heck I can't ever use my favourite program of all - After effects - but one finds alternatives. Every business should account for spikes... you release great product and give good support by releasing needed updates and fixes on time - you deserve income, you get lazy and careless - you don't... Simple. Out and over with it 🙂
  10. I have stated before that this game of cats and mouse that PA is doing harms their business since their introdution of Any for 30.95 Why not just put all prices to that and call it a day is beyond my understanding... perhaps to trick you somehow on spending more and perhaps on what you actually don't need... cheeky business and not so honest imo There's no other point in it and vouchers Personal (right!) Codes are becoming a bait... especially for the novice - nothing else at least in my opinion Bigger facilities and richer individuals have their monthly subscriptions anyways... others calculate their digital dust investments... carefully and are not stupid
  11. ZokZTM

    Trouble at 2C Audio

    I'm aware of this and have been mailing with Denis about it already couple of months ago.... just terrible! Imho
  12. ZokZTM

    Bow to the king

    You are such a great and nobel soul Larsy! Respect man!
  13. I highly recommend to everyone RootOne and StageOne... absolutely amazing plugs...
  14. ZokZTM

    Disaster Strikes!!!

    Nice! 43 should be plenty big and cheap enough 🙂 Indeed ! 😃
  15. ZokZTM

    Disaster Strikes!!!

    sorry to hear that Larsy... what are you getting as a replacement?
  16. I've tried that and it didn't work for me... but anyway can get the amek for 30 usd with new 29 usd subscription plan
  17. Sorry, no place for this rants here... carry on with PA deals guys!
  18. What world are we living in... it feels that absolutely everything is corrupted... And we suppose to be motivated and create the art... right! now back to mixing... for what I as myself.... ??
  19. Oh man, o man... that sucks big time! Hope this gets sorted soon... It ain't fair
  20. Sure thing... there's right and wrong!!! Can you at least use the stuff you bought before from PA?
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